Thursday, April 28, 2016

Magick Spells Part 1: When To Use a "Canned" Spell

Life like magick is an art as well as a science. To practice magick most effectively, you have to include both creativity and technical "know how" in every magickal act.  But (there's always a "but" right?) not everyone wants to practice magick at the highest level... the level that we call the practice of magick for the sake of magick. Most people can do and want to practice magick either to improve their own lives or to help another person. Using personal magick--for yourself or those close to you--is a great reason to develop a magickal practice, and does not take months or years to perfect. There are thousands of perfectly safe magickal rituals, litanies, chants, spells, and techniques that anyone with the proper intent can use to transform their lives.

And then there are spells...
The "Thing" About Magickal Spells
If you have spent any time browsing our site, you have probably discovered a wealth of no-cost magickal resources for the taking, including:

Within all of these gratis resources, you can learn to use magick to fluff your aura, communicate psychically with others, do some basic weather working, and much more. And you will probably also discover some very basic spellwork, with the Sun Candle blessing being the most often mentioned.

But spellwork is a category of magick unto itself, and that means that you won't find complex spells listed amongst all the no-cost resources on our site. Why? Many reasons:
  • Spellwork is a complicated branch of magick that requires a great deal of dedication and time to perform safely and effectively
  • The number of people willing to dedicate a significant "chunk" of their resources to learn the art of spellwork is small, so we teach only the most advanced of our students how work with spells
  • When spellwork is not done carefully, with all safeguards in place, the practitioner had better be ready for weeks or months or even years of bad luck, calamity, and other mishaps (at least until the spell is properly taken down)
  • Spells are energy matrices that take on lives of their own once launched, growing ever more powerful with each passing day. Turning loose a spell of uncertain pedigree can spell disaster for anyone unlucky enough to be caught in its path.

We could list many more reasons, but you get the picture... spells are complicated energy forms that can transform lives for better or worse. The more powerful the spell, the stronger the transformation (in either direction).

So What Should You Do If You Need Spellwork?
Although this may sound like the $64,000 question, the answer is really quite simple.

1. If you want to learn or use magickal spells to address small uncomplicated issues in your life (such as increasing your chances of a job promotion), then use a "canned" or pre-written spell that has proven to be reliable or has been created by a reliable practitioner.

2. If you want to address a more complicated issue in your life (such as dealing with legal issues that are a tangled jumbled mess), you can still use spellwork, but you probably want to hire a reliable practitioner to design and cast a custom spell for you. The more complex the issues (and the more unintended side effects might be produced) the more you will need a custom spell. The best way to find a reliable practitioner is via word of mouth. Honest magickal practitioners will charge about the same as any professional, such as an accountant or architect.

3. If you have a complicated issue you wish to resolve AND you want to use a spell that you have created yourself, consider taking the online 30-week Basic Magic Course. In this course you will learn the ingredients of a good spell, how to do readings to determine whether a spell is the best magickal technique to use on your problem, and finally how to build and launch a spell matrix from the ground up. This option is not for the faint of heart. On the other hand, once you have mastered this magickal technique the sky is literally the limit. You can easily add new spellwork techniques to your knowledge base, and you can even begin to affect issues outside your own life or your social community. Some of our more advanced students have created, tested, and then launched spell matrices that have effectively blocked the passage of bills through Congress.

Up Next: Spellwork Part II -- Creating Your Own Spell
Want to know more about the process of learning to write, test, and launch your own spells? Keep an eye out for the second part of this series, which will cover the steps most commonly taken to create and launch a spell. Then, armed with this information, you can decide whether you want to use a "canned" spell, hire a reliable practitioner to write a custom spell for you (and most likely launch and track the progress of the spell), or if you want to learn the art of spellwork so you can work your own spells. All three are valid options. Your choice depends on the complexity of the issue at hand as well as the amount of time and resources you want to devote to this craft.

Learn more about how you can create your own magickal spellwork in an upcoming article...

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