Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Do Voodoo: Moving Someone Away from You

We've all had the experience of people being in our vicinity who are less than pleasant, be it a bothersome neighbor or a criminal on the loose in the neighborhood.

With lousy neighbors, if you have tried traditional approaches--such as discussing problems with them or even bringing in law enforcement--to no avail, you still have magical options. The same is true of potentially dangerous people you cannot pinpoint, like burglars committing crimes in your neighborhood. You have no idea as to the identity of the burglars, so what can you do other than beefing up security on your property?

Magically, you do have recourse. You can learn how to do voodoo.

What can voodoo do for you in this case, you ask? Voodoo, or simulacra magic (as we like to call it), can help you move the person out of your sacred space. In fact, simulacra magic can move the person across the country if you so wish. We call this procedure "map moving."

How to Do Voodoo: Map Moving
In principle, map moving is nothing more than a set of simple steps in simulacra magic done in sequence. In case you don't know how to do voodoo (or simulacra magic), all we mean when we say simulacra magic is that we take an object that is a likeness of a person or thing, and we magically connect the object to the person or thing. Once thus magically connected, whatever is done to the object is likewise done to the person or thing.

For instance, you can key a figurine (a voodoo doll, in other words) or a picture to a person. Or you can key a map to a geographic location. To do the map moving magical procedure, you would need to key both. In principle, here is how you would achieve a successful map moving magical act:

1. Key a figurine to the person you wish to move. You can do this by simply holding the figurine in your dominant hand and flowing energy into it while you think thoughts or imagine images of the person. When the figurine feels tingly or hot, it has been keyed. Set the figurine carefully aside.
2. Key two maps to their geographic location. One map would contain the person's current location (be sure the map is large enough that you can mark the person's house). The other map would represent the location to which you will be moving the person.
3. Using a keyed plate (a magical plate that is personalized to your energies), put the person on the map on his or her current location (in a safe place). Leave the tools set up for a week. This associates a person with his or her current location.
4. Next, put the plate between the person and the map. This disassociates the person from his or her current location in preparation for moving. Leave this setup in place for a week.
5. Now replace the map under the plate with the second map, which contains the location of where you want to move the person (in one instance, we placed a map containing the location of the police station in preparation for moving a burglar to the station). Leave this setup in place for a week.
6. Finally, put the map on the plate, and the person on the exact location where you want him or her to be moved. In the case of the burglar, we put the simulacra (otherwise known as the voodoo doll) on the new desired location. With the burglar, we put the simulacra right on top of the police station. The person eventually turned himself in to the police without any further direct physical action on anyone else's part.

Learning how to do voodoo can be pretty neat, huh? You can learn specifically how to do this and other voodoo procedures in our "How To Do Voodoo" ebook.

How to Do Voodoo: Caveats
With magic, as with everything else, there are of course caveats. If you want to do a procedure like map moving, you have to be sure that you are "in the right," so to speak. That means you need to know and ensure that you are operating within the magical laws of:

1. Self Defense
2. Rules of the Road

If that be so, then you are all clear to do all kinds of simulacra magic for protection, attraction, manifestation, invisibility, and much more! All of this is covered in the Voodoo ebook.

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  1. And what to do with the items when the work is complete?

    1. Great question. You do have to unkey the figurine or object so that it no longer is connected or representative of the person. To do this you cut lines on it with your athame and give it a blast of electric blue with the athame. That is definitely covered in the ebook. Some wiccan practitioners also believe the object should be buried in the earth for a moon cycle.


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