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Ready for Tarot, Spellwork, and Simulacra Magic?

If you've taken our online Basic Magic Courses 1 and 2, and are ready for the really serious (and super fun) magical knowledge of the Tarot, Spellwork, and Simulacra, then you are primed for Basic Magic 3. This course covers these topics and more in great detail. Not only will you learn to throw a wide variety of Tarot readings, but you will learn to build on those readings to develop spells. This course also offers much more bonus knowledge just for the fun of it!

To give you an idea of what this course has to offer, here is some of the information in the class that covers Celtic Cross readings.

The Celtic Cross
This type of tarot reading is also called the Gnostic Cross and is best used to get a quick personality profile or character sketch of an animate being like a person or animal, but is not useful for situations or specific questions. For those more specific situational readings a 12 Card reading is needed. There is plenty of good information you can get though by doing a Celtic Cross reading. For example, if all the base cards in the reading show up reversed, it could mean this is not a good time to do a reading on this person because they are at a place in life where all the probabilities for them are equal and until a change happens in their life the reading wouldn't be meaningful.

Similar to 12 card readings, the cards in a Celtic Cross reading are thrown with a base card and a second card over it. The base card represents the general situation and the second card represents more specific details of the situation. The signifier card is the card that represents the person or animate being the reading is for. The Cover and Cross on the signifier give you an overview or summary of the whole reading. An upright Cover card means it represents the positive summary of the reading, making the Cross card the negative summation. If the Cover card is reversed, it represents the negative summary and the Cross card represents the positive. Just by looking at the Cross and Cover cards you get a very quick summary of what the whole reading will show you.

By doing a Celtic Cross reading you can quickly get information in these positions in the reading:
Cover and Cross on Signifier are in the middle of the reading surrounded by:

Above – This position represents unrecognized potential that may or may not come to fruition. Comparing these cards to the cards in the Outcome position can give you information about if this potential is likely to manifest by the cards in these two positions being similar.

Behind – This position show what the person has left behind or wants to be rid of or something that happened in the past that pertains to the reading.

Below – This is a foundation position and the take-off point for the reading that gives you the bedrock of this person's life.

Ahead – This position indicates the future according to the perception of the subject of the reading. It doesn't mean it is necessarily true, just how they are looking at the future and their belief or thoughts of what will happen.

To the right of this cross pattern of cards is a straight vertical line of cards that represent a Time Column. Positions in this column include:

Outcome or Far Future – The cards in this position give you a short basic look at the outcome of the reading if nothing changes. Since one of the reasons for doing a reading is to make a change of whatever you don't like, this outcome is definitely not set in stone. It merely shows the probability of what will happen if no changes are made.

Hopes/Fears or Near future – A reversed base card in this position is showing you this person's fears and that they live more in fear than hope. An upright base card here tells you their hopes and that they have an optimistic outlook.

Environment or Near Past – This position covers the time from the near past to the present and shows how the subject's environment has affected them in a positive or negative way. It also gives information on if factors in the environment are helping that person or hindering them.

Self Image or Far Past – This position gives you an idea of the subject's self-image derived from their history. If it is reversed then the subject's view of him or herself is wrong and the opposite is actually the truth.

As you can tell there is lots of information you can get that can magically change yourself or others by doing a Celtic Cross reading. Basic Magic 3 not only teaches you how to do these readings, interpret the cards and prepare your tarot deck, it also teaches you to do the more detailed 12 card readings and then how to use the tarot for spellwork. This is a fascinating form of divination that can truly help you find answers and solutions to those questions and problems that arise in your life. If this sounds good to you, then take a look at our Basic Magic Courses and start your magical journey today.

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