Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Magic that Works in 2014: Get the Full Beginner's Guide

If you haven't checked out our Kindle book series, Witchcraft Spell Books, yet, then consider making that your New Year's resolution for 2014 and get started inviting magic that works into your life this year. The 4th book in the series is a compilation of the other three books so you'll find lots of magic that works in real life there. Just to give you a sample of what this book has to offer we present here a magical technique from that book that you can use right now to get your new year off to a good start by getting rid of those unwanted things that no longer serve you.

This technique is a Fire element magic spell called the Firebowl Burn. A firebowl is a magical tool that can be used for a variety of techniques including divination and cleansing. Before you start the Firebowl Burn you will obviously need a firebowl. Here's how to make your own firebowl and charge it so that it is ready to use as a magical tool.

Making a Firebowl For Magic That Works
1. When choosing a firebowl, look for one that is made of brass, cast-iron, ceramic or a hard hardwood. It should be 4-6 inches in diameter and 4-5 inches deep. It should also be a shape that is easily held with one or both hands and light enough to carry in one hand if necessary. Make sure your firebowl is of a shape that will be stable when placed on a flat surface. The shape of the bowl should also be curved-in and flared back out at the top rim to promote "columning" of incense or smoke.

2. To use your firebowl you will need to fill it with ground fire clay or clean, fine sand. Non-scented cat litter (which is ground clay) works well as long as it does not have chemicals or deodorants in it. Put 1-2 inches in the bottom of your firebowl as an insulator to protect the firebowl itself, your hands and any surfaces from the heat.

3. You will also need some self-starting charcoal disks. These can be purchased from religious supply stores, new age stores or online (we have them in our school store too). Round charcoals with bowl-shaped depressions in the middle are the best to use. There is a kind with pie shaped depressions, but we find these do not work as well.

4. You will need wooden or paper matches to light your charcoal. The scent and energetic side-bands associated with butane and other petroleum products change the fire-band you are working with so don't use lighters to light the charcoal disk.

5. You will need to collect or purchase pine resin to burn on the charcoal disk as well as finely ground or rubbed sage. If you collect sage, you can grind it in a blender or coffee grinder. You also need to collect some finely chopped or shaved wood chips or tree bark. This is used to insulate the charcoal from the pine resin or incense that you burn in the firebowl and to facilitate the burning of the materials you use in your firebowl. You will sprinkle the shavings on the charcoal and then put the pine resin and sage on top of it. The last thing you will need for this exercise is a Sun Yellow utility candle. Make sure it is pure sun yellow colored without any orange tones to it. An unscented candle is best to use.

Charging Your Firebowl For Magic That Works
Charging your firebowl programs it for a specific purpose. Since magic is a precision science, charging your firebowl for certain operations makes it more effective by stating the intended purpose and programming that into the tool. Charging is not an invocation or prayer to spirit-beings or deities, just a program. Here is how to charge your firebowl.

1. Stand or sit in the South facing North with your firebowl and materials in front of you.

2. Light your Sun Yellow utility candle with a wooden or paper match.

3. Light another wooden or paper match from your candle flame and use this to light the charcoal disk. The disk will begin to spark within seconds. If the charcoal is old or damp, you may need to use metal tongs to hold it over the flame for several minutes or light the top of it in the center of the bowl-shaped depression. Most of you will realize that once the disk is lit, you don't touch it with your hands, but for beginners who have never used one before we like to add this word of caution – It is hot, just like a charcoal on a BBQ grill.

4. Once the charcoal sitting in your firebowl is lit, pull Sun Yellow energy from your utility candle into yourself and blow it out onto the disk.

5. Add the wood shavings onto the charcoal, then the pine resin and finally the sage.

6. Wait for it to produce a good column of smoke and add more sage or resin if needed.

7. A voice of command should be used when saying the charge verse. The verse will vary according to what you are programming the firebowl for. Here is the firebowl charge verse you will need for the Firebowl Burn ritual.
"Fire and Air where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me!
Clear from my life these unwanted matters,
Send far from my life these negative factors!
Thus my will, so it be!"
Magic That Works – The Firebowl Burn
This is a good ritual for anytime you feel angry, negative or want to get rid of unwanted factors from your life. It matches the energy of anger so well because it burns, it is really simple to do and very satisfying. Be sure any time you are using fire to observe fire safety precautions. Here's how to do it.

1. Sit in the South facing North with your firebowl, a Sun Yellow candle, pen and lots of blank paper, paper or wooden matches, wood chips, pine resin and sage.

2. Light and charge the Sun Candle.

3. Charge the firebowl as instructed above.

4. Start writing everything that is bothering you or bringing you negative feelings on the paper. Just start writing as fast as you can and get it all out. Write until you literally run out of steam (Fire and Water energy combined)

5. Now place your firebowl in front of you and make sure it is large enough to accommodate the papers you have written on for you to burn them in it. If it is not large enough then move it to a sink or somewhere else that will be safe for burning.

6. Before you actually use your matches to light the papers, pause and do whatever you need to do to move the anger out of you. This might be asking for help from angels or guides, taking some deep breaths or just having a few moments of silence.

7. Now light the papers with your wooden or paper match and watch your troubles, anger and negativity go up in the smoke. You can do one paper at a time or all of them at once, whichever feels right to you. Again just be sure to observe fire safety precautions. Watch the smoke as it rises and feel the last remnants of your unwanted factors rising out of your body with it and floating away.

After performing the ritual take a few moments to check in with yourself and see how you are different, see how you are feeling. If you have an especially stubborn or chronic problem, it may take more than one time of performing the ritual. In some extreme cases it may take doing the Firebowl Burn daily for 40 days. 40 is an effective number spiritually and doing the ritual consistently for this period of time gives you conscious daily contact with the Universe that will add to the strength of your spell matrix. If you choose to do this, it is important to be consistent. If you miss a day, then you will need to start over counting your 40 days at day 1. Don't beat yourself up about missing a day though, the more you do this ritual, the stronger your spell matrix will become. This continuous daily contact and exercise of intention will allow you to build up a vast reservoir of energy that will help you in all types of manifestations for what you do want in the coming year.

Have a Happy and Magical New Year in 2014 and make a resolution to check out our full beginner's guide to magic with The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals and Spells for Beginners in the Kindle book section of Amazon.com. If you have a computer, tablet or Smart Phone, you'll be able to access this book of magic that works; you don't have to have a Kindle. Start out 2014 in a magical way and experience for yourself what magic can bring to your life. 

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Magic That Works: How Apples Can Be Magical (not Snow White's!)

In this article we are going to give you directions to try out some magic that works for yourself using simulacra magic. A simulacrum is a likeness. And this magic that works technique can help you with such issues as ridding yourself of a bad habit, losing weight, getting rid of a bad debt or anything else that you want to reduce or get rid of unwanted situation in your life. In simulacra magic you key an object to a person or thing and whatever you do magically or otherwise to the object also happens to the person or thing it is keyed to. Simulacra magic falls into the area of Water and Earth spell work. As with all spell work, record everything in your book of shadows and remember that magic is a precision science and altered procedures produce altered results.

Using An Apple As a Magical Tool
This procedure is one of the many you will find in our Kindle book Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools. For this procedure you will key an apple to anything that you want to shrink, whether it is your level of body fat or a chronic bad habit that you can't seem to shake. Keying creates a correlation or psychic connection between an object (in this case an apple) and a situation, person or thing. Magically keying "programs" the apple.

In this basic spell, you will put the apple on a keyed Plate and allow it to wither slowly over time. As the apple withers, the situation to which you've keyed the apple will also shrink. An apple makes a good simulacrum in this case because it withers at a slow and believable rate. To be effective, the process of change to the simulacrum object has to progress at a believable rate. If you try to push simulacra magic too fast, it will backfire on you. For instance, an apple can take several weeks or months to fully wither, which is appropriate for shrinking certain problems like body fat. Using a bowl of melting ice cream on the other hand to represent the process of melting body fat would be much less effective since it would be difficult for your body to shed fat as fast as the ice cream would melt.  

Before beginning this procedure you will need to key a Plate. The Plate is the magical tool for the Earth element and is also known as a Shield or Pantacle. The Plate is often used to shield various magical operations from outside interference, and protect small magical objects such as pendulums and talismans. Keying magical tools clears any impure energy from it, aligns all the molecules so the energy flows in a particular direction and personalizes the tool to you. In this case the keyed plate is used to prevent interference with your spell and keep the spell energies focused on the apple.
Quick Key the Plate
To do a quick keying method for beginners on your Plate:
1. Place your hands on either side of the Plate
2. Grip the Plate with your thumbs on the top surface of the Plate and the rest of your fingers supporting the underside of the Plate.
3. Look at a Grass Green Earth energy color source and begin flowing Grass Green energy from your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with) through the Plate into your other hand
4. Keep the energy flowing up your arm, across your shoulders, down the arm of your dominant hand and out your output hand again
5. Circulate Grass Green for about three minutes, then pull your Earth energy back into your body.
6. You will know the plate is keyed when it feels slightly tingly, heavy, warm or loaded or definitely different than before you keyed it in some way.

Directors and Limiters
Anytime you are doing spell work you need to write directors and limiters. For this simple procedure they may or may not be necessary, but it is good practice and helps insure that you are being precise in letting the Universe know what your desired outcome is. If you decide you need directors and limiters for the situation that you will be using the apple as a simulacrum, then refer to this article. Basically directors are a written list of what you want the spell to do and limiters are a written list of what you do not want the spell to do. They define the what, how, and when factors of a spell by stating the purpose of the spell, how certain elements and energies are to be used, the safeguards on the spell and when the spell will start and stop. After you write your list on a piece of paper, fold it and place it on your keyed plate.

Magical Apple Ritual
1. Key the apple to the problem or situation that you want to reduce by holding the apple in your dominant hand while you think about everything you can about the situation. Using your intention focus on all the details about the situation and the information you wrote about it in your directors and limiters. You can flow thoughts and/or emotions about the situation into the apple. The more details you use, the more accurately the apple will be keyed to your situation.

2. When the apple feels charged, full, warm, heavy, tingly, or different in a magical or energetic sense then it is keyed and ready to use. Put it on top of your keyed plate on top of the folded list of directors and limiters.

3. If you quick keyed your plate instead of using a more permanent keying method, you will need to quick key it each day for your plate to stay keyed. This also gives you a chance to restate your intentions which helps the procedure along. You can strengthen the spell by re-keying the plate daily and then reading your directors and limiters aloud while holding the apple in your dominant hand. This adds energy to the relationship between the situation and the apple.

4. Now here comes the hardest part for some people – Wait and be Patient! The goal is to achieve a permanent and lasting result and that takes time, energy and daily maintenance. A spell of this nature can take from several weeks to several months to manifest. Negative energy like impatience will only hinder it, so be sure to stay in a positive mood especially when doing your daily keying.

Over time your apple will wither and with it the situation you keyed to be represented by the apple will wither with it. Try this simple ritual out for yourself and start experimenting with all the ways you can use magic that works to improve your life.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Psychic Development: A Story of Communicating with Ghosts

We find many people interested in magic or wanting to develop psychic abilities who want to believe that magic is real, but for a variety of reasons are skeptical. We never want you to take anything we present in the realms of magic as the truth and nothing but the truth without checking it out for yourself. We know that magic can improve one's life, resolve daily life problems, help one develop psychic abilities and communication skills that allow one to co-create with the Universe to manifest those things one desires in life. We know these things because we have experience with them and have observed them in work in our own lives as well as the lives of our students. But until YOU have experienced them and observed them for yourself, you should absolutely remain skeptical.

Try It Out
When we present teachings through our classes, articles and blog it is up to you to try out suggestions and exercises exactly as they are described and test the results for yourself. Procedures do need to be followed exactly as described since magic is a precision science and altered procedures produce altered results. By trying out these exercises and rituals for yourself, you will be able to determine if they are useful and helpful in your life and if magic is real for you. Until you have the proof for yourself from your own actions, you may be totally skeptical or one of those who think or believe magic is real, but don't see on a deeper level all the changes and wonders magic can bring to your life.

A Story
Here is a story from one of our students that you'll find in our first Kindle book of the Witchcraft Spell Books series. This story shows how a friend of hers who was pretty skeptical about magic turned his thinking around after having an experience of his own.

Communicating With Ghosts
I have a friend who is a very practical, grounded sort of guy. He does not believe in things he cannot see or explain to himself. Throughout my magic class however, he had to admit that what I was doing had merit, even though he could not understand it. I had done several healing techniques on him that had wonderful results that he could not deny.

Now in his house there was some type of Spirit in residence. It knocked things over, flushed toilets at night, and generally did all sorts of things we had always thought were along the lines of practical jokes. One day it moved a heavy dresser, which had previously taken four grown men to move, across the room. My friend finally admitted that he, too, believed there was something there--a Spirit or ghost.

He asked me if I could find out any information about it. Through pendulum work and Tarot readings, I was actually able to get quite a lot of information about why this Spirit was in this particular house, the name of the Spirit, some basic information about him, and what the "practical jokes" were really about.

I passed this information on to my friend. From that time on my friend began to talk to this entity by name and include it as part of the family. The "practical jokes" stopped, since the Spirit now had the attention it was trying to get.

One night my friend had fallen asleep with a heating pad on his sore shoulder. He dreamt of this Spirit--even hearing the Spirit's name in the dream. In the dream the Spirit was telling him to wake up and put out a fire. It was such a vivid and real dream that my friend could actually feel the heat of the fire. He suddenly woke up and found that the heat he was feeling was not just in the dream. It was real. Something had malfunctioned with the heating pad, and it was smoking and beginning to burn him! In a state of half-sleep he turned the heating pad off, and thanked his Spirit friend for the warning.

However, he did not unplug the pad from the wall outlet. He returned to sleep with the heating pad now on the floor next to the bed. Again he dreamed of his Spirit friend trying to wake him up and leave because the house was aflame. He awoke to find that the heating pad was still smoking and had just started a flame on the carpet next to the bed. It could have easily turned into a house fire if his Spirit friend had not come to him in Dreamtime and awakened him.

Thanks to Luna for sharing this story with us. It is a very powerful example of how exposure to magic helped her friend not only develop psychic abilities and receive communication from a spirit friend, but how doing so gave him the experience to see how magic made a tremendous difference in his life, a lifesaving difference as it turns out. Not everyone's experience will reveal something on such a dramatic level, but even finding help with small things in life, being able to affect the weather or just being able to create a sacred space in your life for some peace and harmony can improve your quality of life. You'll find more magical stories and directions on magical procedures to try out in our Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands Kindle book. Check it out for yourself and make your own decision on if magic is real.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fun Daily Magical Rituals: The Shower Litany

Here's one of the daily magical rituals from our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook that gives you magic that works in a simple litany you can try out. This ritual can simply and quickly help you get rid of pain, anxiety, or tension. Since all of these are fire energies and water carries fire energy, using the natural flow of water in your shower can literally flow your tension and pains down the drain.

Here's how you do the Shower Litany:
1. Move your showerhead so that the water will hit you at the base of your skull and run evenly down your back and front.
2. Turn on the water with water being cool, just below body temperature. Too cold will create tension and too hot won't carry pain away.
3. Get in the shower with back towards the showerhead and as water runs over you and down the drain, picture your body as a glowing heat coil.
4. Flow excess tension or pain from inside your body to the surface of your body.
5. See this fire energy mixing with the water, going down your body and down the drain.
6. Out loud in a voice of power say:
All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain and excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!
7. Keep repeating the verses and above process until you feel the pain or tension is gone.

This is one of the great daily magical rituals you can do to wash away unwanted energies. If you have an especially stressful life situation and build up tension easily, then this daily magical ritual will really help you get a handle on your stress. In these type of circumstances it may take several showers to get rid of all the buildup you've accumulated, so be patient and don't give up too soon. When it comes to daily magical rituals, this is one that you can see results pretty quickly and know it is magic that works. But don't take our word for it, give it a try with your next shower.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Is Magic Real

Is magic real is the number one question we're asked over and over again. The simple answer we could give is, Yes, magic is real. But in our mission to spread real magic to more and more people, we start with a different answer. First when answering the 'is magic real' question, we like to give people a way to answer this question for themselves. We urge them to not take our word or anyone else's word, but to try magic out for themselves and decide is magic real for themselves.

To accomplish this we point out that a good place to start is with the articles on our website and our blog. Many of these articles have exercises that can be tried out to test your own results. This is a good way to try out some safe, simple beginning magical techniques with no investment. You can read all our articles, subscribe to our newsletter and/or subscribe to our blog all for free.

The first article we recommend people to start with is our Is Magic Real article. Through this article, people can get an idea of what real magic is all about. This weeds out people who are only interested in fantasy type magic by explaining how real magic works and what it can bring to one's life. It also presents a magical exercise that people can try out to get a taste of what real magic is like.

After that the answer to the question 'is magic real becomes one each individual can answer for themselves based on his or her own experience. Those who decide a magical path is for them can find more serious study options on our website to fit any budget. Whether it is books, ebooks, homestudy courses or our new Kindle book series, we have the resources to help you get started on your magical journey.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Air Magic: How to Make Your Own Wand

The wand is probably the most familiar of magical tools, but it is not an all-purpose tool such as many works of fiction portray it; rather it is the tool for air magic. This means the wand is the tool associated with the element Air and it is only useful for flowing Air energies. Air magic has uses for healing, sending messages, increasing communication between people, protection and self-defense, and balancing one's energies. So as you can see these magical tools of air magic are quite a handy item to have around.

Make Your Own Wand
You can certainly buy a wand online from many sources including our own school store, but we recommend that you make your own wand for doing air magic. When you make your own wand, you personalize it to your own energies and in the process build a stronger relationship with it. Whether you buy one or make one, as with all magical tools, you will "key" it which personalizes it to your energies, but when you make your own wand, you take it a step further in this process. You can find out more about how to make your own wand and how to use it in our Wand -  Air Tool ebook or How To Do Voodoo ebook. It is pretty simple to make your own wand. Here's how!

Preparing to Make Your Own Wand
A proper air magic wand is made of wood. It should be made from an Air-oriented wood so that it is able to handle Air energies. This would be wood that is light-weight and light-colored. White pine, birch, peeled willow, or aspen are examples of good Air-oriented woods. Balsa wood on the other hand is light in weight, but is too soft to use for a wand. Consider that the wood needs to be hard enough to last and to handle the energies that will flow through it. Absolutely do not use glass, which has too much Water energy, or crystals which are an infinite-spectrum material making them hard to control, on your wand.

You need to take a limb that is about ¼ to 3/8 inch diameter from a live tree or recently fallen from a live tree. Be sure and ask the tree for permission before taking it and do not use dowels or other types of processed wood sticks. You don't need to bring a ruler along on your quest for the perfect limb. Just use the rule of thumb, or in other words, get a limb that is no thicker than your thumb and no smaller than your pinky. It also needs to be long enough to reach from about the bend in your elbow to the base of your middle finger and no longer than to the tip of your middle finger. You also want a fairly straight limb without a lot of bends, curves or notches in it. Searching for the perfect limb can be a magical experience in itself. As you walk through a wooded area of trees take the time to be with nature and listen for a limb that 'calls' to you.

Making Your Own Wand
After you find the perfect limb to make your own wand, you need to give it a smooth surface. Peel off the bark and in most cases you will need to do some light sanding with a fine sandpaper to make it smooth with a satiny finish. Take note before doing this step as to which end is the growing end of the limb and which end was nearest to the tree trunk. This is important because the growing end will be the tip of your wand and the end closest to the tree trunk will be the base of your wand. You will use a knife to carve a notch in the base end of the wand and to whittle a rounded off pointed tip at the tip end. Make sure the notch you carve in the base is open and large enough to allow Air energies to be easily drawn in. The notch will look like a V-shape in the end of the wand. Make the tip come to a point, but rounded off so that it is not very sharp. That's it! By following these simple directions you now know how to make your own wand.

The Wand, as with other magical tools, is basically an extension of the magic practitioner's own energies. It allows us to handle more energies when doing air magic than we can with our hands alone. In other words, it extends or magnifies our "reach". This is one reason you want to make sure you "key" your wand before using it. To make it an extension of ourselves, it needs to be personalized to our own energies. Keying also aligns the molecules in our magical tools so that the energies flow only in certain directions and it clears out any junky or impure energies that may already exist in the materials of the tool.

The wand is the most ideal of magical tools for beginners to start with as Air energies are much safer than, say, Fire energies. Whether you are a beginning student of magic or advanced magical practitioner, the wand is a great tool to have in your magical toolbox. Start your search for your own wand, personalize it to your energies and let the air magic begin!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Protection Magic: Use Your Voice for Self-Protection

Sonics is a very interesting form of protection magic that requires nothing more than your voice. It is one of the many magical self-defense techniques covered in our Magical Self Defense homestudy course. There's no magical tools, candles to light or anything other than your own voice so you can use this form of protection magic anytime, anywhere. You can literally stop an attacker in his tracks according to the voice you use.

To use sonics as a tool for protection magic, you first need to have an understanding of the 8 voices of command, the elements associated with them and the effect each voice can produce. It then takes practice to be able to use each voice in bringing about the desired effect. First let's look at the 4 elements and the types of sounds associated with them.

Elemental Sounds
1. Air – These sounds are soft, light and breathy. They are high pitched, do not carry over long distances and have don't contain much vibration. These type of sounds are useful in confusing someone or reducing excess fire. For example, you may have noticed a time when confronted with someone yelling, you could make them stop yelling by whispering something to them.

2. Fire – These sounds are shrill, clear, bright or cutting. They are high pitched and carry over longer distance. They are attention grabbing.

3. Water – These sounds are soft, rolling, caressing type sounds. They have a mid-range pitch and can carry fairly well over distance. They have a noticeable vibratory effect and an effect on emotions.

4. Earth – These sounds are heavy, drumming, low pitched sounds that have a definite vibration and do not carry well over distance. They are sometimes hard to hear with the ears and hard to locate.

Before you are in a situation where you need to use protection magic, it is a good idea to practice these types of sounds, identify sounds you make and hear other make and classify them according to their element. Then consider these 8 voices of command and practice them so that when the need arises, you will know the type of voice to use in the specific situation.

Voices of Command
1. Business and Teaching – This is mostly a water element voice with a little fire for vitality and a little earth for solidity. It has a mid-range pitch with varying flow pattern and a slight edge to it. It is not a harsh voice, but is intense and focused. This voice is useful for business transactions or teaching situations or to begin a communication with someone who is tired, bored or a bit depressed.

2. Friendliness – This is another voice that is mostly a water element, but has a bit of air, fire and earth mixed in. It is a lower tone than the Business and Teaching voice, but still mid-range in pitch. The flow is smooth, soft or slightly husky with a relaxed intensity. This voice is more caressing and has a relaxing effect, but not to the point of causing sleepiness or unconsciousness. This is a useful voice in personal and social situations or in calming down someone who is anxious or tense.

3. Irritation – This voice is mostly fire with some air and a bit of water. The pitch is higher than the Business and Teaching voice and has a jerky or choppy flow pattern. It is a bit shrill and abrupt and can be irritating or grating to the listener causing them nervous discomfort but not anger. It is a good voice to use with someone who is extremely tired or very depressed and with getting a nosy neighbor or gossipy person to leave you alone.

4. Anger – This voice is high in equal parts fire and earth with just a little water to create "steam". The pitch is similar to the Friendliness voice only with a choppy or jerky flow to it. The tone has an edge or grating quality about it and can be very abrupt. This is a useful voice in dealing with someone who is exhausted, or has taken too many tranquilizers or any situation you need to get the person active quickly.

5. Fear – This voice is high in air with just enough fire to deliver it clearly to the listener and shake them up a bit. It has a high pitch with a choppy, irregular flow. It has a whiny or nasal tone with a slight whisper. It is meant to make the listener uncomfortable without becoming hostile and cause them uncertainty or anxiety. This is a good voice to use in getting rid of pesky people like pushy salespeople, nosy neighbors and uninvited intruders without using open conflict.

6. Motion – This voice is half fire and half water with just a bit of air. The pitch is similar to the Business and Teaching voice, but with shrill or edgy tones. It is high in intensity throughout the whole time you use it which will generally only be a few words of command and it is very abrupt. It causes motion when there is none which makes it useful in emergency situations to get immediate actions. It is most often used with commands like "Run", "Wake Up", "Move".

7. Stillness – This voice is half water and half earth. It is low in pitch and has sudden bursts in the flow. It is slightly husky and has a heavy vibration with no edge or sharpness. It is used to stop motion such as in an emergency where you need someone to stop moving. It is usually used with short commands such as "Wait", "Don't move", "Stop that". Do not use this voice with the command "Stop" as it can stop everything including the heart. Always use "Stop" with another word attached such as "Stop walking", "Stop that", unless of course you are confronting an attacker that means you physical harm, then you are within your rights under the magical rules of self defense to use just the word "Stop". Just be aware that it can stun or even be fatal for the attacker. Focusing your attention towards the head can stun and focusing towards the heart can cause serious heart or nueral system damage and can be fatal.

8. Calmness – This voice is mostly water and earth with a little air. It has a low to medium pitch and is basically a combination of Stillness and Friendliness voices. It is a bit husky and has a smooth flow with a mild vibration. It is used to relieve nervous and muscular tension, calm tempers or turbulent situations, induce sleep or a trance in a calm person. This is a good voice to use when confronted with an angry, hysterical or fearful person.

Using Sonics for Protection Magic
Now that you have an idea of the different voices and what they can do, there are a few other things to take into consideration when using sonics for protection magic. First, stay focused on the person you are dealing with so that you don't affect others nearby. The sounds will go to wherever you focus your attention as you are speaking. This is especially important to consider with voices that can travel over longer distances. Second, practice, practice and practice. When practicing you can use a buddy or record yourself to listen to yourself. Notice when using the various voices how they affect you in your mood, emotions, your body, your nervous system and any other effects. The more you practice the better you will get at using sonics.

According to the voice of command you use, you can get others to act accordingly in an emergency situation, rid yourself of irritating people, deal with angry confrontations and even stop an attacker that means you physical harm. Sonics is a great magical technique to use when you need protection magic. So get practicing and be ready before you face a situation that calls for magical self-defense.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Need Magic That Works Right Now?

Stressed out and need some magic that works right now? Try hugging your refrigerator! No, really we're serious. Stress is a type of fire energy and your refrigerator is an electrical ground or conduit. That means it is a safe way to ground out your excess fire energy like stress. You can also use electrical outlets, light switch plates and other large appliances like stoves. Do not use computers, small electrical appliances or any item with electronics as they can't handle that amount of fire energy and can short out. For magic that works on grounding out stress, pain, inflammation or other similar fire energy excesses, the refrigerator is a perfect magical tool. Here's all you do:

1. You can literally hug your refrigerator so that your whole stressed out body is in contact with it or you can lie down and place your feet on it or you could just put your hands against it. If you had a more generalized type of stress, say a stress headache, then you could just put that part of the body, i.e. your head, against it.

2. Feel yourself pushing or flowing all that excess unwanted fire energy into the refrigerator. Whether it is anxiety, pain, stress or whatever keep flowing it out of your body until you feel it has subsided. Fire energy moves quickly so it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

3. After you have all that excess fire energy out, it is a good idea to replace it with a calmer, nurturing energy. You can do this by lighting a Sun Yellow Candle, charging it and leaving it burning for about 10 minutes. You could mediate during this time, or just relax soaking up this life force, sacred space clearing energy.

So the next time you are stressed out, angry, or frustrated, remember this magic that works tip. Hug your refrigerator and shed those unwanted negative energies. You can learn more magic that works tips in our 10 Quick Fixes ebook. Right now the price is right with a free download, so check it out in the ebooks section at www.shamanschool.com

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Develop Psychic Abilities by Talking to Sylphs

When striving to develop psychic abilities, a good exercise to use is communicating with a variety of spiritual beings. You can find information about how to communicate with a variety of beings to develop psychic abilities in our Psychic Development ebook. Here is one of the exercises we present there. This one is communicating with Sylphs.

Sylphs are elemental beings made entirely of the element Air. It is a living being that is twisty shaped and anywhere from three to eighteen inches long. You often see them in swirling smoke, around shiny objects or dust devils. Sylphs like to be around people and like to communicate. They have short attention spans however so communications must be quick and to the point. These are some of the reasons they are perfect to start with when working to develop psychic abilities.

To begin communication with a sylph, here's what you do:
1. Either out loud or in your mind ask for a sylph to present itself to you and state a general idea of what type of information you will be asking for. For example you might say, "I request a sylph to tell me about road conditions on this highway for the next 15 miles."

2. Be silent and wait for a response. You may feel a presence or feel or a light breeze brushing your cheek.

3. Once you have a response from a Sylph, immediately communicate your request, again either out loud or in your mind. They have short attention spans and will leave quickly if not engaged.

4. Your communication at this point should be short and to the point asking for the specific information you are looking for. For example, you might say, "Sylph, thank you for appearing. I would like to know if there are any road conditions in the next 15 miles of this highway that will slow my progress. I thank you in advance for your help and await your report."

5. Since Sylphs move quickly they will be able to gather the information you want in a short amount of time either by their own observations or from talking to other Sylphs. Expect the report quickly and it will be short and sweet. For example, the response to this request might be "road construction... 8 miles ahead."

6. If you need more information you can ask the same Sylph to get it for you or if this particular Sylph loses interest, you can call for a new Sylph.

We all have the ability to use psychic powers, some of us just haven't exercised these abilities and learned how to use them. For some people, this ability comes very naturally and others must develop psychic abilities through practice. Practicing communicating with Sylphs is good practice to help develop psychic abilities and it's just plain good fun. Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pendulum Divination Part III: How to Clear Daily Hassles with Your Pendulum

In the previous articles in this series, we covered how to make your own pendulum and how to train your pendulum for pendulum divination. There are many things you can do with pendulum divination. One is to clear hassles out of your life.

Pendulum Divination: To Clear or Not To Clear
First you need to determine if the situation is one that you should clear. It could be that there is a life lesson that is very important for you to learn and that is why the situation exists. By consulting the pendulum you are accessing information from higher powers that can see the overall picture and let you know if this situation should be cleared or not. To do this let your pendulum hang from your dominant hand while you visualize the problem you want to clear. Then ask your pendulum, "Can I, may I, should I clear this situation?" If you get a yes answer, proceed to the clearing. Here's how.

Pendulum Divination: Clearing Hassles
1. Swing the pendulum in a counter clockwise direction. This is the direction of unwinding. Ask for the situation you visualize to be cleared and in your mind's eye, see the situation resolving. When requesting the situation be cleared, be very specific as to what the situation is and what you see in regards to the situation being resolved.

2. Keep focusing on clearing the situation until the pendulum stops spinning counter clockwise. The pendulum will then either begin swinging on a vertical or a horizontal axis, or it will stop, or it will begin swinging in a clockwise direction.

3. Once the pendulum stops swinging in the counter clockwise direction on its own, then the hassle is cleared.

Pendulum Divination: Moving On
Of course once your problem or hassle is cleared you can always bring it back by worrying about it too much. To keep this from happening, trust your pendulum divination and clearing and your intent and switch your focus to something else. In other words, let it go and move on to other things in your life.

You can use this same technique to clear repetitive thoughts that you are having. Just hold the repetitive thought in your mind instead of visualizing a situation and ask the pendulum to clear the thought from your life. It may not go away completely at first, but will come less and less often until after a time it does go away.

Now that you know how to make a pendulum, train it and clear hassles from your life with it, find out more ways to use pendulum divination in our Kindle book Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools and continue your journey into pendulum divination magic.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pendulum Divination Part II: How to Train Your Pendulum

In our previous article in this series on pendulum divination, we covered how to make your own pendulum. We continue now with how to train your pendulum for use in pendulum divination.

Pendulum Divination: Cleansing the Pendulum
First you must cleanse your new pendulum with smoke from a charged cedar or sage smudge stick. To charge your smudge stick, sit in the South facing North. Use paper or wooden matches to light the stick. Once it is producing a thick, dense column of smoke say the following verse in a voice of command:

"Fire and Air where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me!
Cleanse this tool and cleanse its space,
Far from here send baneful trace!"
Hold your pendulum in the smoke and keep it there until smoke sticks to all parts of the pendulum. You have magically cleansed your pendulum when the smoke is sticking to the pendulum. If the object you used to make the pendulum has a lot of junky energy, it can take as much as 5 minutes for this to happen, so just be patient.

Pendulum Divination: Keying the Pendulum
The next step is to key your pendulum to your own energies. To do this hold it in your dominant hand. This would be the hand that you would naturally point with. Flow energy into the pendulum for a minute or two. You will know it is keyed when it feels warm and tingly.

Pendulum Divination: Training the Pendulum
The first step in the actual training of your pendulum is to establish the direction it will swing for the answer "yes" and for the answer "no". Decide if "yes" will be an up/down swing or a left/right swing. Whichever you decide for "yes" the opposite swing will be "no".

Sit in a comfortable position and hold your pendulum hanging from your dominant hand. The chain or string it is on must be long enough for it to swing freely. Place your elbows on a table or your knee to stabilize your hand.

Now swing the pendulum gently in a clockwise circle and say out loud, "Show me yes." Wait until the pendulum stops moving in a circle and begins to swing back and forth in the direction you picked to designate "yes". If it doesn't, then ask again. Once it is swinging in the selected direction consistently, do this step again asking for it to show you the direction for "no".

Pendulum Divination: Practice Getting Answers From Your Pendulum
You can now continue the training by moving into asking simple yes/no questions about future events that you can easily verify within 15 – 30 minutes. For example you might ask, "Will my friend Ann call me in the next 20 minutes?" Wait and verify the answer the pendulum gives you, then ask another question.

Remember that you are in the stage of training your pendulum at this point so don't get too caught up in whether the answers given are correct or not. The more you do pendulum divination, the more accurate your pendulum will become. Just keep asking those yes/no questions that can be verified within a short time period until you start seeing consistently accurate answers.

The next article in this series will cover how to clear out daily hassles with your pendulum, so stay tuned. If you just can't wait, you can find all this material on pendulums in our Kindle book entitled, Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools. And remember you can read Kindle books on your regular computer or Smart Phone if you don't have a Kindle.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pendulum Divination Part I: How to Make Your Own Pendulum

Pendulum divination is a great magical technique for accessing information from the Universe and unlocking your own native wisdom. A pendulum is a magical tool that consists of a lightweight object suspended from a string or chain. It becomes a natural extension of yourself and as long as you know the right questions to ask, you can get any and all information that exists in the Universe. Pendulum divination can be used for dowsing as well as to answer your questions

Making a Pendulum
You can certainly buy a pendulum from a new age store or many sources on the internet, but you can also make your own just as easily. First you need a lightweight object. A paper clip, earring, pendant or talisman can all work for this. You can also use a small crystal. The best crystal to use is an amethyst crystal. Just be sure to store any crystal you use in a pewter box. This will protect it from taking on negative energy. Do not use Aurora crystals treated with petroleum as these do not work well.

Next you need something to hang the pendulum on that will allow it to swing. This could be a chain, a string of natural fiber like cotton or silk or leather. If you use a metal chain, silver is the best as it is the most magically stable metal.

In the next article in this series, we'll talk about how to train your pendulum, so stay tuned. If you can't wait, check out our Kindle Book on Amazon.com entitled Learn How To Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells With Magical Tools. You'll find all this information and more about pendulums there.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Practice of Magic: Why Bother? Here's Why!

Maybe you have a busy, rewarding life with a great relationship and all the money you could want, so why bother with the practice of magic? Magic isn't just about manifesting the things you want in life, it is also about spiritual development, evolving as a human being, and making the most of your time on the planet during this lifetime. The practice of magic can bring you closer to spiritual influences, help you understand yourself better, give you ways to change those things you want to change and be in control of the various archetypes that rule you. The practice of magic is an introduction to a way of living in consciousness rather than rushing through our lives unaware. Here are a few more specific reasons from the first book in our Witchcraft Spell Books Kindle book series, entitled LEARN HOW TO DO WITCHCRAFT RITUALS AND SPELLS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS, to take up the practice of magic.

1. Most people are wrapped up in their To Do lists and everyday mundane tasks. In a sense they are like robots plodding through their days running from one "have to do" to another. The practice of magic can help break us out of robot-mode giving us a way to pause in the day and come from a place of consciousness. This allows us to become aware of who we are, where we are and what our aims are. Consciously performing spells and rituals prevent us from going through life in a purely mechanical state.

2. The practice of magic allows us to stay connected to Spirit which is essential to attracting what we really want in life. Taking the time to quiet the mind, perform daily rituals or get in touch with physical sensation brings us into contact with Spirit. The practice of magic gives us the opportunity to be conscious of all this and take the time to make it a priority in our lives.

3. Becoming a co-creator with the Universe in manifesting what we want in life is another benefit of the practice of magic. We also learn how to connect with and work with higher powers and beings to get help with anything we want help with.

4. When we go through life in the robot state, we tend to be in reactionary mode. That means we are not choosing our thoughts and actions, rather just reacting to stimuli around us. The practice of magic can help keep us on a path of conscious choice and remind us what we really want in life.

5. One benefit I find in the practice of magic is that it helps me be better in understanding and dealing with people. Being versed in the characteristics of the 4 elements, I am able to ascertain which elements a person is exhibiting and which elements I can employ to interact with them for mutual benefit. For example, if I am dealing with an angry person, I know they are high in the fire element. By using a tone of voice full of earth tones, I can damp out the person's fire so that we can now have a rational discussion and find solutions instead of standing around yelling at each other.

These are just a few reasons I can see to engage in the practice of magic. We'd love to hear some of yours. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page and let the magic begin!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Magic 2013: As the World Wobbles

Have you noticed lately how things in the world are strange, funky, and otherwise just plain hinky? Maybe you are suddenly accident-prone or suffering from strange new health problems. Or maybe business has suddenly taken a funny turn. Perhaps relationships that have been solid for years are all of sudden on the fritz.

So what in the heck is going on here? After all, 2012 is over... it is supposed to be smooth sailing from here on out, right? Maybe, or maybe not.

What Didn't Happen in 2012
Contrary to many popular predictions, the world didn't end in 2012. Neither California nor Florida floated away. The South and North poles did not change positions. The Earth suffered some strange effects and disasters, but nothing compared to a true pole shift.

Instead, the people on the planet are the ones who experienced the pole shift--some more dramatically than others. For some of this, our true North suddenly became South. I saw this happen in my wife's life. She has been dedicated to the art of horsemanship since the age of four. She would ride any horse, nag, pony, or wild beast offered to her. Her dream was to eventually jump a horse in double clear rounds at the Grand Prix level.

All good. Then she suffered a number of accidents, some on horses and some through various life events, and that desire is gone. She, an avid collector of horses and horse projects, has suddenly reduced her usual gaggle of horses to one mare. She may eventually go back to the dream of riding at the Grand Prix level, but for now, her focus has completely shifted to other goals. The Grand Prix dream, which used to be her true North, has suddenly shifted to the South pole. Just like that, in the snap of a finger. Boom.

So while the Earth didn't suffer a total pole shift, many people, like my wife, have suddenly found their own personal poles shifted... seemingly without any warning.

What's Happening with Magic 2013?
So if you are a practitioner of the magical arts, how do you make sense of the hinky happenings this year? If you have experienced your own pole shift--or even series of pole shifts--how do you cope? What kind of magic can you do to lessen the impact on your life?

Well, first let's take a look at what's going this year. I would best describe the planetary happenings with the phrase, "As the world wobbles." This is partly, of course, a play on the daytime soap opera "As The World Turns."

The world is certainly still turning in orbit, thank goodness, but there's a very slight wobble going on as the planet circles around in that orbit. A slight wobble you say? Not a major wobble? Yes, a slight wobble. For the planet, the wobble is very slight, but for us humans, every tiny tremor in the planet can be felt as a major life shift, or perhaps as a continuous chain of minor inconveniences that stack up into a major headache.

For instance, one person reports a chain of small events that has stacked up into a major debt: a car malfunction, a not-too-major health issue, a tiff with a client, a sick pet, and minor house repair. Taken separately, these issues are not major, and this person would easily be able to handle them. But the problem is that they all occurred in a span of two weeks. Compressed into that time frame, this person is about to pull his hair out (what little hair is left, that is!). Now that is an example of the world experiencing a tiny wobble as it circles the sun.

In the other instance, a person can feel the world wobbling as a single major event that absolutely changes North and South poles, as discussed above. In the cases of these personal pole shifts, the severity can range from a lifetime interest in something simply disappearing to a life-threatening illness that leaves one teetering on the edge of life and death.

So what's a person to do as the world wobbles? Let's take a look at what kinds of magic are most beneficial in 2013.

How to Use Magic 2013
As you may have already figured out, Magic 2013 is about expecting the unexpected. That means being prepared, and having your magical toolbox fully stocked and ready to go at all times.

Next, adaptation is key. We have a phrase that we use often in our school (thanks to my teacher George Dew) called "cut and fit." Cut and fit is exactly what it sounds like. It means that you have to be able to look at the situation in front of you, rummage around in your magical toolbox, and come up with the right combination of tools that will solve the problem. The key is that the tools you use may or may not have originally been intended for the purpose to which you are now applying them. Nope. Magic 2013 calls for creativity, ingenuity, and the ability to shape your knowledge and experience in new ways to fit the new world--and its wobbles.

Then there's your perspective as you look at your life and any new situations that may have cropped up. You may need to adopt some new "rules" or paradigms in your life to cope with the strange events that appear. Here are some examples that may help:
  • There are no wrong decisions
  • Life is just an experiment so there are no "wrong" answers – you are just gathering data.
  • Hinky stuff is happening to everyone so at least you're not alone
  • Life on planet Earth is pretty messy right now, so just clean up as best you can and then do something that makes you feel good
  • You get to make up the rules to your own life, so now is a good time to start thinking about which life rules you might want to discard, and which new rules you might want to create

Sound good? Need more help? Check out our selection of ebooks and homestudy courses or Kindle books for specific ideas on how you can deal with your life as the world wobbles!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Magical Secret to Living Life on Your Own Terms

Ought, should, must, need ... ick! All those words define our lives in terms of the things we have to do. There's not a whole lot of choice in those words, right? And how much of our unhappiness with our lives stems from a feeling of limitation or lack of freedom? We have to get up at a certain time in the morning to make it to work on time. We have to do as our boss says. We have to pick up the kids after school by a certain time. We have to maintain appearances. We have to pay bills.

There are so many things in our lives that we can't control it can sometimes feel as though we are living in a box. So what can we do magically to bring more freedom into our lives? How can we live life on our own terms rather than on life's terms?

Living Life on Your Own Terms, Magically
Simple. Make a practice of doing something everyday that life doesn't make you do. Pick something, anything, that you don't have to do and do it everyday. It can be anything. Learn three words in a foreign language every day. Get up 20 minutes earlier everyday and do absolutely nothing. Read two pages in a novel. Learn yoga. Take up underwater basket-weaving. Whatever! The point is to everyday exercise a level of freedom that is outside the "oughts" and "shoulds" of life. It is an exercise in personal choice and personal freedom.

Now why is this important? It's important because it exercises your freedom muscle. This exercise teaches you, over time and day by day, that you are not totally limited by the demands of life, that you do have choice in your life. As time goes on, if you are truly dedicated and consistent in this exercise, you will find that your beliefs about life will change.

The Freedom Exercise
You might think at this point in time that you have to work hard to succeed in life. Practice the freedom exercise for a while and see what happens to that belief. Over time you may come to find that you don't want to work hard to succeed in life, and that you don't have to either.

We live the lives that we believe we have to live. If your beliefs change so will your life, and this little exercise is designed to peck away at those beliefs, to melt them away over time, until you can live your life on your own terms. You didn't come to planet Earth to play life by someone else's rules. You came to make up your own rules. So start today by making your own game of life. Just do one thing every day that life doesn't make you do and revel in the freedom of it, even if it means making an extra effort at first. The freedom that results will be well worth the initial price you pay. Try it, you'll see!

Launch Your Game
Ready to live life as a game of your own? Check out our online store for magical supplies, books, ebooks, home study courses and other fun stuff to help you start your own game of life! www.shamanschool.com

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Magic Spells Can Be Useful in Life

Here's an example of how magic spells can help you out in your everyday life. This situation happened many years back, I believe sometime around 1990. Being a doctor of Chinese medicine, I was concerned when I heard that a Senator had proposed a bill that would cause all herbs (including Chinese herbs), supplements, vitamins and other such products to fall under the regulation of the FDA. I could envision various scenarios resulting from this type of bill that would be detrimental to businesses that deal in these type of products including a possible requirement of having a prescription from an M.D. Since the majority of M.D.'s at this time did not believe nutritional supplements to be helpful, that would keep many people who receive benefit from these products from getting them. From what I had heard, the bill had passed the Senate and was on its way to the house where it seemed like it had majority support and would pass.

I decided to use a magic spell to kill the bill. And I decided I would use a Tarot magic spell. This was my first room-sized tarot spell. I needed an entire room to do the candle and matrix setup as it required a great amount of force. Tarot magic spells of this size can be quite difficult to balance because you are actually walking inside the matrix. I in fact did get off balance at one point, became quite dizzy and had to put it out and start over.

For those of you not familiar with how Tarot magic spells work, you have to first do a Tarot reading on the original condition. Then using the law that states a small change in the present can lead to a bigger change in the present, you decide on a small change or changes that you can make. You then do one or more Tarot readings on your proposed changes to see what effect they will have. Once you find a change that your reading shows will give you the effect you want, you write the magic spell verses around it. At this point, even those of you familiar with the Tarot may be somewhat confused. My understanding is that the way we do Tarot readings at the Esoteric School is not common practice by others. When we do Tarot readings, we use a signifier card or cards. The base signifier card represents the overall situation and the 2nd card placed across the bottom of the base card represents the particulars of the situation. This allows us to get very specific readings on events.

As you can probably tell, Tarot magic spells do require quite a bit of time and effort. The results however are well worth it. In this instance, on the day of the vote for this proposed bill, the Senator that introduced the bill withdrew it before time for the vote begin. Did my magic spell bring this about? I say yes it certainly did. What do you say?

To learn more about doing Tarot readings for yourself check out our Tarot Homestudy Course.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Earth's Atmosphere Gets Some Help from Magic Spells

I continue to share magic spells I have created and performed to help heal the planet. This particular one concentrated on removing excess carbon monoxide from the Earth's atmosphere. I used simulacra magic for this magic spell, sometimes referred to as Voodoo magic. 

I have been concerned for quite some time about the build-up of carbon monoxide, specifically over the last 20 years, in our atmosphere. According to various sources I researched, in 2009 the global average concentration was 387 parts per million and by 2012 and 2013 readings of CO2 showed these numbers increasing to 400 parts per million, the highest in the Earth's history. We can all do much to decrease our use of fossil fuels and help with this problem. But those of us in the magical community can do more using magic spells.

Here's what I've done. I set up a keyed plate (magical tool for Earth element) with a small round simulacrum of the Earth. Also in my set-up on the plate is a pendant of a crescent moon and a funnel with one side coming off the Earth object and pointing towards the moon pendant. This design is intended to remove not only carbon monoxide, but also 40 poisonous chemicals from the Earth's atmosphere and send it to the moon. Since the moon is building its own atmosphere, these chemicals that are harmful to our atmosphere and the destruction of the ozone layer, will be helpful there. I then launched the spell reading the verses, placed the written verses on the plate and covered the plate with a keyed chalice (magical tool for Water element). Of course this is not a "quick fix" magic spell. Spells on the world level especially cleaning up "messes" can take time and this one is ongoing since any CO2 funneled out is quickly replaced by societies so dependent on fossil fuels.

If you are already following a magical practice, I encourage you to also use your magical abilities to help heal the planet with magic spells. If you do not have a magical practice, it's never too late to start developing one. We have plenty of resources on our website to help you get started. At the very least, find one intentional act you can personally do to reduce your use of fossil fuel and do it. Your one intentional act becomes an act of power and of magic and it adds to the healing energy. Together, through magic, we CAN heal the planet.

In Magic,
Alan, aka RavenWindStar

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Magic To Heal the Planet

Through our school, we have done so many spells and magical procedures to work on different aspects of healing the planet and I am having so much fun re-living past spells performed, that I want to share a few more with you all. This one was quite intense and should only be performed only by a practitioner with a lot of experience. It happened not too long ago and you may even remember stories reported in the media about 2 large bodies (reported by some to be comets and as asteroids) that were discovered as they passed between the Moon and the Sun. They were reported to be the force behind a large earthquake or tsunami in Japan that did quite a bit of damage. The course projected for these objects indicated that they would hit the Earth and major damage would result. Here is how I dealt with this situation.

My research showed that these two bodies were Blue Star Kachina and Red Star Kachina. I called upon an ancient Navajo archetype, Monster Slayer to help. I constructed an anchor for the archetype using a large obsidian hatchet and spear. In a full cast circle with a doorway cut in, I used the magical tool, the black mirror, and pulled this archetype out of the spirit world and set it on the anchor. Verses had been written ahead of time enlisting Monster Slayer's help in the destruction of these two bodies. After anchoring the archetype on the spear and hatchet setup, I went outside through the doorway in the full cast circle with the spear at night. As my partner read the verses, I held the spear upon my shoulder and then threw the spear up into the night sky. We saw what looked like a large streak of ravens taking off from it.

It took three days for these bodies to be destroyed. We first heard a report that the Blue Star Kachina being tracked by scientists just disappeared. The Red Star Kachina was then reported to break up into pieces, most of which went off into space harmlessly. One large piece did come into our atmosphere leaving a visible trail seen by many people reported to be about 6 feet wide. It came down in the southern part of the United States but no damage was done.

With all our planet gives to us, isn't it time to give some back? Even if you aren't at a magical level to be able to work with archetypes such as Monster Slayer and destroy potentially disastrous threats, you can do your part to magically heal the planet. Something as simple as picking up trash in a park or consciously making an effort to recycle can all help heal the planet. Remember any act done with intention is a magical act. So set your intention to do something to heal the planet and join us along with all the other magical people striving to give back to Earth Mother. 

In Magic,
Alan, aka RavenWindStar

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Magic Spells: Healing on a World Level

No one can deny that there is a lot of healing that would be helpful in our current world situation in many areas and as magical practitioners, we know magic spells can help with this healing. People are often overwhelmed at all they see and feel needs changing in the world and wonder if magic spells can help and if so, then why aren't we doing something to "fix" things. The simple answer to this is yes, magic spells can help and we are doing something about it. There are so many directions this could lead from political unrest, and war to planetary changes such as global warming to hunger and disease and the list goes on. With such a long list, we must prioritize however. It's not like with real magic, we can just wave a magic wand and have everything change at once. Whereas we are sure there are others who practice magic that are also involved in world level magic spells, there is still a lot to do. We do feel an obligation to use our knowledge for a higher good, do pick out particular issues to work on and would like to share with you one of the projects our school founders have embarked on.

Simulacra or VooDoo Magic
This is a World level spell created to clear all our oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and streams of pollution. It is ongoing and was created using simulacra magic. Some refer to this as Voodoo and you can learn more about it in our How To Do Voodoo ebook. Basically this type of magic involves using an object that is a likeness of something else, keying that object to what you want to have an effect upon or who you want to have an effect upon and then whatever you do to the simulacrum also affects the person or thing. According to the Law of Similarity, the greater the likeness between a simulacrum and that to which the simulacrum is keyed, the greater the psychic connection will be.

Setting Up The Spell
For this particular spell, here is the simulacra that were set up. First a fountain in the shape of a clam shell was used. It is a bluish-gray color. Where the water flows out of the fountain is a pair of dolphins. The fountain was put through a 4 Element cleansing and it was keyed. It was then placed on a stand that has staggered tiers. On a lower tier, a globe of the Earth on a wooden base was placed (it too being subjected to a cleansing of course). All of this was then placed on a sun yellow colored square plate. The plate was keyed in the way that you would for a plate being used as the tool associated with the element Earth. Rounded glass-like pebbles collected on a beach were placed on an 18 by 2 inch stick which was placed East to West just under the globe. Those of you involved with magical practices will be aware of some of the planning that went into this setup in terms of colors used, materials used and symbols to bring in various elemental influences.

The next step involved filling a one ounce dropper bottle with bleach. This is was chosen because bleach prevents algae build up in the fountain. The liquid in the bottle was labeled as "Ocean, Sea, Lake, River, Stream Cleansing Agent". The bottle was put on a plate (the tool for the Earth element) and the bottle keyed. Verses were written that included a set time for the spell to work, pulled and gathered energy from the Old Ones, the Winds, other beings in the Hierarchy and all those who care about the health and vitality of our waters.

Every day, the fountain is topped off with water and a dropper full of the cleansing solution simulacrum is added. This spell is ongoing and is granted an ambitious one. It is one of the many spells we have undertaken to help heal the planet. Presented here is of course an abbreviated version of all that was entailed in the designing and implementation of this spell just to give you an idea of how simulacra or VooDoo magic works. There are other steps from creating directors and limiters, checking things out with Tarot readings to consulting higher powers and revising spell verses, that also have to occur in the process. It is a lot of work, but one that we find rewarding and that we feel is important.

This is just one of the many projects we have undertaken as magical practitioners to help in healing the planet. Now it's our turn to ask you, what are you doing?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Learn Magic: Free Online Tutorial

Since magic doesn't just come naturally to many people and since there are so many magical topics that can be studied, we offer a free online tutorial on how to learn magic. Magic is a study of using intention and a system of creation as well as a precision science – the science of:
  • deliberate creation
  • effective prayer
  • manifesting Higher Will
  • heightened awareness
  • selective perception
  • dynamic, harmonious relationships
In deciding how to learn magic, you must be familiar with how Universal Law works and the Rules of the Road (laws that govern magical practice). Magical practice also requires an understanding of the 4 elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Other basic topics include:
  • Hand magic
  • Magical self defense
  • Using the magical tools – firebowl, wand, athame, chalice and plate
  • Divination
  • Tarot
  • Sonics
  • Spellwork
These are all basics that one must learn before continuing magical study. From there, many topics are available from healing to creating and performing rituals and communicating with higher powers and beings. Magic opens you up to a new way of living and takes you on a path of spiritual growth. It becomes a way of life as well as a study of all the various magical topics that can be explored according to your interests. For example, if you are interested in healing work, you can study using magical tools with the 4 elements for healing then perhaps move on to studying the use of crystals in healing, learn how to do long-distance healing techniques or learn how to make your own plant based tinctures. As you learn these various techniques and follow your magical passions, you also learn more about yourself, deliberate creation and how to manifest that which you desire in your life.

The first step towards all of this is deciding that you want to start living a magical life and finding out how to learn magic. Take a look at our free tutorial and see if that helps you to get started. You can also join our mailing lists to get our latest posts and see what topics we cover that resonate with you. If you already know of a specific interest that you haven't seen us cover, leave us a comment on Facebook suggesting a topic you'd like to see written about. Any act of intention is a magical act, so set your intention to explore how to learn magic and you will be on your way to a magical way of life.

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