Thursday, August 30, 2018

Magical Ways to Stop Compulsive Thoughts

If you find yourself getting stuck in compulsive thoughts, you are probably an Air Element personality. This means that the element of Air is the most dominant in your personality and plays a key role in determining how you deal with life issues. It is very common for an Air type of personality to have compulsive thoughts, go round and round in their heads, and get distracted by the new and the novel. They also tend to have birth visions that are mentally-oriented – know, guide or see. On the plus side it also makes you a good communicator, planner, speaker and thinker who is able to think fast on your feet and come up with ideas, solutions and inspirations quickly. If this sounds like you, start being aware of how many times you start a sentence with "I see." That is often one of the personality characteristics of an Air dominant personality.

Even though Air personalities have all these great characteristics that can be very useful in everyday life, they often struggle with having the compulsive thoughts, being distracted by all their ideas, completing tasks and projects and changing their opinions and beliefs quite frequently. Here are a couple of magical solutions for dealing with this type of personality characteristics.

  • White Chestnut Flower Essence - This flower essence can help release worry and clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. It can help you develop trust, clear thinking and problem solving. Take whenever repetitive thoughts or worry keep bugging you
  • Come Back to the Present - Worry and fear are about the past or the future, never in present time. To free yourself of those type thoughts, come back to present time by feeling sensation in your body. You can only have sensation in present time. One good way to do this is to wear a rubberband around your wrist and snap it. The feeling of the rubberband hitting your wrist will bring you back to present time, so just snap the rubberband anytime you are bothered by those kinds of thoughts.

There are lots of advantages to being an Air type of personality. Learning how to cope with the struggles you face can give you even more of an advantage. For an indepth study of the Air Element, check out our Magical Element Air homestudy course. This is a good place for any aspiring student of magic to begin, but for those of you who are Air personalities it is even more important to fully understand this element that dominates your life in so many ways.

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