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Deceptively Simple Ways to Start on Your Magical Path

Contrary to Harry Potter movies or shows like Charmed, magic isn't all about blowing things up, freezing people and items, or even doing spells on the fly. In fact, magic is quite deceptively simple, especially in the beginning. Find out how by reading the many magical rituals and offerings we have on these web pages.

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Just to show you some of the simple magical rituals and exercises you'll find in the resources, here are a few from our articles library on ways to get your day off to a good start with magic.

PREPAVING: This is one of our favorite magical techniques from Abraham ( Just sit for 3-5 minutes in a quiet spot and focus on what you want and how you want your day to look. We spend so much time worrying about what we have to do, what we should do and what might happen that we forget what's most important – what we want! So spend a few minutes sending the Universe a few hints about how you want your day to look, and the Universe will deliver exactly that, and then some!

SUN CANDLE: Did you know that the color sun yellow (bright yellow with no orange) actually nourishes and refreshes your Spirit? If you're feeling groggy, grumpy or grouchy, sit in front of a lit sun yellow candle for a few minutes. It will refresh you and give you happy, joyful energy.

CONSCIOUS CHOICE: We spend so much time in our minds that our Spirits don't get much chance to come out and play. Yet, we are happiest when we are living in Spirit rather than in mind. To give you a hint, you were probably most in Spirit when you were a playful child. So, to get your Spirit in gear for a fun and playful day, make a conscious choice – it exercises Spirit. Just say to yourself, "I will now make a conscious choice." Then ask yourself a question such as, "Do I choose to have cereal or toast for breakfast?" Go with the first answer you hear or receive. Following Spirit's guidance will align your energies and make for a positive day.

GREET THE DAY: One way to stay in touch with your Spirit and with nature is to go outside and greet the day. It's simple. Go outside, extend your attention into the sky and say, "Sky Above." Then, extend your attention into the earth and say, "and Earth Below." Then, with attention both above and below, say, "I greet you." Wait a moment and see what gifts the Universe brings you (this is a simple form of the Navajo Beauty Way). You will experience peace, joy, satisfaction and nourishment.

Try these out, then go to our blog or library of articles or join in the fun with us on Facebook. You'll find tons more simple, magical offerings to try out for yourself and invite magic into your life.

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