Thursday, March 29, 2018

How to Learn Magic by Asking for a Sign

While discovering how to learn magic, many people find asking for a sign helps get them through the wait time. For example if you are attempting to manifest something and hit an obstacle or unexpected roadblock it can be difficult to keep a positive attitude and really know that what you are creating is coming to you. We talk about this in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook and cover various techniques for getting answers and guidance from higher powers. The Universe is always willing to help us and sometimes a positive sign from the Universe helps keep us upbeat and cheerful and give us the reassurance we need while waiting for our manifestation to appear.

Here is one of the simple techniques covered in the ebook you can do to ask the Universe for a sign.
  • First thing in the morning, sit quietly in meditation for a few moments to clear your mind and connect with your spirit.
  • Sit and breathe for 3 minutes if you are not comfortable with meditation.
  • Then ask the Universe to show you a positive sign today that what you desire is coming to you.
  • State that you'd like the sign to be something you can easily recognize.
  • Thank the Universe in advance for its help (it is good spiritual practice to give thanks before receiving).
Now go about your day. Be watching for anything that might be the sign, stay alert. The sign might come as a piece of conversation, a gorgeous rainbow, an unexpected source of money, lyrics in a song, an unexpected pleasurable phone call or in thousands of other ways. The sign doesn't have to be big, it just has to mean something positive to you. Once you see something that you recognize as a positive sign, be sure to immediately thank the Universe again for its help.

If at the end of the day you have not recognized a sign, take some time to sit quietly and review the day. Think about events that happened and become very curious about the sign. The Universe never fails to send a sign, but we may fail to consciously recognize it. Since your mind records everything, you may be able to find the sign by going back through your memories of the day.

If you still don't find the sign after going back and reviewing your day, thank the Universe for sending a sign and ask for another sign tomorrow. Ask this time that the Universe make it even clearer. Keep this process going until you receive your sign. We've never seen it take longer than 3 days for someone to get a sign that they are able to recognize.

This simple ritual is often full of surprises and a great one to add to your exercises for how to learn magic. It starts you communicating with the Universe and higher powers, helps you establish a relationship with higher powers, gives you insight on your awareness and perceptions, is a great way to make decisions or give indications of directions to take in your life, and many other skills that are useful to a magical practitioner. This ritual is definitely one that can show you how magic not only has a practical application in life and can give you greater insight into yourself, but also is lots of fun.

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