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Healing Spells: Keying a Sun Crystal for Life and Death Emergencies

A sun crystal can be used for healing spells or in protection magic and can literally save your life. If you are going to have surgery or are traveling, keying a sun crystal beforehand allows you to draw energy safely from the Sun in case you are in an accident, have surgery complications or any life and death type situation. This is one of the many magic that works lessons you will find in our How To Do Voodoo ebook.

About the Sun Crystal
This magical tool is called a Sun Crystal because it is made of lead crystal and acts as a transformer for the Sun's energy. The voltage of the Sun's energy is too strong to use directly in a safe way for magic that works. Using this crystal ball allows you to gather the Sun's energy and draw on it when you are in times of stress, trauma or danger. When choosing a Sun Crystal, look for a 2 ½ inch size ball made of German or Austrian lead crystal with a stand. Be sure that you don't get a ball made of acrylic or quartz. Quartz balls can be dangerous and explode or can pull everything towards its center. When your Sun Crystal is not in use you can store it by wrapping it in a cloth of natural fiber and put it in a drawer or it can be left on the stand and put on your Plate (magical Earth tool) on your altar.

Keying a Sun Crystal
After you get your Sun Crystal, you will need to key it to yourself or a particular person. Here's how:
  1. Cleanse the sun crystal as you do with other tools with your Firebowl and Chalice.
  2. Use your Athame (Fire tool) to sweep the crystal with electric blue.
  3. Place the crystal on its stand and light a Sun Candle.
  4. To key the crystal for your own use, get down level with the sun crystal until you can see the flame from the Sun Candle through it (the flame will look upside down).
  5. Use your intention to pull the flame into the ball until the flame completely fills the ball (this may happen suddenly as a sunburst). Your sun crystal is now keyed to yourself. 
  6. To key the sun crystal to another person, position the person so that they put their face opposite yours, with the sun crystal in between you. When you see his or her face in the crystal, push energy through the crystal at them, and have them pull energy towards themselves. The sun crystal then becomes keyed to them. If the person is not present, simply picture the person's face and see it in the sun crystal with your intention.

Using the Sun Crystal
Once the Sun Crystal is keyed, it is ready to be used for protection magic or healing spells. If you find yourself in a life threatening situation where you feel your life force draining, you can pull Sun energy safely from the crystal to renew your energy loss. When you feel your energy has been replaced, simply stop pulling energy from the crystal. You do not have to have the Sun Crystal physically with you to use it. You can picture the crystal and pull energy from it anytime you need to replenish your life force energy. If you have keyed the crystal to someone else, tell them to picture a glass ball filled with sunshine and to pull that sunshine towards them. In a real emergency situation you can tell the other person that if they are afraid or feel they are dying, to see the glass ball glowing and pull that energy towards themselves. Even if the person is unconscious, you can give them these directions three times in a voice of command and their Spirit will hear you. When someone is pulling energy from the Sun Crystal, it will begin to actually glow. The Sun Crystal is an especially good magic that works technique to use in these life threatening type situations, but really it can be used any time you feel that you need some extra energy.

Extra Tips on the Sun Crystal
A few more things to know about the Sun Crystal are: 
  1. Do not ever push or pull electric blue energy into the Sun Crystal as it can cause it to explode.
  2. Never leave your Sun Crystal out in direct sunlight as this can also cause it to explode.
  3. If you need to unkey a Sun Crystal from a particular person, you can cut lines on it like you do when cutting psychic lines on a person and use your Athame to give it a blast of electric blue energy. When you do this, it is still a Sun Crystal, it just is no longer keyed to any particular person.
  4. To totally unkey a Sun Crystal and make it just a normal glass ball again, bury it in the Earth for a moon cycle.
You now have a new magic that works technique that you can use for healing spells or protection magic to add to your magical toolbox. This one is literally a life-saver, but needs to be in place before it is needed. If there is a chance that you will find yourself (or someone you know) in a life threatening situation, now is the time to get your Sun Crystal and key it. Even if you don't end up in a dangerous situation, it is always good to have a keyed Sun Crystal around to give yourself some extra Sun energy when you are dragging. 

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