Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Magically Getting Rid of Body Pain

Having physical pain in the body can be one of the most draining experiences we face, and when we do experience physical pain our most prominent thought is about how to get rid of it! Magically speaking, there are multiple ways to handle physical pain. Most of the aches and pains that we commonly experience in the body are the result of accumulated stress, injury or trauma, trapped psychic energy, or energy blocks. To clear these aches and pains on an energetic or magical level, try this technique:

Flow Sun Yellow
Sun Yellow energy can be a universal healer, especially when flowed through the body to clear energy blocks. To prepare for this exercise, find a source of Sun Yellow (a bright yellow with no orange tones) that you can easily hold in 2 hands. Next, lay down on the floor with the Sun Yellow color source in easy reach and place your bare feet against your refrigerator or stove range as these large appliances can easily ground fire energies like yellow, red, and orange.

Now hold the Sun Yellow color source and pull that energy up your arms and into your body. Push the Sun Yellow down your body, focusing on areas where the energy seems to get stuck. Keep flowing the Sun Yellow until it breaks through those areas of blockage, and until the energy reaches your feet. Push the Sun Yellow into the refrigerator and stove while continuously pulling it from your color source. If you have headaches or head pain, hold the Sun Yellow color source on top of your head and pull the energy through the top of your head and down to your feet, again flowing it into the appliance. Keep the flow going for one to five minutes, or until you feel your body has "cleared."

You may need to flow Sun Yellow energy this way for several days in row before you experience significant relief from the pain. This exercise can "teach" your body not to hold onto or accumulate excess energy. You can also use this technique to burn off excess negative or anxious energy.

Read about how one of our students used this same technique to "cool off" after a serious argument (as well as other ways students have used magic) and to learn more about magical healing techniques see our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook.

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