Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 Ways to Take Your Magic to the Next Level

Consistency adds magical force and a great way to bring consistency to your magical practice is to engage in daily rituals. Daily rituals can include practices such as your morning yoga practice, meditation, working with spirit guides like angels or the spirit of owl, or doing the Day Greeting of the Navajo Beauty Way. Just about any magical operation can be used as a daily ritual and by doing it every day for at least 40 days you can create the "habit" of making magic an integral part of your life. These magic rituals could be contact rituals that will help you develop a working relationship with the Universe, rituals that give guidance on solving a problem you feel you are unable to solve by yourself, a healing ritual working on a particular health condition you have or just a time to experience your inner silence. The important thing is that you pick a ritual and do it every day to develop consistency. Creating this magical force inside yourself means that force will be available to you when you want to do an act of magic.

Don't have a daily ritual in mind? Well we've got plenty of resources to help you out with that. Here are just 3 of the free resources we offer and the types of rituals you'll find in them to get you started putting consistency into your magic.


Magical Library

There you have three free resources loaded with magical offerings you can use as daily rituals to develop your magical force through consistent practice. Try these out for yourself and see what you experience. And don't forget you can still get our free ebook 10 Magical Quick Fixes for more ideas on daily rituals to perform. 

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