Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Making Magick a Way of Life

You can make magick a way of life by using magick anywhere you can and taking notice of the results. Most of us are in such a hurry that we don't notice when the magick happens. That's why people say magick happens in the "in betweens", little gaps in our lives where magick slips in. We are usually so preoccupied we fail to notice. But to live a magckal life, you not only need to DO magic everywhere you can, but notice and appreciate how magick is taking place in your life. Be sure to remember also to give thanks when you ask for help and magickal help arrives. Consider The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners, our Book 4 of the Witchcraft Spell Book series of Kindle books for a bunch a neat magickal rituals to include as part of your magickal practice.

Walking In The Rain By Running Water for Fresh Insight
Here's an example of one of the rituals you'll find in this Kindle book that can help you let go of old patterns and habits that interfere with your spiritual growth or enjoyment of life and make room in your life for magick. The element of Water has long been used since tribal times for cleansing and to help in releasing the old and bringing in the new. By walking in the rain by running water, old beliefs that no longer serve were washed away by the running water and new ideas, insights, and inspiration came from above with the rain. Here's how it's done:

1. If you can, find a place in Nature where you can walk in the rain by running water (you would, of course, have to perform this ritual on a rainy day).

2. As you walk by or stand in the running water feel your old beliefs and worries fall away, being carried by the flow of the water to be recycled in some other form, in some other place in the Universe. Also release any repetitive thoughts, feelings of anxiety, and anything negative you want to release.

3. As you stand under the rain, feel the brightness and refreshment of the new bursting into your world-- new ideas, new will to work, new expressions of creativity, and new feelings of all kinds.

If you want, you can also pray to whatever powers and beings inspire you, telling them exactly what you want to release and what you'd like to welcome into your life. For this ritual to work, you need to have running water, not standing water as standing water is stagnant, and therefore does not do a great job of carrying negativity away from you.

But What If It's Not Raining?
If you find yourself needing this ritual at a time when it is raining and can get to a source of running water such as a river or stream, then great; you're all set. More often you will find this situation of rain and getting out into nature by running water does not fit into your schedule or you need the ritual on a sunny day. Instead, you can turn to your shower. Fresh water from above and running water below and chances are you already work a shower into your day. Just follow the same directions as in the above steps using the shower for running water below and falling water from above.

Magick can become a way of life for you just by inviting it in and practicing some type of daily rituals or intentional acts each day. The rain ritual is a great way to clear out your old negative beliefs about your life and clear the way for your new magickal way of life.

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