Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Need a Crystal Ball? Why a Deck of Cards is Much More Reliable

There are many ways to get signs and communications from the Universe and although the crystal ball is what many people think of for this type of magical procedure, it is not the safest one. The structure of a crystal ball can draw your spirit in and trap you. In fact, this has been done before as a magical act of malice, which of course goes against the Rules of the Road. There are many techniques that don't need a crystal ball. You can find several in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook, including this one called "Theme for the Day".

A fun and safe way to start your day is to draw a theme for the day from a deck of cards. The Universe is always working to send us messages, help and guidance. One way of communicating with the Universe is to use a deck of cards. This would include using a tarot deck, angel cards, horoscopes, numerology, runes or medicine cards. Some people make their own cards with words on them like love, peace, joy, gratitude, or forgiveness. A book can work too. Just an ordinary book or magazine can be opened to any page, then look at the first word, first phrase or picture on the page and use that as your theme for the day.

Some people for example start their day by drawing a card from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. These cards have totem animals on them and come with a book explaining the meaning of each one. You simply spread the cards out, spend a minute quietly observing them or hold your output hand over them and take the one that calls your attention or that you feel energy radiating from. Then read the corresponding meaning from the book that goes with the card you picked. The message from the meaning becomes your theme for the day. For example if you draw the Wolf, your theme for the day would be teaching and new ideas.

The Universe is very good at communicating exactly what we need to hear. I have been amazed and grateful time and time again at messages coming from drawing a Medicine Card that gave me guidance on just the situation I was dealing with at the time. Be open to whatever message you get. Even if it appears to be a negative message at first. There is always something to learn and to be gained from the messages the Universe sends.

As you proceed through the day, remain conscious of your message and theme for the day. Watch how you interact with others, look at your internal patterns and thoughts and the situations and events that occur. See how your theme fits in with these. Having a theme for the day often adds a whole new perspective and meaning to your day. It can give you inspiration and take you out of mechanical living, giving you a more magical and insightful focus. Doing this ritual daily can create both subtle and obvious changes in the way you interact with people and events. It can add a touch of magic to your life by making higher powers and beings a part of your daily life and it's fun. So enjoy the process.

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