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Need to Dump a Chronic Health Problem Magically? Try This...

There are many techniques to magically deal with health problems, but many of them require some knowledge or foundation of magic. For example, to balance your energy, you have to know about the four elements, their characteristics, how to flow or dump those energies and maybe how to flow them through their associated magical tools. Here's one of the techniques from our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook that you can try though without any magical background.

This technique is especially good for those who like physical activity and/or enjoy getting out in nature. You take your chronic health problem and literally throw the symptoms away. Here's how:

1. Go for a walk in the woods, a park, along the beach, or anywhere you are sure to find some rocks and preferably one that has some body of water in it.

2. Take a strong bag or some other object you can use to carry rocks in.

3. You've probably guessed now that the next step is to pick up rocks on your walk. Don't just randomly pick up rocks though. Pick up one rock for each of the symptoms you display for the chronic health problem you want to get rid of and put it in your bag.

4. Don't hurry the process, think through your specific health problem and all the physical symptoms, mental symptoms, the inconvenience or worries it causes for you and any other negative condition that surrounds this problem. For each one you think of pick up a rock and put it in your bag.

5. Now find a body of water such as a lake, the ocean, or a pond in your nature walk area.

6. Standing by the body of water take one rock at a time out of the bag.

7. Hold the rock in your output hand (the hand you naturally point with), focus your intention on the rock and feel yourself flowing one of the negative conditions you thought of earlier into the rock. Do this until the rock feels changed energetically in some way. It may feel tingly or warmer.

8. Then throw the rock as far as you can into the body of water feeling yourself let it go.

How Does It Work?
That's it! Sounds simple, right? It is and now for the magic lesson behind this technique. What you have just done is called simulacra or voodoo magic. You have formed a correlation or psychic connection between a physical object (the rock) and the condition (physical symptom, emotion, thought...). Simulacra or voodoo magic works that same way. You are probably familiar with the term voodoo doll. Well, that is a simulacra of a person. You form a correlation by "keying" the doll to a particular person and then whatever you do to the doll affects the person the doll is keyed to.

To avoid karmic backlash you want to be very careful with what you do to a keyed voodoo doll and make sure you are acting in accordance with the laws that govern magical practice. As another caution, be sure when you are picking your rocks that you don't key them to a specific person or other living thing that could drown when thrown in the lake. For example, if your boss is stressing you out at work which has led to your chronic health condition, don't make one of the conditions you flow into a rock your boss. Instead flow in the emotions you have about it like resentments, fears, and angers or the tasks your boss is assigning to you that stress you out or even the attitude of your boss, but NOT your boss him or herself. The same holds true if your condition centers around a body part or organ. Don't key the rock to the organ or body part, but rather the symptom or emotions you have about the problem with the organ. Once you throw the rock in the water the correlation or psychic connection you formed is severed. According to the laws of simulacra magic, this also severs your connection to the condition the rock was connected to. You can see now why you wouldn't want to have a rock keyed to an organ or part of your body. You certainly don't want to sever your liver or your arm from yourself!

An alternative to throwing the rocks in a body of water is to bury them in the ground and let Mother Earth cleanse them. Leave them there for at least one moon cycle. Whichever way you choose, you now know a magical way to help you deal with a chronic health problem and have discovered that whether you knew it or not, you do know magic. 

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