Thursday, April 21, 2016

Have Doubts About Magick? Practice on Animals First

If you would love to believe in magick, love to use magick, and love to live a magickal life... but you have doubts, what are you to do? Simple. Learn about and practice magick on animals first. While our friends with fur, fins, and feathers may not be able to speak to us directly using our native tongue, such as English, they also don't second-guess results and will easily "show" you whether a magickal ritual or spell was effective, or not.

Protective of Your Animals? No Worries
If you are worried about harming your animals by experimenting on them with healing or other rituals, don't worry. Most animals are way ahead of us on the curve when it comes to magick. They already instinctively understand how magick works in the body (for instance, animals know how to ground excess energies into the Earth without a second thought) and how to avoid harm.

If you're not sure whether Rex or Sassy can handle your magickal experimentation, maybe this story will help you out. One day our magick teacher taught us how to throw bolts of fire energy. When I got home I still had firebolts on the mind. Without a second thought, I looked at a flame colored source (bright orange), pulled it into my body, and then threw a bolt at Tether, our dog. Tether found this highly amusing (she smiles widely with her tongue lolling out when amused) and simply looked at the same color source and sent the fire bolt right back at me! Needless to say, while Tether was able to ground the energy without having to think about it, I was new to this kind of magick and did not have the same responses. I was flaming hot for the rest of the day, and it took several rounds of "grounding" to get rid of the fire energy.

Animals Don't Lie
One of the best aspects about animals is that they usually can't and don't lie about the results of any healing or corrective magick that you practice on them. I use the word "usually" because we have known dogs, cats, and other critters to exhibit high intelligence and be able to "fake" injuries to gain sympathy. But for the most part animals don't waste their time on such endeavors.

Animals are also very quick in their response to magickal energies. For instance, suppose you pull fire from an inflamed foot on your dog. The dog will "show" you after the session whether your magickal healing efforts worked or not. They may cease to limp on that foot, stop chewing and licking that foot, or just return to their natural happy selves.

Don't be discouraged if your dog or cat initially responds well to your magickal healing treatment, only to display the same previous symptoms later in the day or the week. If you have not located the actual cause of the problem (say, the source of heat in your dog's leg), then the inflammation will reappear sometime after the magickal treatment.

To find the source of the problem, you can ask your dog or cat to show you what hurts or what part of the body is injured. Then begin lightly using your hands to palpate your dog or cat's body, keeping in mind that you wish to discover the source of the health problem. Use your hands in this manner all over your dog or cat's body. At some point your animal may yelp or try to get out of the way. This is your animal's way of showing you the source of the problem. You can then use the Yes or No kinesiology approach with your fingers to determine whether the problem is infection, injury, lack of function in a particular organ, or something else. You can also use this approach to determine whether you have the magickal skills to heal the problem, or whether you need to seek a more conventional source, such as a veterinarian.

In most case you will find animals open to magickal healing. To learn more about magickal healing techniques, check out our Basic Magic Level I online course... currently available at such a deep discount as to cost no money whatsoever! Just email us ( to find out more about the free offer. In this course you will find all kinds of healing techniques associated with each of the four magickal elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. With this knowledge, not only will you be able to heal some illness or health issues, but you will also develop the tools to deal with everything from cranky bosses to the "Monday Morning Blues." Go HERE to check out the course and its simple requirements.

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