Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Learning Without Struggle

Schools, churches, authority figures, parents and friends influence us in ways we aren't even aware of! One of the main ways that they influence us is by teaching us the old adage, "no pain, no gain." With their help, we have all become quite accustomed to believing that we must experience struggle and pain to succeed or create in this world. This belief is so common that, for most of us, it is the lens through which we view our world – a lens of which we are hardly aware.

Luckily for those of us who are tired of struggling, this Earth School has very flexible rules. In fact, we make our own rules. What does that mean? It means that if you want to learn and create without struggle, you only have to inform the Universe of your decision. If you never want to learn another lesson through pain and struggle, just tell the Universe that you'd like to learn exclusively through pleasing experiences.

We have a friend who, whenever he asks the Universe for help or assistance, tells the Universe to bring him the results in pleasing ways that he can easily understand. And does he struggle? Not much! He lives the most peaceful life we have ever witnessed, and he does it all by choice.

So the next time you ask the Universe for some result or some lesson, add the caveat that you do not wish to struggle or experience pain. Then, get ready to have fun and experience some really wonderful times. Good luck!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Freebie Friday: Learn How to Use Magic with the Free Kindle Download Tomorrow

There is nothing in the world we love more than teaching people how to use magic, especially magic spells and rituals. The practice of using Universal Laws to attract what you desire has been called many names, including magic, witchcraft, wicca, pagan traditions, tribal traditions, woo-woo ... the list is endless!

But the name is not what is important. What is most important, especially when it comes to magic 2013, is to spread the magic around to as many people as desire it. So if you want to learn how to use magic, how to cast magic spells, and how to make witchcraft spells and rituals part of your daily life ... Friday is YOUR DAY!

Freebie Friday: Magic 2013 Doesn't Get Better Than This!
Why is Friday, April 26th your day? Because on Friday we are giving away the first of three Kindle ebooks in the "Witchcraft Spell Books" series. All day on April 26th, you can download this 177 page book that is chock full of magical and witchy rituals and spells that you can use daily, right away, wherever you are. And it's free, gratis, no charge, totally for you.

So, Freebie Friday, April 26th, if you want some magic and witchy wonder in your life, find time to go to the link below and download your Kindle version of this ebook for free. You don't even need an actual Kindle to read it (get the free Kindle app HERE).

Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands (Witchcraft Spell Books)

Ready for the Real Kicker?
Now here's the real magic of it all: if you download the ebook tomorrow and you like what you read, please do these two eezy-peezy steps to access more magic for free:

1. Tell your friends and spread the magic around
2. Post a review on Amazon (go here - http://amzn.to/11K2IsK) and tell us what you liked about the ebook (what made you say Eureka! and so forth ...)

If you do that, then get ready for the real kicker. Once we get 33 good, fun, and witchy reviews for the ebook (yup, there's magic in the number 33), we'll put the second ebook in the series up for free, too! The second ebook gives more advanced magic and witchcraft spells and rituals:

Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Household Ingredients

And we'll just keep the ball rolling in this same way for the second, third, and fourth books so that the magic just keeps spreading and being shared all over the place. So check it out, get a little magic, do a little happy dance, and get a little witchy ... it's all for you on Friday, and it's all on us!

Enjoy the magic ... we sure do!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Simple Protection Magic for the Average Joe

People ask us all the time how to protect themselves magically using self defense magic. Magical self defense is not difficult, but the procedures could boomerang if you are not sure you are in the clear according to self defense laws.

However, as long as you stick with the following magical rule of Self Defense, you should be in the clear:

"In cases of direct and violent personal harm you are entitled to defend yourself by any means available provided you did nothing to encourage or provoke the attack."
Here we define some of the terms in the self defense statement so that there is no confusion.

Means upon body, mind or Spirit. A direct threat in spiritual, magical and witchcraft definitions includes attempts by any outside force or influence to drain your energy or impose their will upon you.

Means anything that is damaging to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well being. It does not matter what the attacker's intentions are, only the results.

Means creating or permitting unnecessary opportunities for a known hostile being to attack you.

Means being overly pushy when you know someone has a particularly sensitive area or is under a lot of stress, whether it is internal or external.

By Any Means Available
Means using any means that you choose to defend yourself when attacked. As long as all the other conditions of this rule are met the Universe does not judge whether your response is excessive.

Simple Protection Spell
Once you are clear that you are "in the clear" magically about self defense, you can use this simple protection spell to separate yourself from any negative power source--be that a person, place, thing, or even a negative statement or wish you made yourself!

1. Choose the person from whom you wish to disconnect.

2. Focus on that person with all your intention, and use a voice of command, out loud, to say the following ancient disconnect litany to the person. It does not matter that the person is not anywhere near you--the disconnect litany will disconnect you from that person, regardless of where they may be.

"I am neither your creature nor your get,
To be moved by your whim or your let;
I will go my own way,
By night or by day,
To serve my own purposes yet."

Pretty simple, pretty cool, right?

Want to Know More?
If you want to learn more basic magical and witchcraft rituals and spells, we invite you to check out our new Witchcraft Spell Books Series, now available in both Kindle and Amazon Print-on-Demand versions. The above is an excerpt from Book 1 of the series. Click the links below to find out more:

http://bit.ly/witchcraft-compendium (compilation of three books above)

Enjoy the Magic!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Magical Healing Experience

With gratitude to the Esoteric School, my classmates and teacher, I would like to share my recent magical healing experience. As a student in the advanced magic class, I have been studying and practicing magic for about 12 years. I have had many amazing experiences and witnessed events that 15 or 20 years ago I would never have believed possible. In the Fall of 2012 our class undertook a project to pick one student at a time, address physical concerns and conditions each one had and work on those concerns through magical healing techniques.

I have used magical healing techniques on others and witnessed the positive results, but I had never found myself on the receiving end of being healed by others. When it came to my turn, I was reluctant to share my health concern as I found it a bit embarrassing. For years I have had severe trouble with my digestive system. Ok, no beating around the bush, I'll just spit it out... I am talking almost daily cramping and diarrhea attacks - between six and ten a day. I had been diagnosed many years ago with Grave's Disease, a thyroid disorder. Not knowing any better at the time, I let the doctor radiate my thyroid making it inactive. As time went on I learned how much the thyroid does and began having symptoms related to my now inactive thyroid. Over the last few years when my digestive tract problem kicked in I attributed it to being another symptom of the inactive thyroid. I found that with natural supplements and tinctures as well as a prescription medication I was able to cope fairly well with almost all the symptoms. But for the last few years the digestive tract problem just got worse. I had to cut out more and more foods and drinks from my diet to get by at all. Coffee, spicy foods, fried foods, anything from a restaurant and especially fast food restaurants all became taboo. By the time it was my turn to be the subject of our class project I had not been able to leave my house at all for about 3 weeks as I never knew when the dreaded diarrhea attack would happen. I was desperate, miserable and I couldn't get anything done what with spending so much time on the toilet. My diet at this point was basically just brown rice every meal every day as it was the only thing I could find that didn't irritate the problem. As often happens when you live a life of magic, what you need comes just when you need it. At my most desperate point, this class project came along.

So I gathered up my courage and shared my condition with my classmates and teacher. They all agreed to work on me and were very gracious about what I perceived to be an embarrassing situation. This was at the end of November 2012 and it is now April 2013. That is over 5 months of amazingly good health. I have had none of my previous symptoms including the diarrhea attacks. The tiredness, dry skin, heartburn, acid reflux, fluctuations in weight and lack of energy are all gone. And best of all I have been able to eat Mexican food, eat out with no adverse effects, eat all kinds of foods I hadn't been able to for a long time AND even drink coffee again.

It would take too long in this format to go through all the various magical healing techniques used by my classmates and teacher, but I will tell you that our class meets by teleconference because we all live in different states so all the healing was done remotely. Some of the techniques used for our magical healings included Harold McCoy type healing magic, simulacra healing magic and out of body travel. Spirit guides were involved in most cases and gave guidance also. I know that besides working on what my teacher decided was leaky gut syndrome, my thyroid was also worked on and re-activated.

Even though I have been practicing magic for many years and seen many amazing magical things, I still found myself amazed that the magical healing work done on me was so effective. I am so very grateful to my magical circle of classmates and my teacher for this gift of magic healing. Magic just never ceases to amaze me with what can be accomplished and how it is just so, well... magical!

--Moon Turtle

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What is a Spell Part 1: Whaddya Want?

In the last newsletter article, "What is a Spell?", we talked about the 12 steps of any given spell... and we promised that in future articles we would dig deeper into each of those steps. Well, the future has arrived! In this article we discuss the very first step in any spell: defining what you want.

Defining What You Want
When it comes to how to cast a spell, most people want to dive right into litanies, candle carvings, divinations, and all the other fun "witchy" stuff that goes into a spell. And we don't blame them because those parts of casting a spell are indeed fun and witchy and magical.

But the fact of the matter is that the first step to any spell is the step that is skipped by many new practitioners of magic--defining what is wanted. As they go about designing spells, most people are quite sure that they know what they want... and they do. The problem is that most people only know what they want in a general sort of way. For instance, see if any of these sound familiar.

I WANT ...
  • more money
  • a better life
  • a soul mate
  • to be happier
  • a better job
  • better health or a better body
Do these ring any bells for you? They might. They do for a lot of people who email us requesting help with spellwork. These are all admirable goals and we applaud people for knowing what they want. But when it comes to how to cast a spell that actually works, this level of wanting isn't enough.

Defining What You Want... Magically
Defining what you want in life and defining what you want in magical terms are two fairly different endeavors. Why? One reason:

"Magic is a precision science."

That means that using a spell to get "more money" isn't going to be more effective. That kind of loosely-defined desire, probably WILL net you more money. You just won't have a clue how much more money you will get. You may get any amount from one cent to ten thousand dollars. You may get a million dollars, but the money may not arrive until the day before you die.

Are you getting the picture? In other words, when you define what you want in magical terms, you have to think like a reporter. You have to answer questions about who, what, when, where, and how. You don't have to answer the "why" of the spell. As a planetary citizen, you have every right to ask for and get what you want. You can expect the Universe to deliver exactly what you request, which means you need to define your request exactly!

So when you think about casting a spell to get what you want, pause for a moment. Before investing a single moment into the actual "methods" of the spell, take as much time as you need to define the terms of what you want clearly, exactly, and definitely. Once you have done so, then you are ready to move on to the next step--deciding which type of spell to cast.

We'll discuss the different types of spells--and their appropriateness for different situations--in the next article in this series... so stay tuned! In the meantime, work on defining what you want in magical terms, and enjoy the process! You know what they say about the journey versus the destination.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Magic 2013: Magic 2012 is Over... What Now?

In the past year we have discussed a great deal about magic 2012--in other words, the transition into the Age of Aquarius, the renewal of the Mayan calendar, the interval represented by the year 2012.

You have probably noticed that 2012 is over... so what now? Simple, we move on to magic 2013. Magic 2013 is all about a different kind of magic, and very different from magic 2012. Before we dive in, though, let's take a quick look at the past year.

Magic 2012: A Recap
Magic 2012 is probably best described, in magical terms, as an interval. For those of you who are familiar with music or the piano keyboard, an interval is very much like the half-step between two white keys. For those not familiar with the piano keyboard, don't worry. We will explain.

Magically, an interval is a pause in the octave of time. Within this pause, much happens magically. First, it is a time of massive change (and the chaos that can often accompany such a large change). In the Tarot, this is represented by the Tower card. In terms of world change, 2012 represented the first world change in which the planet itself did not bear the effects of the change. In previous world changes, the planet suffered from Wind, Fire, Water and other massive elemental pressures. Entire species were wiped out during such changes, and poles often shifted, with North and South poles changing places. You can imagine the chaos.

The year 2012 was the first world change in which humans were the ones to bear the effects of the world change that is the inevitable result of one age ending and another beginning. Humans elected, a long time ago, to shoulder the burden as a race. In effect, we humans agreed to become a Universal "experiment" to see whether we could use this world change to evolve as a species and avoid being wiped out (as were so many species in past world changes).

Many beings from other planetary systems in the Universe were curious about the results of this experiment and came to bear witness. Some have been walking among us for a few years or a few decades. Others chose not to incarnate and are simply watching from afar.

Magic 2012: What About You?
So that is the historical perspective of magic 2012. But what about you personally? How did you handle the magic of 2012, and how did you use it?

On a personal level, magic 2012 was about seeing, exploring, and moving through our blind spots. The interval presented the perfect opportunity to make big changes in our lives. The process would have been chaotic, fraught with high emotions, and more than a little scary. But if you DID choose to make major life changes in 2012, you will find 2013 to be a major breeze!

The funny aspect of making changes in 2012 is that while it would have had major benefits for you in the coming years (2013 included), it probably looked to outsiders that you were having the worst year ever. The people we witnessed making the biggest changes and advances in their Spirit paths suffered calamities on all levels: physical, financial, emotional, and mental.

But--and this is huge--these same people also found that the calamities caused them to ask for help from all kinds of sources. The result? These people were literally buried by an avalanche of help. Angels, Spirit guides, helpful people from unexpected quarters, totems, and even some of those observers from other planetary systems all stepped up and gave help, assistance, guidance, information, clarity, and so much more. The affected people were surprised, overwhelmed, grateful, and amazed. And they built some very crucial relationships with allies on many levels.

If you were one of the people who elected to make major life changes in 2012, then you know exactly what we mean. Now, let's move on to magic 2013.

Magic 2013... What Now?
So 2013 is definitely upon us and moving at the speed of light. In case you have not noticed, time has sped up since the change in 2012. Everything is faster in this new age. You ask, and the Universe delivers--right now! So be careful how you think and for what you ask. Karma is also the other factor that has sped up. Remember that Beatles' song about "Instant Karma"? We are now living in the age of instant karma. So do try to keep your side of the street clean! You will definitely know if you have failed to do so!

What is happening to those who made major changes in 2012? We said above that life is a breeze for those people... and it is, compared to the rest of the world, that is. Those efforts made at life changes will definitely bring major benefits. However, life will continue to be inconvenient and "stuff" will still happen. The difference is that there is plenty of Universal help and support out there--you just have to ask. In addition, any magic done in 2013 will be greatly amplified and powerful. If life presents you with situations that seems crazy and impossible, look to allies and magic this year as powerful forms of recourse and adjustment.

What is happening to those who chose NOT to take advantage of the 2012 interval? It varies. For those who just want to live mechanical life as always, nothing much will change. Life may get a little more inconvenient, but since they are not really participating in the great experiment of humanity, nothing much changes for them. For those who are conscious and cultivating, change is still possible in 2013... it will just be more difficult and more painful. Part of the reason is that time has sped up in 2013, so the Universe is less forgiving, in a way, of errors in judgment. In actuality, it just means that karma comes around faster than before (not that the Universe is punishing anyone!).

If you have chosen to be spiritually conscious and find yourself coming up against some major barriers in your life, should you still attempt to make major changes in yourself and your life in 2013? Absolutely. Time is only going to keep speeding up and karma is going to keep coming around faster and faster. As inconvenient and painful as changing in 2013 may be (as compared to 2012) the benefits will still be useful.

Our advice? Ask for Universal help (angels, totems, Spirit guides) as much as possible. Look for signs of positive change and guidance everywhere (where you least expect). Do as much magic on a daily basis as possible, since we are moving out of the material world and into a much more energy-based magical world. And when life gets inconvenient and painful, practice acceptance as much as possible, realizing that this is simply the price to pay into change. The results will be definitely worth it -- hundreds of times over!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gotta Make a Decision But Feel Waffly? Try This Online Magic Tip

No doubt, we are living in a topsy-turvy world, a world in which it can seem hard to make the right decisions in life. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe ...

If you are having difficulty figuring out how to make the "right" decisions for your life, we have an online magic tip that can help. But first, here's a quote that can offer you some comfort. This quote comes from Abraham-Hicks:

"Make a decision and then make it right. There just are no wrong decisions ... But in the moment you start complimenting yourself on the decision you've made, in that moment, you come back into vibrational alignment with who-you-really-are."

There Are No Wrong Decisions
What Abraham refers to in the quote above is that there are no wrong decisions. The "rightness" of a decision is based solely on how you feel about the decision. Feel bad about a decision you have made, and prepare for the decision to drag your life into the toilet. Feel good about a decision, and watch the good things in your life soar.

As this online tip will show you, there are no wrong decisions, so any decision you make will be right so long as you can manage to feel good about that decision. Should you use a pendulum, a question circle, or a tarot card reading to help you make a decision? Sure, if performing those magic rituals will help you feel more secure about your decision. Do as many magic rituals as you need prior to making a decision if that helps you make the decision "right."

Ways to Affirm a Decision with Magic
Once you have made a decision, feeling good about that decision may be a matter of reaffirming the decision daily with magic rituals. For instance, we recently made the decision to take more time out of our schedule to travel and replenish our spirits, even though there was a heavy financial component involved. The decision wasn't hard to make: we definitely need to feed our spirits, given that we are on a spiritual path.

But like everyone, we sometimes experience fears and doubts about our decisions. We did about this decision. So what did we do? We had already made the decision, and now we had to make the decision right. We re-affirmed our decision by dong a question circle. The feedback we received from the Universe was definitely positive, and allowed us to "feel good" about our decision. This "feel good" sensation has allowed us to move into the space of making the decision right. If and when we fall back into doubt, we turn back to magical rituals. Each day, if necessary, we use magical rituals to keep making and reaffirming our original decision.

What About You? An Online Magic Tip That Can Help
The conscious choice magical technique is one way to prevent an impending decision from hanging over your head like the Sword of Damocles. Use this online magic tip to help you make the decision, and then make the decision. Then follow through by making the decision right.

To Make a Conscious Choice
  1. Quiet your inner self by taking a few deep breaths.
  2. Say to yourself, either aloud or silently, "I will now make a conscious choice." 
  3. Next, ask yourself the choice question, such as, "Do I choose to xxx or not?" 
  4. The first answer you "hear" internally (or sometimes externally from a passing person) is what you must follow. You may not, in this exercise, avoid doing the option you have consciously chosen.
The conscious choice exercise is magical because it puts you in touch with your spiritual wisdom, and you by following the answers you "hear" from your spiritual self, you will never find yourself in the wrong place. Plus, you get to practice the idea that there are no wrong decisions. Following your intentions puts you on your magical path, and the conscious choice exercise is a perfect, simple, and subtle way to exercise your intention.

Once you have made a conscious choice, reaffirm that choice each day if necessary. Hire angels, ask for support from your spiritual guides, ask the Universe for positive signs that your choice is correct. Strive to "see" that which you desire, that which supports your decision. You will be surprised how the Universe will ALWAYS support your intention. No holds barred! Watch ... and surprise yourself!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What is a Magic Spell?

What is a magic spell, indeed? We get questions all the time about magic spells, what they are, how to create them, how to cast them, and so forth. In fact, it seems to be a subject of such fascination that we have decided to write an entire series of newsletter articles about it.This series of articles will really dig into the process of creating and casting spells, and could aptly be named, "The Anatomy of a Spell"!

What is a Magic Spell: The Definition
But first ... the definition. What is a magic spell? Here is our official word on the matter:

"A spell is any psychic or magical operation that combines a number of elements (air, fire, water and earth) and/or program factors that produce a particular result over a period of time. A spell could also be defined as a formalized intention that is carried out over time until completion. We use spells when we are unable to directly affect a situation or condition, especially when dealing with complex factors or barriers which require a lot of force to overcome."

So there you have it. This gives you both a formal and an informal definition of a magical spell--a technical definition and a layman's approach of "a formalized intention." Simple, right?

The Anatomy of a Magic Spell
While the definition of a magic spell may certainly be simple--or at the very least, straightforward--the actual workings of a spell can get a little more complex. The ingredients that go into a spell can take a bit more planning and time and effort than the average Joe may think. Whilst a simple Sun Candle spell can be done with much less effort than what we are about to define in the following section, the spells that are meant to address more complex topics can require much more from the practitioner. This is appropriate as spells are like anything else in life: you get out of them what you put into them.

If we were to break down the anatomy of a spell, we might separate it into these parts:
  1. Define what is wanted
  2. Decide the type of spell to cast (for instance, single candle spell, multiple candle spell, Tarot spell, or spells using archetype technology)
  3. Convert desired outcome into Directors and Limiters (formalized statements of what the spell will and will not do)
  4. Do Tarot readings on Directors and Limiters to determine whether they and the chosen type of spell will achieve the desired outcome
  5. If the Tarot readings are not favorable, revise either Directors and Limiters or spell type or both, then lather, rinse, and repeat until the readings are favorable
  6. Design the spell's necessary ingredients, such as verses, candle carvings, Tarot changes (for Tarot spells), and chosen time to cast spell
  7. Perform Tarot readings on the above ingredients and revise until readings are favorable
  8. Prepare the spell ingredients (i.e., carve the candle or write out steps to Tarot layout changes)
  9. Cast spell at the appropriate time
  10. Perform follow-up Tarot readings at appropriate intervals to determine progress
  11. Make spell adjustments if necessary, up to and including spell take-downs (for spells gone awry)
  12. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the results of your spell!
Whew! That does sound like a bit of work, doesn't it? On the other hand, if you consider that a spell can achieve almost anything you can imagine, then the above-specified level of effort may well be worth it!

In future articles we will take each step in this anatomy of a magic spell and dig in. We will define, explore, explain, and generally give you the gist of each step so that you have an idea of what goes into a solid spell that is not only effective, but also follows the operational laws governing magical practice. So stay tuned!

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