Thursday, April 9, 2015

Magic in Action – These Unbelievable Stories are For Real!

Magic is real and while we encourage each person to explore this for themselves we'd like to give you some examples of what others have discovered when it comes to magic. Here are some stories from students in our Basic Magic classes to give you an idea of how others have found to apply their magical training to their everyday lives.

There is the student who used the pendulum and the Tarot to help introduce his friend to a spirit living in his house and helping them establish a relationship that lead to the spirit being saving his friend's life. Then there is Mike who was able to ground out his fire energy anger to avoid a fight with his wife and Devta who used a Tarot spell to help a friend heal the rift in her family that centered around the co-ownership of a family farm business. You can see all these stories in their entirety on our Magic At Work page of our website.

Real Life Magic
Once you jump into the world of real magic, you'll find all sorts of amazing ways to use magic in your life. Some of the ways to do this could include:

  • being able to stabilize your moods and energy levels by balancing your elemental energies
  • change old beliefs that no longer serve you
  • use magical techniques to protect yourself from physical or psychic attack and to protect your property and sacred space
  • heal physical wounds, illnesses, and conditions
  • communicate with others on a spirit level to resolve differences and communicate with spirit beings to receive guidance, help and to co-create manifestations to improve your life
  • find lost objects, people or pets
  • create sacred space and silence in your life to allow magic in
So any of these sound like something you could use? If you are still skeptical, take a look at our Is Magic Real page on our website and explore more about real magic. After you try out some of the exercises and experiments with magic we have to offer on our website and blog, chime in. We'd love to include your story of a great magical experience on Magic at Work.

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