Thursday, July 7, 2016

Drowning in Your Woes

People with the personality characteristics associated with the Water element are full of empathy and compassion. They tend to feel the emotions of other people just as easily as they feel their own. These can be great personality characteristics and make Water element personalities people who devote themselves to caring for the planet and its beings. Water personalities tend to have birth visions like love, feel, or appreciate.

These types of personality also attract people seeking comfort, love and assurance. While all this can be a great thing, it can also sometimes be overwhelming for the Water types of personality people. It is not uncommon to find Water personalities experiencing problems of grief, sadness, or woe related to empathy, psychic vibrations, or compassion. They often fall into the trap of trying to fix the world and every stray that comes along losing sight of the fact that their appreciation, intention and joy are more beneficial to the planet than caretaking individual beings. They also often struggle with taking on negative energies from others. If these type of problems keep bothering you, then chances are you are a Water personality type and there are things you can do to guard yourself. Here are a couple to try:

•Flower essence combination for people who are susceptible to psychic vibrations from others: Love in the Mist, Yarrow, Rhododendron and Tourmaline.

•A Psychic shield for men or women is generally a silver pendant worn on a chain around the neck. They are programmed to defend against psychic attack of any kind or degree and are keyed to the energy frequency of the person wearing them. They are designed to shield from or block negative energies from affecting you. In the case of Water personality types, these type shields can protect you from taking on the psychic vibrations and woes of others.

Since the personality characteristics associated with Water personalities make them natural empaths, psychics and healers of the world that are flowing with empathy and compassion, they often need to protect themselves from being drowned in the grief, despair and woes of those they work with. Understanding the Water element will go a long way towards giving Water personalities the ability to stay balanced and in their natural state of loving, feeling, and appreciating the gifts and beauty in their lives. If you are this type of personality, check out our Magical Element Water homestudy course. This course will provide you an in-depth study of the Water element and help you learn how to stay balanced in your Water energies.

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