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Magic That Works: The Use of Color

One of the fascinating studies of magic that works is how to use colors magically. Each of us are energetic beings in a constant state of vibration which is partly determined by the vibrations of all the colors surrounding us all the time. Each color has its own unique vibration and knowing the principles of those allows us to use them for magic that works in our everyday lives. Feng Shui, Pranamonics, magical practices and shamanism all have techniques that use color for healing, making spirit connections, balancing mood and emotional states, and creating manifestations.

Using Color for Magic That Works
You can use color intentionally in your life by gaining an understanding of the effects each color can produce and deliberately choosing which to have around you. Take a look at your clothes, the food you eat, the walls and floors in your home or office, your car, your furniture, artwork and paintings you have hung in the spaces you spend time in, the makeup, jewelry and nail polish you wear and anything else with color that you spend a lot of time around. Compare what vibrations these colors bring to your life versus what energies you want to attract into your life. If you are surrounding yourself with colors that don't match what you want to attract or how you want to present yourself, then make some changes in your wardrobe or environment to include colors that will bring you the type of energies you want. Here is a list of some colors with some of the characteristics of the vibration they emit to get you started. You can find more information on using colors as a technique of magic that works and more color vibration characteristics in our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook.

Color Vibrations
White – emits a very high vibration that is a pure frequency spiritually. All other colors and the healing properties of each exist in the color white. You can strengthen and increase your aura 3 to 9 feet just by wearing white. White is an Air element color that corresponds to mental processes, thinking or speaking. So for example if you need to study for a test, you might wear white clothes or study in a room with white walls to give you a mental boost. Knowing that the color white could aid you in studying, or giving a speech gives you a way to employ magic that works for your benefit.

Violet/Blue and Green – are vital colors in order for life to exist according to Pranamonics. Violet/blue represent the heavens and green the earth. In a life-threatening situation, surrounding yourself with these colors could give you the first aid needed to survive.

Sun Yellow – is a fire color that represents life force and spirit vitality. Wearing sun yellow clothes can give you a boost in joy, enthusiasm, vitality, movement and nourish you on a cellular level. It is another good color to have around you in a life-threatening situation.

Rose – is a mix of bright red and white. This is a very nourishing color for your heart center and associated with love and purity. It vibrates at a very high spiritually evolved frequency. Pranamonics often pairs white or Sun Yellow with Rose.

Match Colors with Your Elemental Makeup
By deliberately choosing the colors you surround yourself with, you can use this type of magic that works to transform your personality and how you perceive the world. In deciding the colors to use, you need to also consider your own elemental makeup. Most people's personalities have one or two of the 4 elements that are most dominant. Being aware of what elemental colors exist already in your makeup can then help you select which colors to surround yourself with to add them into your vibration thus achieving the personality changes you want. For example, if your makeup is mostly Fire with small amounts of air, water and earth, then you are usually in action, don't spend much time tuning in to your emotions and feelings, and don't usually slow down to think. People may have a hard time communicating with you because you move so fast that you don't even finish your sentences. If you want to use magic that works to slow you down and change to a personality that takes more time to think things through, then you could surround yourself with more white which is the color that affects communication and speaking. You could also add in green which is an Earth color to help ground you.

To help you get started determining which elements make up your personality, here are some characteristics associated with each of the 4 elements. For more detailed information on these traits and to use our Four Element Personality Test to help you determine which elements are predominant in your makeup, check out our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook.

Air (Clear, White and Sky Blue) – seeing, breathing, speaking, hearing, thinking, memorizing, understanding, mind, teaching, learning, ideas

Fire (Sun Yellow, Yellow Orange, Red Orange, Bright Red, Deep Red and Electric Blue) – power, will, anger, aggression, passion, excitable, frustration, initiative, resentment

Water (Water Blue, Deep Blue and Blue Black) – emotions, intuition, empathy, appreciation, joy, grief, love, harmony, compassion

Earth (Grass Green, Earth Brown and Pure Black) – strength, money, solidity, permanence, loyalty, stubbornness, security, confidence

Now you have some beginning insights in how color can be used magically and give you insights into yourself. Try some of these ideas out for yourself and see how they work for you. Using colors is just one of the very fascinating and easy to use studies in the world of magic that works. Enjoy!

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