Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Got the Blues? Dump It Magically!

If you need help with mood swings, we have a ton of magical techniques to help, from the simple to the complex. Read all about them in the Mood Changes section of our library of magical articles. You can also learn about dreams, divination, protection, manifestation, and much more. The wealth of magical treasure is there, just waiting for you to come visit. No cost, just a little investment of time and interest on your part. Here's an example of the type of magical treasures awaiting you in our library.

The Magic of Small Changes To Cure the Blues
Part of the Universal Law of Divination says, "A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future." There are two reasons that small changes now can make bigger changes for you in the future. First, they help change your habitual thought patterns enough to let you open the door to new ideas and inspirations. Second, because they are small changes, you are able to avoid running into the resistance factor. Changing your thought patterns helps you get to a new level or pull yourself out of the blues. You know that what you think and feel determines what you will bring into your reality. So if you are experiencing the blues, you will bring more depression and sadness to yourself whereas if you are upbeat, positive and happy, you will attract more of the same. By changing your mood or making a small change in your habits you can rise up the ladder a step or adjust your position just enough to be able to access different thoughts and feelings. The doubt factor is often a cause of resistance that keeps us stuck in where we are. Small changes in habit will be less noticeable and are things that we are more comfortable with. This helps break down the resistance letting us move forward.

So what kind of changes are we actually talking about? Take a good look at yourself and see what types of things you do just by habit. Do you always wear a particular ring on a certain hand or finger? Do you always sit in the same place at home or at work? Do you always perform your morning routine exactly the same way and use the same hand to do certain tasks? These can all be examples of things you can choose to do differently that no one but you will really notice. Wear that ring on a different finger, get up on the opposite side of the bed, wear your socks wrong side out, open doors with your left hand instead of your right and so on.

You get the idea now I'm sure. See what small changes you can make consciously instead of the mechanical habits you usually perform and make a shift as to where you stand inside yourself. This will open the doorway for new thoughts and feelings to come in, allow you to raise your level, and help magically beat the blues.

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