Thursday, June 21, 2018

Not Enough Time for Work and Life? Try Magically Stretching Time

Are there times you wish you could magically stretch time? Does it seem like no matter how fast you run through life, you just don't have time to get it all done? Well, relax, stretching time is just one of the simple things a magician can do. There are actually many ways to magically play with time. One of these is using anticipation. Stretching time with anticipation works based on a couple of magical principles:
  1. When you achieve your desires quickly or strive actively or impatiently to bring your desires to you "now," you shorten or compress time.
  2.  When you anticipate your desires with patience and enjoyment in the present moment (without hurrying to bring the actual object of your desire into present time), you stretch time.
Compress Time
Universal law states when you want something, you set up a force between yourself and what you want to attract it. The more you desire it or the more impatient you are for it, the faster you will bring it to yourself. Think of it this way. You are standing in the present at this moment and the thing you desire is located somewhere in your future. Bringing yourself and the object that you desire together quickly, compresses the time between your present moment and the future moment where the object exists. By compressing time in this way, you actually shorten or bend the amount of time in your life.

Stretch Time
Now if you are standing in your present moment and instead of being impatient you just enjoy the experience of that object that you desire, you stretch the time out between your present moment and the future moment where your object exists. You still have created a force to bring that object to yourself, but by staying in the present, you expand your perception of "now". You are able to experience your present moment to include what is actually happening in that moment combined with your enjoyment of a future moment. Putting together more perceptions and enjoyment in your present moment gives you more time in that present moment than usual.

Magically Playing with Time: Example
To stretch time in your life just anticipate that which you desire in the future with lots of enjoyment and great patience. Enjoy the present and future experiences at the same time. For example, you have planned a vacation coming up soon. Spend a lot of time daydreaming about your vacation and have as much fun in your daydreams as you will on the actual vacation. Don't get impatient about it getting here if you want to stretch time, just enjoy what is happening for you now and in your daydreams about your vacation.

If in the case of your vacation you want to speed up or bend time, just focus all your attention on the future moment and very little attention on the present moment. Holding the future vacation in mind and making it your main focus, you can pull it to you. As you focus on it, feel it speeding toward you and you speeding towards it.

Whether you want to compress or stretch time, it's all possible magically. Patient anticipation to expand, achievement of desires to compress. Give these a try and have some magical fun playing with time. Then check out our Kindle book, The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners, to learn more simple magic magician's can do. 

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