Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gotta Make a Decision But Feel Waffly? Try This Online Magic Tip

No doubt, we are living in a topsy-turvy world, a world in which it can seem hard to make the right decisions in life. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe ...

If you are having difficulty figuring out how to make the "right" decisions for your life, we have an online magic tip that can help. But first, here's a quote that can offer you some comfort. This quote comes from Abraham-Hicks:

"Make a decision and then make it right. There just are no wrong decisions ... But in the moment you start complimenting yourself on the decision you've made, in that moment, you come back into vibrational alignment with who-you-really-are."

There Are No Wrong Decisions
What Abraham refers to in the quote above is that there are no wrong decisions. The "rightness" of a decision is based solely on how you feel about the decision. Feel bad about a decision you have made, and prepare for the decision to drag your life into the toilet. Feel good about a decision, and watch the good things in your life soar.

As this online tip will show you, there are no wrong decisions, so any decision you make will be right so long as you can manage to feel good about that decision. Should you use a pendulum, a question circle, or a tarot card reading to help you make a decision? Sure, if performing those magic rituals will help you feel more secure about your decision. Do as many magic rituals as you need prior to making a decision if that helps you make the decision "right."

Ways to Affirm a Decision with Magic
Once you have made a decision, feeling good about that decision may be a matter of reaffirming the decision daily with magic rituals. For instance, we recently made the decision to take more time out of our schedule to travel and replenish our spirits, even though there was a heavy financial component involved. The decision wasn't hard to make: we definitely need to feed our spirits, given that we are on a spiritual path.

But like everyone, we sometimes experience fears and doubts about our decisions. We did about this decision. So what did we do? We had already made the decision, and now we had to make the decision right. We re-affirmed our decision by dong a question circle. The feedback we received from the Universe was definitely positive, and allowed us to "feel good" about our decision. This "feel good" sensation has allowed us to move into the space of making the decision right. If and when we fall back into doubt, we turn back to magical rituals. Each day, if necessary, we use magical rituals to keep making and reaffirming our original decision.

What About You? An Online Magic Tip That Can Help
The conscious choice magical technique is one way to prevent an impending decision from hanging over your head like the Sword of Damocles. Use this online magic tip to help you make the decision, and then make the decision. Then follow through by making the decision right.

To Make a Conscious Choice
  1. Quiet your inner self by taking a few deep breaths.
  2. Say to yourself, either aloud or silently, "I will now make a conscious choice." 
  3. Next, ask yourself the choice question, such as, "Do I choose to xxx or not?" 
  4. The first answer you "hear" internally (or sometimes externally from a passing person) is what you must follow. You may not, in this exercise, avoid doing the option you have consciously chosen.
The conscious choice exercise is magical because it puts you in touch with your spiritual wisdom, and you by following the answers you "hear" from your spiritual self, you will never find yourself in the wrong place. Plus, you get to practice the idea that there are no wrong decisions. Following your intentions puts you on your magical path, and the conscious choice exercise is a perfect, simple, and subtle way to exercise your intention.

Once you have made a conscious choice, reaffirm that choice each day if necessary. Hire angels, ask for support from your spiritual guides, ask the Universe for positive signs that your choice is correct. Strive to "see" that which you desire, that which supports your decision. You will be surprised how the Universe will ALWAYS support your intention. No holds barred! Watch ... and surprise yourself!

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