Thursday, August 2, 2018

Touched By An Angel

I have been inspired lately by some of the magical stories submitted by my students to include a few of my own from the past. I teach several classes at the Esoteric School, have been a magical practitioner for about 30 years and am a co-founder of the Esoteric School. Over the years I have personally witnessed so many magical events that I am sure I could fill a very thick book or two with them. This experience though was a very personal one that I have never forgotten. I call it Touched By An Angel.

This story takes place back around 1985. At that time my life was undergoing a period with a lot of stress and emotional turmoil. Among other life stresses, there were problems with my newest relationship in terms of a controlling mother who disapproved and my girlfriend struggling with freeing herself from her mother's grasp. My situation became stressful enough that I felt the need to get away for a while. So I packed up myself and my dog and I began driving west across country to go stay a while with a friend.

I drove all night and finally stopped at a rest area in Nebraska just approaching dawn. The site was empty with no other people in sight. While my dog was exploring the picnic site, I sat down at a table and began meditating just as the sun was rising. I had my eyes shut, was totally relaxed for the first time in quite a while and began to feel like I was coming out of a void and back into life. I sent up a prayer asking for resolution of my stressful situation and suddenly out there totally alone I heard a voice. The voice was very clear and strong. The words I heard were, "Everything will be fine and work out".

At that point I had the most incredible physical sensation that felt like feathers of a huge wing brushing against my face and down the left side of my body. My first thought was that my dog was brushing up against me to offer comfort, but upon opening my eyes I saw the dog a good 12 feet away from me. The feeling that continued to stay with me was one of total peace and healing and I knew at that point I had indeed been touched by an angel.

If you have any magical stories or experiences you'd like to share, leave us a comment on Facebook or on our blog. We love hearing about how magic has enhanced the lives of others and sharing your experiences could have a huge impact of the life of another just as that angel impacted my life so many years ago.

In Magic,
Alan aka RavenWindStar

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