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Under Attack? Magical Methods of Self Defense

When it comes to using magical self defense there are a multitude of ways to protect yourself. Whether the attack is physical, psychic, verbal or just an invasion of your sacred space, you have the right to use magical means for protection as long as you stay within the self defense rules . In our online Magical Self Defense course you'll learn all about these rules as well as magic techniques such as grounding out fire energy, flowing fire energy, rooting and grounding, hand lightning, fireballs, shields and sonics for self defense. Just to peak your interest, let's look at one of these protection magic techniques – Grounding.

Grounding for Self Defense
Grounding is an especially good technique to use when you are in a routy crowd, find yourself dealing with a chatty neighbor invading your sacred silence, surrounded by anxiety that is contagious, or facing any aggression or anger from another. All of these situations involve fire energy and by grounding you are pulling excess fire energy from another person or the environment, flowing it through your body and pushing it into an electrical ground. Next time you find yourself in this type of situation, try this.

1. Concentrate on the behavior being expressed to access the excess of fire energy, ie. – noise, anger...

2. Identify a safe ground in the area for fire energy such as an electrical outlet, light switch, power lines or you can use a sink since the water pipes run into the earth. Do not use delicate electronic equipment like a computer or TV since these may short out from added fire energy.

3. Prepare to pull the excess fire energy by either putting your output hand or foot on the ground you have located or by extending your output hand toward the ground. Make sure there are no living beings between you and the ground you will be using as you don't want to flow the excess fire energy into them. If you are dealing with a situation that you are uncomfortable being obvious about what you are doing, you can very subtly direct your hand in the direction of the ground.

4. Begin pulling the excess fire energy that you have identified in through your input hand. You can access it by looking at a color source that corresponds to the energy such as red-orange for anger or aggression or yellow-orange for anxiety or you can access it from the behavior such as noise.

5. Pull the energy in through your input hand, through your body and out of your output hand into the ground that you have selected. If there are a combination of fire energies, you may have to keep switching color bands to pull all the excess fire. If you do not have your output hand available in your situation, you can flow the energy down and out through your foot.

6. Continue pulling until the noise, anger or aggression has diminished. This should only take a couple of minutes at most as most people will find it difficult to keep up their high fire energy levels once you start pulling and grounding it.

7. Be sure that you continue flowing energy into the ground through your output hand after you stop pulling it through your input hand. You want to make sure you are not taking on that excess fire by not flowing it out of your body.

If you are in a crowd and find you are dealing with a lot of excess fire energy, you can use the rooting technique along with the grounding technique. This allows you to have two energy grounds, your roots for one and the electrical ground for the other and you'll find you can pull larger amounts of fire energy this way.

Ready to get started learning to protect yourself magically? Check out the Magical Self Defense Course and fill your magical toolbox with a variety of techniques to protect yourself.

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