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2 Simple Magical Rituals that Enhance Any Magical Procedure

The more magic you have in your life, the more powerful the magical rituals you do will be. By adding two C's to your daily magical practice, you can increase your connection to higher beings and powers, boost your supply of positive power, and increase your ability to hear your own inner guidance and follow it. What are these magical two C's? Consistency and Conscious Choice!

Your connection with the higher can be enhanced by doing a ritual at the same time every day. In terms of any relationship, which is stronger; one you have contact with every day or someone you seldom have contact with? Usually family, spouse, close friends, and co-workers are the people you have consistent contact with and those are the people that are a big part of your life and that you know you can count on. Those you seldom have contact with fall more in the category of acquaintances or distant friends. They don't have much influence over your day to day life. It works the same way with higher powers and beings. The more consistent contact you have with them, the more you know you can count on them. One daily ritual that helps develop more consistency in your life and that can enhance your magic practice is the Consistency Exercise. Since magically speaking, it takes 40 days of consistency to manifest a desired outcome, the secret to success with this exercise is to work towards doing it for 40 days in a row. I say work towards that goal because even though this is a very, very simple exercise to perform, it is very hard to reach the 40 days in a row goal. As you do this exercise, just remember that it is the journey towards and the striving to that are most important. Berating yourself for missing a day, which in this exercise means you start over at day one, is not helpful and will not help you build force. If you miss a day, you simply start over at day one and work again towards the 40 day goal. Here's how you do this very simple ritual.

1. Choose a very simple act that you will do every day. And I do mean SIMPLE! It might be making a mark on a piece of paper, touching your nose with your index finger, saying a particular word out loud or any one of thousands of other simple, simple acts.

2. Choose an exact time that you will do this act every day. Make it a time that you will be likely to remember easily. If you are constantly on the go with a demanding job, then don't pick a time at work. You might want to pick a time when you know you will be sitting down for a cup of coffee or a break in the day. Consider your schedule and pick a time that will work best for you to be the most successful.

3. Now that you have chosen your simple act and a time you will do it each day, do it. Yes, it's really that simple. If you miss a day though, you have to start over at Day 1. Even if you make it to Day 38 and then forget the next day, you start over at Day 1.

Making it to the 40 day mark, you will find, is the trickier part of this exercise, but it is what really develops the consistency. When you miss a day (and I've never known anyone that didn't), just know it is all part of the process and you're getting even more practice at consistency. You will also gain insight into how mechanical our lives are for the most part and see how important it is to step out of this mechanicalness and into consciousness.

Conscious Choice
Doing this exercise at the same time as the Consistency Exercise helps you generate a lot of positive power that can be used for manifesting. The Consistency Exercise was geared towards developing focused aim. The Conscious Choice exercise gives you practice listening to your own inner guidance and wisdom and following it. For this exercise you will stop at anytime during the day, everyday, and make a conscious choice. Start with small, trivial choices such as what color socks to wear, whether to go for a walk or relax and read a book, or what to eat for breakfast. Then follow these steps.

1. Either out loud or silently, say to yourself, "I will now make a conscious choice."

2. Ask yourself the choice question now. "Do I choose to relax and read a book or go for a walk?" The question might also be "What do I choose to do right now?"

3. Take a moment to be silent and listen to your inner self. The first answer that comes to you is what you must do.

4. Do this exercise each day for 40 days. Just like with the Consistency Exercise, if you miss a day, you start over at Day 1.

We say start with trivial choices because you are just learning to listen and trust your inner guidance. In that process it really won't matter too much if you have oatmeal instead of eggs for breakfast. By practicing with these small, less important choices, you'll be able to develop your inner voice and learn to trust your own inner wisdom. That way when bigger life choices come along, you'll have the experience of accessing your own inner wisdom as well as the consistent relationship with the Universe to draw on for help in making the right decisions for you.

These two C's may not seem like much to you at first, but give them a try and you'll see the powerful changes doing them will magically bring to your life. For more daily rituals you can do to enhance your magic practice, check out our Daily Rituals For Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

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