Thursday, December 31, 2015

Do You Have a Traveling Magickal Toolkit?

Have you ever wished that you could carry your magickal tools with you wherever you go? While that would be nice, most people feel that carrying around a large Athame (magickal knife) or even a long Wand to be a tad awkward. And if you are traveling by plane, airport security is certainly not going to allow you to bring a knife of any size on the plane. So what's a practitioner to do?

Easy... Make your own traveling magickal toolkit with ordinary objects. So long as the ordinary objects fit the requirements for the magickal tool, and are properly cleansed and keyed for your personal use, you won't ever have to go anywhere without your magickal toolkit.

For instance, the Athame, or magickal knife, simply needs to have a point, a blade-like shape, and a handle. The Athame also needs to be made of a single piece of metal. Any object that fits this criteria can be used as easily as a regular Athame. So what could you use? How about a flat pie spatula made of metal? The spatula has a tip (even if it is a rounded tip), a triangular blade-like shape (with no offensive cutting edge), and a handle. A flat spatula like this can be cleansed with the four-elements of the smoke from burning sage and pine resin in a Firebowl (Air and Fire cleansing), plus sea-salt and spring water from a Chalice (Water and Earth). Once cleansed with all four elements, and then keyed so that the energies are aligned in the correct direction (from handle to tip) and personalized to your own energy signature, your pie spatula Athame is ready to go!

The same type of adaptations can be made for any of the most common magickal tools. These include the Firebowl, Wand, Athame, Chalice, and Plate. When you think about how to adapt ordinary objects for use as magickal tools, consider the following characteristics:

  • common items found in any household
  • smaller in size than the same magickal tool used at home
  • only needs to be large enough to be an extension of your own body
  • no offensive points or blades that would prevent air travel
  • materials that are sturdy and difficult to break when traveling

When you think of the above characteristics, more than likely you will find items that are usable to create a magickal toolkit that looks like nothing more than a collection of ordinary items. Properly stored in cotton, separated with some protective packing, and stored in a common pouch such as a messenger bag, and voila! You have traveling magickal toolkit that no one will look at twice.

Thinking in this way, can you see how a small silver goblet, found in almost any thrift store, can become a traveling Chalice? Cleanse and key it, and then wrap it up a bandana or scarf made of cotton, and you are ready to go. A Wand does not need to be a giant branch. How about a small piece of ironwood or even polished coral? Neither of these is likely to break when traveling, while an ordinary twig made of ordinary wood will. Hopefully this will give you some ideas of how to make a wonderful magickal tool kit for traveling and everyday use. Some practitioners make up several of these traveling toolkits and keep one in the car, their purse, and even on the bedside table.

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