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Combining Magical and Conventional Healing Techniques

One of the things that a ceremonial leader once told me is: "Do magic. Do ceremony. Converse with Powers and Beings. AND... get insurance." When we are ill, we have to listen to our inner voice as to which magical and which conventional healing techniques are best for us. That means you have a wide array of possibilities to consider when you seek healing. You can choose from energy balancing, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, the dragon's breath technique, sweeping with an Athame, use aromatherapy, Kundalini yoga, have conventional surgery, use psychic surgery, take pharmaceuticals, and many, many more magical and traditional Eastern and Western medicine techniques. It's not a one size fits all world when it comes to healing. You can choose a more or less conventional healing route or a combination of them. It all comes down to what methods will put your specific energies back into balance.

Energy and Healing
Since everything is energy, illness and disease can be described as energy states that are out of harmony or out of balance. Using any healing techniques that change the energy to bring it back into harmony can help heal what ails you. Our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook can help you learn a variety of techniques, some magical and some more conventional that work with bringing your energy back into harmony. As you think about which types of healing techniques to use, here are some foundational healing principles to consider.

Healing Principles
Anything Can Be Healed – Any condition can be healed. It doesn't matter how chronic or acute it is, there is always hope that it can be healed.

You Are a Healer – Yes, YOU can heal. You can heal yourself, animals, the planet and other people. Whether you know it or not, you already know how to heal because healing is natural for humans. Sometimes you just need some help learning how to use your inborn magical healing abilities.

All Healing is About Changing Energy – Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. Even things that appear to be solid are just a big bunch of energy that is constantly vibrating or moving. When the energy for a living thing is out of harmony or balance, illness, pain and disease can result. The shift in energy is not a match for one's normal vibrational state which causes one to be sick. Healing is just adjusting that state back into balance.

To Heal You Must Let Go – Anything you can let go of, you can heal. Disease and illness are often the result of a life situation, issue or hurt that we are holding onto. Sometimes what we are holding onto is from a past life. Using healing techniques to release the emotions around the situation can lead to healing.

You Carry a Legacy of Healing Knowledge – One of the really great things about learning to heal now is that anything you learn in this lifetime carries over to future lifetimes. That's why some people seem to just be natural healers. They've done it before and brought the knowledge with them into their current lifetime.

Healing Evolves as We Do – We are all continuously learning, growing, developing and evolving. As we go through changes, so will the illnesses and diseases we encounter. Think about diseases that were prevalent in the past that we had to learn to heal – smallpox, polio, the plague. Today the focus is more on cancers, heart disease and AIDS. As disease evolves so must healing. Healers must continue to learn and grow to be able to make adjustments to healing techniques or develop new ones to deal with the current diseases.

Really think about each of these principles, what they mean and how they apply to you as a healer. Then all you need to do is to start your journey down the path of learning various techniques of healing. You can do it... with a little magic.

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