Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Do VooDoo: If You Want Something to Go Away

Magically, if you want help making something go away, you can look into how to do voodoo. Voodoo or simulacra magic can be used for protection, self-defense, divination and attracting a variety of situations or conditions, but it can also be used to get rid of things. The word voodoo brings to the minds of many the image of the voodoo doll. This is part of voodoo magic in that the doll becomes a simulacrum or object that is a likeness of someone. It is then "keyed" to that person and whatever is done to the doll also affects the person. If you want to know how to do voodoo, you will eventually use the voodoo doll and other simulacra objects. There are many other techniques that will also be used in learning how to do voodoo however.

How to Do Voodoo: Magical Tools
Many of the voodoo techniques require the use of magical tools. The wand is the tool for the element Air, athame for Fire, chalice for Water and plate or pantacle for Earth. There are also a variety of techniques that can handle the same problem in different ways. We will discuss here one technique that is easy to do and does not require special tools or an in-depth knowledge of magic.

How to Do Voodoo: Rules of the Road
Before undertaking any type of magical procedure, you do need to be sure your intentions fall within the "Rules of the Road". These are Universal Laws that govern magical practice. Failure to follow these laws can result in backlash on you. The governing laws we follow at the Esoteric School were developed by Reverend George Dew of the Church of Seven Arrows. The two major rules to consider are:
  1. Whatever is done to the environment or to other beings in the environment brings similar effects upon the doer.
  2.  The magician judges the "goodness" or "badness" of his or her own acts, whether they are conscious or unconscious acts, on the basis of what the Universe reflects back on him or her. The same is true of judging others, entire communities, states, or nations.
You can find a complete listing of all the Rules of the Road we follow in our resources section on our website.

How to Do Voodoo: Making Something Go Away
This is not a technique, as you will see after reading the Rules of the Road, to be used on a person. It can be used for an unwanted attribute of a person, but not the person itself. There are other techniques that can make someone move away from your area. This technique is used to be rid of unwanted things such as debt, a health condition, a relationship. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Take a piece of fruit, such as an apple to use as a simulacrum
  2. Key the fruit to the unwanted thing
  3. To key the fruit, hold it in your dominant hand (hand you use to point at something)
  4. Energetically flow everything you know about the condition, thing, or issue down your arm and into the fruit
  5. When the fruit feels hot, tingly or has an "alive" feeling to it, it is keyed
  6. Put the fruit on a plate. If you have a pantacle or keyed plate (Earth tool) that can be used, but if not then just a regular plate will suffice
  7. Leave it in a place that it can not be disturbed while it withers. Remember you have keyed this to be a certain thing now so you don't want the cat bouncing it around the room
  8. Once the fruit has withered away, so will the unwanted condition or thing.
This is just one of many voodoo magic techniques. If you are interested in this branch of magic, you can get our How To Do Voodoo ebook in our online school store.

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