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The X Factor in Magickal Healing

If you have tried your hand at magickal healing, you have probably discovered that sometimes the healing works, and other times it doesn't. Or sometimes the person is healed for a period of time, and then "relapses" back into the same illness or discomfort. When faced with a mix of success, failure, and partial success, any magickal healer can become somewhat confused, and even discouraged.

Not to worry. One way to get around this problem is to understand the X Factor of Magickal Healing.

The X Factor in Magickal Healing
What is the X Factor in Magickal Healing that can explain why a healing session (or even a series of healing sessions) produces total success, while at other times the same techniques end up in relapses, partial relief, or even total failure (that is, no change in the person's health condition).

What could you be doing wrong that would cause these kinds of mixed results? NOTHING. If you have done a magickal healing to the best of your ability and with the utmost concentration and sincerity, then you have done nothing that would cause poor results.

Many factors play into the success or failure of a magickal healing. For instance:
  • the recipient of the healing may not actually want to be healed
  • the magickal healing resolved the symptoms but was not able to address the cause, leading to relapses
  • the recipient has history in this or past lives that could interfere with your healing
  • the recipient of your healing "needs" their illness to learn some lesson this lifetime

The list could go on forever as to the factors that affect the success of a magickal healing. So what is a healer to do? After all, seeing mixed results all the time can cause a healer to question whether their skills at magickal healing are "up to snuff."

The one way to escape the burden of success or failure is to understand the X Factor of magickal healing. The X Factor was explained to us by a wonderful and talented dowser named Harold McCoy. Harold started the Ozark Research Institute, and while he is no longer with us, his teachings live on. The most important thing that Harold taught us was the X Factor, although he never called it the X Factor. He said:

"As healers, we do what we do, and what happens happens."

That's it. If we follow this doctrine in our magickal healings, then we are relieved of the burden of responsibility when it comes to success or failure. We acknowledge that we have done the best we can. We acknowledge that we are not privy to all the factors in a person's life--both this lifetime and past lifetimes. We acknowledge that the person is ill so that he or she can learn some valuable spiritual lesson. In other words, we acknowledge that we are not omniscient or omnipotent. We simply apply the healing tools and techniques as we see fit, and then release ourselves from the result. To have offered a healing to someone is a form of giving. What the recipient chooses to do with that healing energy is up to him or her. We are not responsible. We are only responsible for doing the best we can with the greatest sincerity and compassion we can offer.

If you are able to abide by the X Factor of magickal healing, then you will find yourself much more light hearted as you apply your healing to others. As a result, your healing forces will become much more focused and powerful because you are no longer concerned about whether the person will receive a complete healing or not. You will know only that you have done the best you could, and that is a gift that is sufficient unto itself. We can no more bind people in healing than we can bind others with any magickal work. We simply offer what we have, and allow people to take what they like. In this way, each gets what they need and want. We call that a magickal win-win situation!

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  1. I am not suitable for healing others because I judge. The healer must be able not to judge at all the person who comes to him or her for help and also (in my opinion) love.
    Another factor is the money... and sometimes other things.
    But what happened to me was that from time to time, when I see an article with a photo about people in a difficult or strange medical condition, I sometimes have an urge and a need to stretch my hand, close my eyes, and `heal` the photographs. I do it from all my heart and without misgivings or judgment and I am grateful that this outlet has become available to me.

  2. This is a very good point and true. It is great that you recognize this in yourself and avoid working on anyone with judgment. It is also great that you are able to use the photographs to work without any judgment. Photos work great as simulacra for all types of magical techniques on others long distance. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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