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Tricks for Boosting Your Psychic Senses

We all have the ability to be psychic and receive information that doesn't come from our 5 senses. Some of us have a natural psychic ability and others need to practice to develop our psychic senses. Our Psychic Development ebook can help with exercises to practice that will help expand the psychic senses and develop the skills needed to awaken psychic abilities. One of the first things to do in awakening the extra senses used as psychic abilities is to get in touch with your inner silence so that you will be able to hear information the Universe sends you. One exercise to get you started on preparing your senses to receive information is through meditation.

There are many ways and forms that meditation can take. For the purposes of developing psychic senses, meditation allows you to create enough quiet space and silence in your life so that you will be in a position to hear the messages sent by the Universe and from divination techniques. Meditate a little bit every day to start developing these skills. Here is an exercise you can use if you don't already have an active meditation practice.

  • For at least 15 minutes, sit in a comfortable position with closed eyes, hands in your lap with right hand cradled in the left. 
  • While you are aware of your thoughts, remain unattached from them. Be aware especially of your sensations. 
  • If you have trouble relaxing, try having a lit candle to center your concentration, burn soothing incense or sit near a running fountain. 
  • Now begin feeling your natural breathing as the breath moves in and out of your body. Don't force your breathing or change it any way, just feel and be aware of your body's own natural breaths. 
  • As you become aware of thoughts popping up in your mind, let them pass through without focusing your attention on them. Think of this as sitting on a shoreline watching boats pass by. If you find your attention drawn to one in particular, simply return your focus to your breathing and let the thought pass by.

After at least 15 minutes of sitting in this manner you can get up and end your meditation time. Don't dwell on what happened during the meditation, or how successful you feel it was or if you had any revelations or not. The only importance is the consistency with which you do your meditation and the effort put towards doing it. Doing short meditations daily for instance will serve you better in the long run than doing longer meditations occasionally. Consistency is a key element. You will find over time that consistently doing this exercise will increase your ability to have inner silence and take it with you throughout everything you do. Your time spent in meditation should be an enjoyable time for you as it is time you are devoting to your inner development and the more you develop your inner life, the more benefits you will see in your outer life.

Reading Other People
Another set of exercises you'll find in our Psychic Development ebook is on the topic of reading other people or learning to gather information about others that you cannot get through the traditional 5 senses. Here is one of the exercises in this area that you can practice by broadening your view of someone. This helps you understand the other person's motivation for behaviors or attitudes they display and can give you insight into the best way to deal with them. 

Look up and down the other person's entire body and aura. Notice for example if their hands or feet are still or agitatedly moving. Notice if their breathing is fast, slow, shallow or wheezing. Look at the tongue and see if it is red which would mean too much fire energy, pale and wet which could mean a deficiency or internal coldness, if it is swollen and puffy and has teeth marks on the edges which would indicate a weak spleen and kidney yang, if it is stiff and wooden-like with a blunt front which would mean they are emotionally shut down or if it is quivering with a red tip which would indicate nervous anxiety in the neural system. Look at their eyes to see if they dart about, look at you, look through you or move up and left or down and right. What is their posture like? Is it erect, flexible, stiff, slumped or weak? As you notice all these type of conditions, begin to build up a vocabulary of relationships between body language and inner causes and conditions. Use your own states and meanings to consider what the types of things you notice mean. As you start training yourself to notice these types of behaviors in others and putting meanings to them, your mind will start working from your own Spirit perceptics or psychic senses and gather information from others. Once you have practiced this type of information gathering for a while, if there is something in particular you want to know about another, your psychic senses will kick in and get the answer for you.

With some practice in exercises such as these, you can start gathering information from the Universe, through divination techniques and through your own innate psychic senses. So don't worry if you haven't shown any psychic talents before. All it takes is waking up those senses that live inside your inner wisdom.

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