Thursday, May 16, 2013

Boost Your Psychic Powers with One Tiny Change

We all have the ability to use psychic powers, some of us just haven't exercised these abilities and learned how to use them. For some people, this ability comes very naturally and for others the development of psychic powers and psychic abilities must be developed through practice. For those people making a change in just one small life habit can make way for large magical changes in the future. This is due to the Universal Law that says "A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future". Making this one small change now helps in changing your habitual thought patterns enough to open your mind to new ideas which you will need to be able to do as you develop your psychic powers. Using something small insures that you don't run up against resistance.

One Small Change
The way you feel or think now determines what thoughts and feelings you will be able to access. Think about it this way, if you are happy right now isn't it easier to access more happy thoughts? If you are angry, negative or down in the dumps, isn't it easier to take on more of those feelings than to try to switch to happy ones? By making just one small change in your stance you can change that dynamic and shift the path your thoughts and feelings are taking. Using a small change is effective because it causes less resistance in us. Doing something that makes us uncomfortable or doubt ourselves can cause resistance to new ways or ideas. For example, let's say you are a clean cut, conservative dresser at work and one day you show up with dreadlocks and torn, tattered bright colored clothes. More than likely you know people are going to notice the change and our reaction to that could be anything from being uncomfortable with the extra attention to be downright fearful of a confrontation with someone. If however, you make just a small change, for example moving your watch from your left wrist to your right one, hardly anyone will notice except for you. Just making that small change that only you notice can shift your attitude, thoughts and feelings.

Other examples of a small change in a life habit would be using a different hand for as many life tasks as possible. Eating, brushing teeth, brushing hair, opening doors, holding the phone, zipping your pants and tons of other tasks can be done with the opposite hand from that which you normally do these activities. You could also wear your socks inside out, sit in a different chair from your usual one, walk the dog starting in the opposite direction from that which you normally take and so on. You get the idea, right, and will be able to come up with a list of your own small changes that will work in your life. Pick one change to start making and use it. ]

The Consistency Exercise
This exercise is another way to help in changing your habitual thought patterns and create consistency in your life to give you a boost in using your psychic powers. Here's how it's done:

1. Choose a very simple activity. It doesn't matter what the activity is as long as it is very simple, and I mean VERY simple like making a mark on a piece of paper or snapping your fingers.

2. Pick a time that you will do this activity every day. Give this a little thought as to your normal schedule and make it a time that you think you will be able to remember every day.

3. When your chosen time comes, do the simple activity. Do this every day at the same time for 40 days in a row.

4. Now here's the catch, if you miss even one day during your 40 days (and you most certainly will) you must begin your 40 days over at day 1. Even if you are at day 39 and miss the next day, you start over at 1. Remember when this happens that it is the doing of the exercise that is important, not the accomplishment of getting your 40 days in. So all you goal oriented achievers, don't beat yourself up when you have to start over, it's the journey, not the destination that is most important.

You might find yourself very surprised at the powerful impact this simple exercise can have on your life. You will find that the longer and more consistently you practice these type of exercises the broader your horizons become and that is needed in developing your psychic powers. When we live life purposefully instead of mechanically, we gather "force" that allows us to see, perceive and recall more accurately and deeply than normal. It also enhances our communication abilities, inspires us to see opportunities we might otherwise miss, and increases our senses and spirit abilities.

Learning to use your psychic powers and psychic abilities will come much easier if you have prepared yourself to be open minded and expanded your physical and spirit senses. After practicing these exercises you will be much more successful in exercising your psychic powers. For more information, exercises and tips on developing your psychic powers, take a look at our ebook, Psychic Development in our school store.

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