Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Simple Magical Ritual to Unwind Problems

Magic can play a big role in your everyday life and you can get rid of a variety of life problems with a simple magical ritual using the pendulum. The pendulum is a great magical tool that can be used for dowsing, divination, diagnosing health concerns and with many other magic techniques. You can buy a pendulum online or at a new age store or you can make your own pendulum with a string or chain and a small rock or other small object like a paperclip. Get your pendulum ready and the next time you have a problem or snag in your life, use it to unwind that problem and magically clear it from your life. Here's how.

Clearing With the Pendulum
1. Hold the string or chain of the pendulum in your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with), let your pendulum hang loose.

2. Visualize the problem that you would like to clear.

3. Holding this visual of the problem in your mind, ask the pendulum if this is a situation that you should and can clear.

4. If the answer is yes, continue with the clearing. If the answer is no, stop the procedure.

5. Start the pendulum swinging in a counter-clockwise direction, asking the pendulum to clear the problem, and visualize the problem resolving. Be specific in what you ask the pendulum to do and specific in your visualization of the problem resolving.

6. Continue focusing on the problem's resolution and clearing it until the pendulum stops spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. If the pendulum stops spinning, begins to move in a horizontal or vertical direction or starts spinning clockwise the problem is cleared.

Of course, since you have free will you can always choose to let the problem back into your mind and your life. To keep the problem cleared, find something else to focus on when it pops into your mind and perform the clearing more than once if you need to. This is a great technique to use with negative and repetitive thoughts too. This is just one of the simple magical techniques you can learn how to do in our Psychic Development ebook. Let magic change your life and change the way you deal with life problems.

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