Thursday, August 16, 2018

Why Magic Doesn't Have to Look Like Magic

We almost always offer magical rituals that allow you to practice rituals in public without feeling out of place. Example is the consistency exercise – you can choose anything, like checking your shoelaces and retying them at the same time every day, which prevents you from looking odd. Our Everyday Magic Email Course is full of magic that doesn't have to look like magic. This course gives you one lesson each week for 52 weeks with lots of magical knowledge and basics of how magic works. There are also exercises included that you can try out for yourself. One of the techniques you'll find in this course that lets you use magic right out in the open where no one will suspect is using colors. If you have an understanding of how colors relate to the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth then you can wear them, decorate with them and surround yourself with the appropriate colors for the purpose.

Elemental Colors
White - mental, thinking, planning, good for stimulating intellectual conversation, stimulating thinking.

Clear - physical air, seeing or breathing, hearing, also good for just "clearing the decks" in a situation.

Sky Blue - spiritual air, spiritual understanding, good for stimulating spiritual understanding or awareness.

Sun Yellow (pure yellow, make sure there is no orange) - spirit vitality, lifts one's spirits, increases a spirit's ability to choose life path and direction, enthusiasm.

True Red - pure body metabolism, pure body heat (wear true red to increase your metabolism but be careful that it doesn't introduce too much heat into certain areas of the body, especially in the trunk area). People with a lot of true red "eat like horses" or have redness in cheeks.

Yellow-Orange - Neural activity, for fast reaction time, increased synapse speed (wear this or red-orange to a party to attract attention!), good for improving athletic performance in terms of reaction time, good for waking up when feeling sleepy or apathetic.

Red-Orange - Pain, anger, fever, hyperactivity, can stimulate physical activity when feeling sluggish. If children are already very active, dress them in powder blue or any of the air bands rather than fire bands.

Deep Red or Red Purple - Liquid heat in the body, good for raising the temperature of body fluids such as blood in the case of frostbite.

Water Blue - emotions, feelings

Grass Green - living, dynamic earth, healing earth, good for causing things to grow, expand or heal.

Earth Brown - stabilizing earth, receptive earth, good for healing bones or stabilizing situations, good for grounding and solidity.

As you can see by knowing how colors translate you can magically accomplish a goal just by wearing a certain color. For example, if you are dragging, wear some sun yellow to perk up your energy level. Or if you are going through a period of healing, wear grass green. This is one of those times when magic doesn't have to look like magic, but the results will truly be magical.

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