Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Magic 2012 – How to Look Beyond the Events

As we approach the much prophesied date of December 21, 2012 we are seeing more and more people dealing with large life events. Whether they are dealing with financial crises, major health issues, relationship breakdowns, loss of home and property, job loss, or any number of other manifestations of 2012, people are often filled with questions. They ask questions like:

Why me?
Why is life so unfair?
What do I do now?
Where do I go when I feel like I have no where to turn?

Many times these life events appear to be "bad news" and people tend to focus on the events themselves. People also tend to get stuck in the "Why me?" mode. The key to successfully navigating the events that Magic 2012 tends to throw in our lives is to look beyond the events themselves. Instead of asking questions like, "Why me?" Magic 2012 asks us to dig deeper. We need to be asking questions like, "What is the real message behind this event? What am I meant to learn from this event? In what way is this event asking me to change?"

While these life events may appear to be bad news, don't worry! The good news about Magic 2012 is that it is easier to change yourself and your life in 2012 than it will be in the future or has been in the past. If you need help getting answers or guidance try doing a question circle and asking the Universe for help.

How to Do a Magical Question Circle
Here's what you'll need: a sun yellow candle on a plate or in glass, paper or wooden matches, pen, and paper. You may also need a compass to help you figure out the cardinal directions of east, south, west, and north. Once you've gathered your materials and have located the cardinal directions, light your yellow candle with your matches. Then, follow the steps below.

1) Bring your candle, pen, and paper to the east quarter of your circle. Sit facing the outside of the circle (facing east). Ask the Winds of Knowledge what you need to know about your situation, and get quiet inside as you wait for the answer. Be prepared to write down everything that comes to you. Don't think about it, just write. Keep writing until you no longer receive information. Thank the Winds of Knowledge and move to the next step.

2) Move to the south, and sit facing south. Ask the Winds of Power to show you what actions you need to take for your situation. Again, write any answers that come to you. Thank the Winds of Power.

3) Move to the next quarter, in the west, and sit facing west. Ask the Winds of Feeling what emotional shifts you need to make regarding your situation. In addition, you may want to ask for spiritual enlightenment. Thank the Winds of Feeling, and then move to the next quarter.

4) Move to the north, and sit facing north. Ask the Winds of Strength how you can build a foundation for the future you want. Ask for practical guidance about your situation. Thank the Winds of Strength.

5) Finally, move back to the center of your circle and sit facing east. Read through the answers that have come to you from each direction. Slowly digest the information. You may want to repeat the question circle several times, at different times, until you get clarity on your situation or lessons.

The year 2012 is an interval year, which means that changes not possible before are now very possible. Ask the right questions and you'll get some amazing answers.

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