Thursday, August 18, 2016

Use an Act of Power When You Need Focus

Here's a shamanic secret from our magic that works tips to use when you need to be able to focus, are feeling distracted or powerless. This exercise will help you gain control over your life and empower you so that you can focus and stay on track with what you need to do to manifest your desires and accomplish what you want to in your life. This little shamanic secret is called "Doing an Act of Power" and you'll find it as one of the 10 magic that works rituals in our 10 Magical Quick Fixes  ebook. And here's some even better news! You can get this ebook free just by visiting our website at

Acts of Power
Here's how to do the Acts of Power exercise.
  • Pick a very simple act that you can perform simply and easily. For example, make a mark on a paper or pick up a pen or touch your nose with your right index finger. It doesn't matter what the act is as long as it is simple and one that you choose.
  • Make a conscious decision as to when you will start your chosen act, how long it will last and when you will finish the act. For example, if you chose make a mark on a paper, you can say it will start now, will take 2 seconds and will end when the mark is made.
  • Now do it. You have decided on an act, defined its parameters, so do it.
That's it, you have just done the shamanic secret of doing an act of power and restored your personal power. Sounds almost too easy doesn't it? But it doesn't matter what the act is because any act done with intention is an act of magic and can be an act of power. Doing acts of power on a regular basis allows you to start doing these acts naturally without having to think about the steps. With practice your acts of power can become longer and larger acts, but starting with short simple ones gets you going.

The next time you find yourself needing some help to stay focused, on track and clear about your goals and aims, join thousands of magical practitioners and shamans in using this shamanic secret and do a simple act of power. This is magic that works when you need a magical empowerment boost.

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