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Need Some Magical Rx?

No matter how long you have been practicing the magical arts, sometimes your techniques just go wonky--for no explicable reason! Don't worry, it happens to most practitioners from time to time. If you need some magical Rx, consider signing up for our twice-monthly magical newsletter. The newsletter covers a wide array of topics, and we also attempt to answer reader questions when possible. Or, visit our FB page, magical library, or blog. Any of those places might have just the magical prescription you're looking for!

To give you an idea of what you're missing if you aren't signed up to get the newsletter, here's some excerpts from newsletters sent out so far in 2015.

(From January 6, 2015 newsletter)
You Are Psychic
Everyone has psychic abilities. Some people are naturally gifted in this area and others need to practice to hone their abilities. If you are in the 2nd category, as most are, before embarking on the journey of developing your psychic abilities, it works best to prepare yourself. This preparation will help you develop your abilities to their full potential. Activities that will help you prepare include:
  • Doing a simple meditation
  • Participating in a moving practice (like yoga, tai-chi, or even daily walks)
  • Practicing avoiding negative emotions
  • Changing one small habit
Changing One Small Habit
These first 3 are probably things you are at least a bit familiar with so let's talk about the 4th – changing one small habit. According to Universal Law "A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future." By changing a small habit in now-time, you pave the way for larger changes in your magical life in the future. Using your psychic abilities will be a change in your future, so prepare yourself by changing some small things now. By practicing this you will change your habitual thought patterns to allow new ideas and inspirations in the future and by sticking with small changes you won't run into resistance. All you have to do is find small changes to make that you don't usually think about. For example, use a different hand from the one you usually use to brush your hair, teeth or open a door, wear your socks wrong side out, sit in a different seat than you usually do or get up on the opposite side of the bed from the side you usually do. Anything that is different and a small change that you can make will work. No one else has to know about these changes if that is something that would make you self-conscious. Most of these changes will not be noticeable to anyone but you.

(From January 20, 2015 newsletter)
Magical Operational Laws
To have a safe magical practice, ancient or esoteric names, words or symbols must not be used without a thorough and full understanding of their meanings, pronunciations and complete references. Some of the operational laws used in magical practice are:
Similarity - physical likeness creates a psychic likeness and resonance, the degree of resonance being directly proportional to the degree of physical likeness.

Identity - a physical part (piece or component) remains part of and contains the psychic whole, unless special magical operations are done to alter this.

Relationship - once there has been physical contact, there is continuing psychic contact, unless special magical action is taken to break the contact.

Symbols - a symbol may be created for any object, process or other phenomenon.

Substitution - in a magical or psychic or spiritual operation a symbol may be substituted (in the operation) for any object, process or other phenomenon.

Contagion - something done to a part, a likeness or a symbol that produces a similar effect on the divided-whole, the likened or the symbolized.

Duplication - an effect created in the physical is duplicated in the psychic and an effect created in the psychic is duplicated in the physical ("As Above, So Below").

So whether you are an experienced practitioner or just beginning your journey into magic, you'll find something new to learn, something to refresh your memory, or something to inspire or re-inspire you to add to your magical practice. Information, magical techniques, exercises to try out for yourself – they're all here for you at no cost. All you need to do is sign up with your email address and twice a month these magical treasures will appear in your inbox.

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