Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Magic School Resources

We get emails all the time from people wanting to learn magic and wondering how to get started. The simple answer is to start with our free magic school resources.

There are many magical traditions and practices out there and we want to make sure that what we have to offer resonates with you and will offer you a magical practice to follow your true path. We have resources for those who just wish to do some exploring for fun and for those who are ready to jump into more serious study.

Our free magic school online library has a variety of article categories ranging from health and healing to guidance from higher powers to spellwork. Many have simple, safe exercises that you can try out for yourself. Our blog has similar articles that you can search by topic to find just what you are looking for.

One of the resources we often send people to is the "Is Magic Real" page. From there you can sign up for free tips emailed to you called "10 Magic Things You Can Do Now", sign up for our twice a month email newsletter, find a link to samples of audio files, video files and class notes from actual courses we teach and lots more.

Be sure to also check out the archives of "Magic in Your Mailbox", a free email course we offered at one time. This course has some good beginning exercises and practices along with comments from people who took the course and shared their experiences.

No matter what your magical goal is, to become a magical practitioner or to just explore for a better understanding of what magic is all about, we have something for everyone in our free magic school resources section. These free magic school resources are our way of spreading the magic and we'd love to hear your experiences with them. Take a look for yourself and then let us hear from you either by leaving comments on our blog or on our facebook page. And most of all have fun exploring the wonderful things magic can do in your life.

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