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Discover the Meaning of Your Dreams

Dreams are funny things because they can either be messages of great importance or simply the conscious mind's way of dumping the trash. If you remember your dreams, you'll probably discover that your dreams can range from truly meaningful to highly absurd. But what can you do if you feel a dream is very meaningful but can't seem to decipher what it means?

You could, of course, look up the generic meaning of certain dream symbols in dream dictionaries. But we have discovered that a person's dreams, especially those that are meant to be messages from Spirit, are highly personal and not likely to be interpreted using the generic definitions offered in dream dictionaries.

What other magickal methods might be available? There are many. One of the more comprehensive ways to learn the meaning of your dreams is to use a cup of cold coffee. Yup, cold coffee.

Using Cold Coffee for Divination
What does cold coffee have to do with dreams and magick? Cold coffee possesses one main attribute that makes it an excellent receptor for divination: a flat dark surface. By looking at the surface of a cold cup of coffee, you will be able to "divine" the meaning of your dreams.

We used to like to sit in truck stop diners and use cold coffee to do divinations for ourselves or others. Once we learned to tune out the noise of the diner, we found that cold coffee made for excellent divination.

To divine the meaning of your dreams with cold coffee (this process is also called scrying), pour yourself a cup of cold coffee. Sit down at a table and place the cup of cold coffee in front of you. Wait until the surface is completely calm and quiet.

Now become very curious about the dream in question. Allow the images from the dream to play across the coffee's surface, much as they would if projected onto a screen. Do not think about this process, just do it. Thinking interferes with this process so keep your mind as quiet as possible. Allow the images to appear in whichever sequence that occurs. Become very curious about any and all images from that dream.

As you are observing the surface of the coffee and the images playing, ask this question in your mind: "What is the message for me in this dream?" Choose a similar question if you like. Allow this question to become a mantra in your mind as you watch the images float across the surface.

Once you have chanted the above mantra for a few minutes, you may see other images appearing on the scrying surface. Allow these images to appear as they may be images from life events (this life or others) that are related to the message in your dream. You may also receive information as a gut feeling or simply a "knowing." Once you receive a substantive message from your scrying, stop chanting the mantra. Allow the images playing across the coffee's surface to dwindle and dim, until all you see is the black surface.

Piecing Together the Meaning
Jot down any impressions, gut feelings, and information you received from this scrying session. Again, do not think. Simply write. Thinking interferes with recall so keep your mind as quiet as possible except for recall.

You may not immediately understand the meanings you gained from the scrying session. However, if you are thorough in your recall, you will eventually be able to piece together the message. The message may become more clear as your day unfolds. If you still want other information, consider calling on the Spirit of Owl for help, or using a Question Circle. You can also repeat your scrying session for a few days to see if more information becomes available. The good news is that you can do this type of scrying almost anywhere that coffee is available. To learn more about the fascinating magical topic of divination and other methods of divination, check out our Psychic Development ebook and learn many different ways to get all the information you want and need.

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