Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is Magic Real? Check for Yourself

Is Magic Real? We encourage you to discover the answer for yourself. A good place to start discovering the answer to the question Is Magic Real is with magic rituals. A very powerful ancient ritual to start with is the Exit Ritual. The Exit Ritual is one of three parts of the Navajo Beauty Way. The Exit Ritual is a contact and greeting ritual that connects you with higher powers and beings. It is totally non-denominational so it doesn't matter what Higher Power you believe in or what if any religious practices you adhere to. The Exit Ritual also brings you a sense of peace and serenity, helps you establish relationships with higher beings that can help you gain information or work on manifestations. The Exit Ritual also realigns our chi or life force, which can become distorted from working and living in buildings with strong electromagnetic fields.

Doing the Exit Ritual
The Exit Ritual is done every time you leave an enclosed space. That might be your home, a building of any kind, a car and other similar places. Here's what you do when you get outside.

1. Look up towards the sky, extend your focus and out loud say, "Sky Above".

2. Keep focusing awareness above you and now extend your focus into the Earth and say out loud, "And Earth Below".

3. Keep awareness focused now both above and below and out loud say, "I Greet You".

4. Pause for a few moments longer and be aware of either some kind of change within yourself (change of attitude, new awareness), a change in the environment (sudden breeze, change in color of sky, animal or bird suddenly appearing, plant life becoming vividly visible), or a message from Sky or Earth heard like a voice in your head (answer to question, new direction, guidance).

5. You can also raise arms in a V toward Sky for step 1 and lower them in a V towards the Earth for step 2. If you are in a public place with a lot of people around you may initially feel that doing this makes you uncomfortable. That's OK, you don't have to use the arm motions. If you find this embarrassment factor coming into play you also don't have to say the words too loud, but you do need to vocalize them. You'll probably find with time that most people won't really notice what you are doing (they're more concerned with their own happenings) and that it will look to them like you are just standing still for a brief time trying to remember something.

Is Magic Real? Check It for Yourself
After you have done the Exit Ritual for a period of time, stop. That's right, stop doing it for a few days. Our approach to magic is that everything is a hypothesis and life is a grand experiment. After not doing the ritual for a few days evaluate the difference for yourself. How do you feel? How are your days different? Are your interactions any different? How is your life in general any different? Give it a try and check it out for yourself. We bet you'll find that doing the Exit Ritual will have a positive impact on your life. If you find this is true for you, start doing it again and if you feel like experimenting with more great rituals, check out our Kindle book, LEARN HOW TO DO WITCHCRAFT RITUALS AND SPELLS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.

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