Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Simple Magic and Its Power

People often email us wanting complex and powerful magic to fix some complex and powerful problem in their lives. This seems logical in a way: if you want to successfully "overcome" a significant life problem, you want your magical weaponry to match in power and strength.

On the other hand, there is this other magical principle that tells us miracles have no size. A miracle is a miracle. There aren't bigger miracles or smaller miracles. Miracles, having no explanation, don't have size either.

So if you have a giant life problem, you don't need a gonzo-sized miracle. Maybe what you need is just some simple magic. Simple magic, done repetitively and with strong intention, is a powerful way to manifest miracles. This is based on the magical principle that "a small change in the present creates a larger change in the future." Simple magic is that small change.

We have seen miracle after miracle appear when people practice one or more simple magic rituals for 40 days or more. These rituals take minutes, not days or hours to complete, so they are not time intensive. But simple rituals require dedication.

Need ideas for simple rituals? Check out the following:

- Online Library of Magic Articles
- Daily Rituals Ebook
- Past Issues of Magic in Your Mailbox

Have fun doing these simple magic rituals ... enjoy the simplicity!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Magic 2012: Which Group Are You In?

If you have been observant, you may have noticed three different ways in which the year 2012 is affecting the people around you.

1. Leaving the Planet: Many people are choosing this year as a convenient exit strategy. They may have been suffering from painful conditions or simply want to start over after all the hubbub of world change has died down.

2. Crazy but Surviving: This group of people is experiencing all kinds of craziness, but nevertheless emerging as survivors, albeit with slightly thinner wallets. For instance, one woman had the wheel of her truck come right off while she was driving. Luckily, she was able to steer her one-ton truck safely to the side of the road, and a helpful man stopped right behind her to give her assistance. She and her truck survived just fine. She
just had to pay $600 to fix the situation. She, like the other people in this group, are learning life lessons that will serve her well in coming years and lifetimes.

3. Nothing Different: This group is aware that 2012 is somehow "important" but nevertheless carrying on in life as if nothing is different. Being that our thoughts create our realities, nothing much is different for these people. These people don't suffer the same kind of loss as group #2, nor do they gain any sort of life
lessons. They are simply here, carrying on ... and the world does need people to do just that!

Magic 2012: What's Your Story?
Do any of the three groups described above resemble you? I suspect that if you are reading this article, you fall into group #2, where life appears to suck but you still manage to survive. The good news is that you will survive. The bad news is that if you don't listen to the messages the Universe is sending you, you will survive but look like you've just been through the meat grinder.

So how can you practice magic in 2012 so you survive without looking like ground beef? There are plenty of ways. Let me just name a few here ... see if any of these ideas spark your addled and confused brain!

1. Do something magical every day. EVERY day.

2. Remember that every intentional act is a magical act. Want to do magic? Use your intention.

3. Go deep into magic 2012--sign up for the online Basic Magic Course and really get a magical fix.

4. Ask the Universe to help you with specific projects or situations you can't seem to change. Stuff happens fast in 2012 so be prepared for life to take off at Mach-1.

5. Be specific. Yelling "Help!" to the Universe at large is good, but asking for specific help for a specific problem will yield faster and better results. Magic is a precision science so be precise.

6. Get a magic buddy. 2012 is a tough year so you may need a magic buddy to remind you to practice some magic every single day. Every single day.

7. When you feel nuts, look in the mirror and COMMAND yourself: "Come to present time." If you're really nuts, you may have to repeat this command several times. This brings you back into the present, where magic can actually happen.

8. Check out our free online resources and use them (go to www.shamanschool.com and click on the Resources link at the top of the page).

9. Watch a magic 2012 video on our website. It's fun, magical, and helpful.

10. Need a quick fix? We've got a quick fix ebook. Order it, read it, do it. Click on the Store link on our site for more details.

11. Actively look for animal totems everywhere you go. Animals are speaking to us all the time. If you see an animal trying to communicate with you but you don't understand the message, read up in the "Medicine Cards" by Carson and Sams.

12. Move your body to move your mind. If you find yourself in a mental rut, get out and move your body. Your Moving Center is far easier to shift then your Mental Center.

13. Choose one thing you will stop griping out. Stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it. Just one teensy thing ... that's not too much to ask, is it?

14. Need info? Ask yourself for the answer ... you know it. Write the question with your dominant hand. Write the answer with the other hand. Don't think about it, just do it.

15. Mad? Cool down by flowing that negative energy into your fridge. Really! Put your hands or head on the door of the fridge and flow red-orange energy into the fridge until you feel all relaxed.

16. Just give up! Magic happens when we allow room in our lives for the Universe to help. If you have asked the Universe to solve a problem for you, give up your end of the struggle. Let the Universe do the heavy lifting.

17. Have a happy childhood. Yup, you may be an adult but it's never too late to have a happy childhood. Do something that you always wanted to do as a kid. When you are happy, you sound a joyous note to Creator's ear and good magical things happen!

So ... is that enough ideas to get you started? If not, then maybe you'd better switch groups--to either #1 or #3! Otherwise, enjoy the magical mystery tour!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Magic of Dreams and Moods

The magic of dreams is an art that has been studied by magical practitioners for a very long time. In fact, in many aboriginal cultures, dreams are reality and reality is but a dream. These cultures believe in the magic of dreams and dreamtime.

Dreams are certainly one of the most commonly used channels by angels, guides, higher selves, and totems. This is especially true if we tend to be fairly deaf to messages from these beings in our every day lives. So it's important to make use of the magic of dreams, since for some people this is the only way that our higher guides can communicate with us.

Remembering Our Dreams
One of the biggest obstacles people face when they first try to access the magic of dreams is that they can't remember a single dream. In fact, some people even doubt whether they dream. But according to Edgar Cayce, everyone dreams. Some people are simply better at recalling their dreams than others.

Aside from the usual techniques to help us remember dreams (such as keeping pen and paper by your bed and jotting down dream fragments if you awaken during the night), Cayce stated the moods could help us remember our dreams more clearly.

If you "wake up on the wrong side of the bed" and feel grumpy upon opening your eyes, the chances are that your dreams are about some conflict in your life. Cayce counseled people who awoke grumpy and unrested to study their waking lives as well as their dream lives to find this conflict.

On the other hand, if you awaken feeling peaceful and refreshed, you know that your dreams are not dealing with some serious conflict. This does not mean you should not access the magic of dreams by trying to remember your dreams, only that the need to solve a conflict is not present.

So moods can definitely tell us when we need to be "alert" to our dreams, and when we can rest easy, so to speak. If you watch your moods upon awakening over a long period of time, you may also begin to remember your dreams more easily and clearly.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life Magic is Simple (and Secret)!

There's definitely magic in the beauty and pageantry of ritual. I
love the rhythmic chant and flow of putting up a full-cast circle. But not all life magic has to be so complicated, nor is it practical to do a full-cast circle for every one or at any time.

That's where life magic comes in. Life magic is magic for life. It is magic that can be done during the flow of life, without anyone actually noticing. There is, indeed, magic in secrecy.

Life magic is the practice of conducting magic while appearing to do everyday activities. You get the effect of the magic without the weird stares from other people!

Life Magic--Some Definitions
Before we dive into how you can create life magic rituals that
fit perfectly into your life, we first need to discuss a couple
of definitions, or magical principles.

1. All magical acts are intentional acts, and all intentional
acts are magical acts.

2. Any magical ritual you create has the significance that you
empower it with.

3. Secrecy, or the shielding of your magical ritual from others,
has its own magical power.

So now you know the three principles necessary for you to create
your own life magic rituals.

Life Magic--Some Examples
As you think about what might make a good life magic ritual for
your life, let's work our way through the three principles
discussed above.

The first one says that all magical acts are intentional acts,
and vice versa. This means that each time you perform your life
magic ritual, you need to pause (at least internally) and put the
majority of your intention and attention on your ritual. For
instance, if your life magic ritual is to clasp your hands
together, with your right thumb crossed over your left thumb, you
need to put your attention on your hands. You may still be
walking or talking or doing other activities, but your attention
and intention need to be focused on your hands. It's kind of like
walking and chewing gum.

Next, your magical ritual has the significance you assign it.
Suppose you tell yourself and the Universe that when you clasp
your hands in this particular way that you are connecting with
your guides and angels. This then becomes the magical power of
this ritual. You may want to make this significance more clear by
writing down the meaning of this gesture, or doing some ritual in
which you communicate the significance of this life ritual. You
may also want to have a word of power you think or say when you
clasp your hands, such as "Connect" or "Guide Me." Choose what
works for you.

Finally, secrecy can add an element of magical power to your
ritual. It is tempting to get all excited about your life magic
ritual and want to tell everyone about it. Don't. Be silent. Be
secret. Be magical. If you are able to practice your life magic
ritual for at least 40 days in a row without talking about or
having it noticed by others, you will feel an extra burst of
magical force with your ritual. Try it and see. Chefs like to say
that the secret is in the sauce, but magical practitioners like
to say that the secret is in the secrecy!

Enjoy the magic!

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