Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Magic Online: Can you Learn Real Magic?

We are often asked how magic online classes work and if one can truly learn real magic through an online format. The answer is yes and here's how magic online works.

History of Magic Online
Our school began with traditional type classes where students met once a week in a physical location. As time went on, we wanted to move to a format that would allow for students from a greater geographical area to attend classes and open the study of magic to more people. With that goal in mind, we evolved to doing teleconference classes. We do still have teleconference classes at times, but we soon discovered that this format was still limiting. Students could not jump into a class at anytime. They had to wait for a new class to start and a new registration period. This brought us to the current format of magic online.

What is Magic Online?
Magic online are classes presented through our website. They contain audio files of actual past teleconference classes with actual students, video files showing how to perform certain techniques, class notes to follow along and keep for later reference, and class exercises to practice between classes. In fact, magic online classes have all the same information and materials as the teleconference courses.

Benefits of Magic Online
The advantages to taking an online magic class include:
  •  Able to start right away on your time schedule – no waiting for class to "make" or registration period to open
  •  Students go at their own pace instead attending scheduled weekly class
  •  Open to any student anywhere around the globe that has an internet connection
  •  Able to interact with other students through posted comments
  •  Detailed multi-media step by step instructions (because altered procedures produce altered results)
  •  Attending class does not rely on having a phone and needing to call the long distance teleconference center
  •  Basic Magic offered in 3 levels and can be paid for one at a time
School Is Always in Session
We have found that the magic online format has allowed us to spread the magical knowledge over greater distances with students from around the world able to join in more easily. It also gives students that have difficult schedules a way to schedule their magical learning around what works best for them. Now that you know it is so easy to learn real magic through online courses, what are you waiting for? If you are ready to take your magical studies to a more serious level then classes in magic online are waiting for you.

And just to make it even easier, we are offering 20% off of the Basic Magic Level I course right now. This offer will only be good through September 16, 2012, so now is the time to sign up and take advantage of the savings. You can register for class here where your journey into a magical life is waiting for you.

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