Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part I

There is no problem that cannot be solved magically. At the level of life, we sometimes paint ourselves into a corner, get that feeling that there is "no way out." Say goodbye to the feeling of hopelessness. Magic is all about reaching up to a higher level of life, and higher beings, for whom miracles are everyday occurrences. As Einstein said, the solution to any problem never exists on the same level. The solution exists on the next level up.

Here are three basic rituals that you can try out for yourself to connect with the higher and reach up for a higher level of life.

Today – Begin working with the Universe as a co-creator. Take the first step by making contact and ask the Universe to manifest something today, from cherries to the word NASA. For more on how to do this see the blog article here.

This Week - Ask Owl about a loophole or blind spot in your current solution. Not sure how to work with the Spirit of Owl? Check out this article.

This Month – Do a come-along with a Sun Candle reinforced by a talisman and a mantra you create. Add the talisman and mantra onto the come along when you burn the Sun Candle for 30 minutes each day. Haven't done a come-along before? See the directions in this article.

By starting to use these simple daily rituals and work them into your life, you will begin establishing a magical relationship with the Universe and higher level beings. You will soon find that by making these a part of your everyday life the level of your own being will increase. And magically speaking you know that the level of your being attracts the level of your life. That's a well-known magical principle. So the higher your being, the higher the level of life you will attract. That's how magic works!

For more daily rituals get our Daily Rituals for Attracting What you Want in Life ebook. 36 more simple daily rituals offered in it will help keep you on the path of magical discovery.

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