Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What are Vibrational Essences?

To understand about vibrational essences, you first need to have an understanding of The Law of Vibration. You may be familiar with The Law of Attraction, but this law works in tandem with The Law of Vibration. Start with wrapping your mind around that Quantum Physics teaches us that energy makes up every single thing in our Universe and this energy vibrates. As Albert Einstein said, "Everything in life is vibration." Everything you see, touch, hear, think, feel, and so on is energy. Everything! Different things vibrate at different frequencies and speeds. The Law of Attraction which works to attract that which you desire and bring it to you works only as long as the vibrational energy you put out is also a match for what you want to attract.

Vibrational Essences
If you are on board with the concept of everything being energy and having a vibration then it won't be too far a leap for you to grasp that different parts of our bodies have their own vibrations. When our bodies or parts of the body have disease or stress this causes a disruption in the vibration or causes our energies to be out of balance. The good news is that there are some frequencies that can be used to reverse disease and that by restoring the body back to its vibrational balance it can heal. This is how vibrational or flower essences work in healing. Since everything is energy and vibrates, that includes plants. By understanding the vibrational essence of various plants, they can be used to restore the body or parts of the body to health.

Making and Using Flower Essences
There are variations on making flower essences or flower remedies, but in a nutshell the technique basics we use follows these steps:

  • Pick flowers, just prior to their full peak
  • Place them in spring water in a glass bowl 
  • Place bowl in full sun for two to four hours. The sun transfers the healing vibrational pattern from the flowers to the water 
  • Preserve essences in brandy or vinegar 

These essences or remedies are taken by placing several drops under the tongue, or in pure water and sipped. They can also be rubbed into the skin or placed in bath water. As they are purely vibrational, flower remedies are completely compatible with all other forms of medicines and modalities.

Every plant has its unique signature which is comprised of its vibration and personality. Part of the art of using flower essences for healing is picking the appropriate plant with the appropriate vibration to heal or restore your vibrational balance. If you are interested in this field of magickal study, a good place to start is with our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook. Included in it are numerous resources for further study on this fascinating topic if you want to go even further in your education as well as many other alternative healing techniques. A few examples of the plants that can be used for vibrational healing for certain conditions include:

  • Clematis--coma or unconscious. Gift: restores consciousness, focus.
  • Scleranthus--equilibrium, seizures, confusion, paralysis, clumsy. Gift: balanced.
  • Oak--overburdened, struggles of any kind. Gift: strong, dependable.
  • Cherry Plum--crazed, loss of control. Gift: calm, quiet, in control.
  • Star of Bethlehem--any kind of trauma or loss of a loved one, gives comfort. Gift: comforts all traumas.
  • Chamomile--nervousness, anxiety. Gift: calming, relaxing.
  • Mimulus--long time fears, extremes, dominated. Gift: fearless, confident.

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