Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Magickal First Aid for Burns

Burns on the skin are a fact of life for almost anyone who cooks, works on automobiles, uses a curling iron, or even heats up lunch in a microwave oven. Burns are painful because they are immediate, intense, and can cause long-term irritation if not tended to quickly.

Three Magickal First Aid Techniques
Magickally, burns are the result of excess Fire energy. Self-evident, right? What is not self-evident are effective means at immediately relieving the pain from a burn by getting the Fire energy away from the injured area. There are three first aid techniques that may or may not seem immediately intuitive, especially if you are the one suffering from the burn. The good news is that with practice these techniques can become second nature so that you can help yourself or another burn victim quickly and efficiently.

Magickal Healing Technique #1: Push It Out
When burned, most people shake the burned area. For instance, if a person gets burned on a finger, the most intuitive response is to shake the whole hand in an attempt to "shake out" the pain. Shaking the hand is the right idea but won't get the job done. What you really need to do to actually move the concentrated Fire energy away from the burned area is to push the Fire energy out into some large grounded electrical item, such as a refrigerator.

The technique is simple. The magickal color associated with a burn is the bright red-orange color you see in traffic cones and on traffic warning signs. Your goal is to push that color energy out of the burned spot and into the refrigerator. The refrigerator makes a perfect receiver for this energy because it is large, metal, and grounded, so it can easily take the Fire energy out of your system without shorting out. Suppose you burned your hand. Put the affected area of your hand on a large clear area on the front of the refrigerator. Push the bright red orange energy out of the burned area and into the refrigerator. Don't think about how to do this exercise, just do it. See the energy gradually flowing out away from the affected area and into the refrigerator. Keep "pushing" the energy out of your hand and into the refrigerator in an active way. See the energy repeatedly dissipating until it is gone. Once you no longer "see" (with your mind's eye) any red orange energy in the affected area, remove your hand from the refrigerator. The burned area should feel cooler and less painful. You may have to repeat this exercise a few times over the next several hours, but this has proven to be a quickly effective solution at preventing burns from remaining painful or leaving scars.

Magickal Healing Technique #2: Pull It In
This technique is far more counter-intuitive than the first magickal approach. While it makes perfect sense to push the offending Fire energy out of your body, you can also relieve the pain in the burned area by drawing the Fire energy into your body which dissipates the concentrated red orange Fire energy over a larger area--your entire body. Returning to the example where you have burned your hand, you can "yank" the red orange Fire energy up your arm and push it through as much of your body as possible. This will immediately alleviate the severe pain associated with a burn.

The next step is to move that energy out of your body. Follow the same instructions as in the healing technique given above. This time, though, you may want to lay on the ground and put your bare feet on the refrigerator. Body flows are from inner to outer, and from top to bottom. Since the Fire energy is now located all over your body, the best way to get it out is to respect body flows and push it downward and out through your feet. Once you feel that you have completely cleared your body of "excess" Fire energy caused by the burn, remove your feet from the refrigerator. Don't be surprised if you feel a little cold afterward. Sometimes Fire energy flows faster than you imagine, so keep track of your temperature as you get rid of the excess Fire energy.

Magickal Healing Technique #3: Let Water Carry It Away
This last technique is based on the idea that the magickal element Water can carry Fire energy. It is not the best conductor of Fire energy, but in an emergency, cold flowing water can provide welcome relief on a number of levels. Suppose again that you have burned your hand. With this technique, immediately run cold water over the affected area. See the red orange Fire energy being pulled out by the water and flowing away down the drain. You can help the process by pushing the excess Fire energy into the flowing water. As you do, repeat this litany in a voice of command until you feel that all the excess Fire energy has been cleared:

"All the Fire and all the Pain,
All Tension and all the Strain,
Now Flow with Water Down the Drain!"

As with the two techniques above, repeat the litany until you feel the excess Fire energy is gone. You can stop and check how your burned hand feels. If you still sense excess Fire energy, keep going. If not, you have successfully taken care of your burn with this magickal first aid technique. If you later feel the pain returning, you can repeat any of the three magickal techniques--whichever works best for you--to remove any lingering Fire energy. You can learn more magickal healing techniques for just about anything that ails you in our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook.

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