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Magick To The Rescue Part 3: Find Your Spirit Path

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"If you don't know where you want to go, anywhere will do." -- Chinese Proverb

For many highly-driven people in today's society, not having a goal and direction and purpose is the equivalent of walking blindly through life. Many of us are taught from childhood to always know where we want to go and what we want to do. What if we don't know? Horrors! The shame of it all!

The funny thing about many people who claim that they know where they want to go and what they want to do is that they may know the "where" and "what" of their life, but these may not reflect their true desires. Maybe they are doctors, lawyers, consultants, software programmers, or commanders in the military. And maybe holding such valued positions makes their parents happy. And maybe making their parents or spouses happy makes them happy. But are these people who know the "where and why" of their lives really and truly happy? Or do they simply feel less pressured because others are not constantly pushing them to hold higher and better positions.

The real question is this: Are these people not only happy, but are they walking their Spirit path?

What Is Your Spirit Path?

 This is a question that few people ask themselves. What, indeed, is one's Spirit path? The answer is simple. From a magickal and shamanic point of view, a person's Spirit path is the path they chose to walk this lifetime. This choice was made during the interval between the last lifetime and this lifetime. Or, depending on whether one believes in multiple lifetimes, one could simply say that this choice was made before incarnating in this lifetime.

Having and following a Spirit path does not mean a person is fated to do certain things in this lifetime, with no choices or options. Instead, a Spirit path is designed so that a person encounters certain circumstances, events, people, and dilemmas. The confluence of all of these factors are designed to allow that person to learn certain lessons, complete certain entanglements with other people, clean up old fears, pay old debts to others, and any number of other lessons.

The Spirit path is full of choices and options and lessons. Some of these will be easy and some will be more difficult. Some of these lessons can be so difficult that a person may choose to "opt out" of this lifetime, either to try again in another lifetime or abandon this lifetime altogether.
The most important factor to remember about one's Spirit path is that one can always do a "Stop-Change-Start." A "Stop-Change-Start" is exactly what it sounds like. Suppose you can't handle a lesson that you designed for yourself on your Spirit path. The lesson is too difficult and you cannot find your way through the lesson. No problem. At any point on your Spirit path you can opt to do a "Stop-Change-Start," That is, you can decide that you want to stop the progress of a particular lesson, change the circumstances so you take a detour on your Spirit path, and start walking a new Spirit path. As humans, one of our greatest gifts (and greatest curses) is that we have complete free will. While we may have thought that a particular lesson was the perfect idea between lifetimes, we may start learning that lesson during our current lifetime only to discover that the lesson isn't appropriate at all. That's when we exercise our free will and change the circumstances and walk a different route on our Spirit path.

Regardless of whether you follow the Spirit path that you designed prior to this lifetime or not, as long as you walk your Spirit path you will get a lot out of it. Whether you learn certain lessons, clear up old karmic debts, undo old entanglements with others, or discover new Spiritual skills and talents, walking your Spirit path will give you a major Spiritual boost and advance you along your Spiritual development so that you ascend one or more levels in your Spiritual evolution.

How to Find Your Spirit Path

 How does one go about discovering one's Spirit path or find out whether one is already walking one's Spirit path? There are as many different ways as there are Spiritual leaders, books, and so forth. But you don't need a guru to help you discover your Spiritual path, although you will most likely encounter many angels and higher beings if you invite them into your life to help you. Here are some simple ways to discover your Spirit path.

#1 -- Revisit Your Old Wounds

 One of the best indicators of the lessons you are meant to learn on your Spirit path is the wounds you have encountered so far in your life. These wounds are usually mental or emotional, or sometimes physical. Look back to when you have felt most wounded by some situation. Often the situation feels unfair and unjustified. For instance, perhaps you were laid off from your job or passed over for promotion. Perhaps your child was born with some terrible illness requiring constant care, preventing you from following your dreams. Or maybe you had an encounter with a series of people that hurt you emotionally, so much so that you think of it often or cannot sleep because of it.

Whatever your old wounds, these are indicators of lessons you are to learn. How can you get past the heartache and pain that these old wounds have inflicted upon you? If you can find no way to get around such pain, ask an angel or the Spirit of Owl for help.  If you are not sure how to work with these beings take a look at our articles - How to Amp Up Your Relationship with the Universe, Spirit Guides: Guardian Angel Prayer and Another Magical Ritual to Help You See Your Financial Blind Spots. Or get a deck of Medicine Cards (easily available online) and do a spread as instructed in the book. Or simply shuffle the deck and pull the first card that calls to you. Read the meaning of the particular animal card you chose and read the meaning in the book. This simple method is often enough to give you the information you seek.

#2 -- Use the Conscious Choice Exercise

 The Conscious Choice exercise is exactly how it sounds. You simply go through your day and make Conscious Choices. This type of choice, as opposed to the choices we make by habit each day, is a way of receiving direct communication from your Spirit.

Start this exercise with small choices in your life. For instance, use this exercise to decide what you will eat for breakfast each day, or what clothes you choose to wear. To do this exercise, simply make a choice by first saying, "I will now make a Conscious Choice. Do I choose to ...[put the choice here] or choose to... [put second choice here]." Then follow the first response you receive. You may hear the choice as your own voice in your mind, or you may hear some commentary on TV. However you get your answer, just know that you will get an immediate response. Even if the answer is simply a feeling, follow that response. The key to this exercise is that you MUST follow the first response you get. The choice has been made. This is the reason for starting with small decisions. After all, how much heartache can you suffer from eating cereal rather than toast for breakfast?
After you have done this exercise for 7 or 11 days, and feel comfortable, move on to bigger decisions. Depending on your level of comfort with risk, upgrade the level of your decisions at a rate that is comfortable with your level of risk. As you move to bigger and bigger decisions. The bigger decisions will guide you with certainty along your Spirit path. You will begin to recognize when you are following your Spirit path by a feeling or inner taste. Trust this and you will walk your certain path with no problem.

#3 -- Do Something You Fear Each Day

 Eleanor Roosevelt was famous for saying this. And she was right. Fears are the markers of lessons we need to learn or debts we have to pay. As with the Conscious Choice exercise, start small and work your way up. Start with small fears, such as wearing socks that don't match or speaking up in a group setting when you would normally remain silent. As you gain confidence that you have the ability to walk where you feared to walk in the past, move slowly up the levels of fear. Learn to trust the fact that though fear may always be present, it no longer needs to block your path or prevent your forward progress on your Spirit path. Instead, let fear simply remain in your life, but ask fear to walk beside you instead of in front of you. In this way, as you move up the ladder of fears, as you feel comfortable doing so, you will begin to see fear as a friendly companion, marking the way along your Spiritual path. Let fear become a beacon, guiding you from place to place, walking beside you, now acting as a lighthouse rather than a barrier.
Often fear is a marker of a lesson that we must learn. Yet fear remains fear, and often we cannot face fear without the help of others. Seek out the type of help that most suits you. Read stories of people who have conquered greater fears than you have ever imagined... and you will find that your fears shrink to a manageable level. Seek help in flower essences such as Mimulus, which is a wonderful essence to help you get past known fears. Hire an angel--there are always hundreds begging for you to ask them for help. Or,even better, use the Conscious Choice exercise to discover tools and skills to help you put fear in its proper place--as a companion who walks with you and helps rather than hinders your progress on your Spirit path.

At the End of the Day

 There are more ways to find your Spirit path than can be described in a single article. For more ideas, browse through our library of articles and find dozens of different magickal techniques to help you. For more tips delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter list. Or check out our books on Amazon. Or simply pick up any book, flip it open to a random page, and follow the guidance of the first sentence or phrase that you read. The Universe is always coordinating events so that the perfect guidance and ideas show up to move us in the right direction along out Spirit path. Most of all, enjoy the journey. Joyfulness, perhaps more than any emotion, will keep your progress along your Spirit path smooth, fun, and a boon to others who walk with you on your path!

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