Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How Does Magic Speak to You?

One of the things I love most about magic is the many and varied ways it shows up in our lives. Many times when I ask for magical help from powers and beings, I am surprised at the ways it shows up in my life.

I also realize that many people miss the signs of magic in their lives because they don't know what to look for. In other words, magic is constantly sending messages to us, but we often overlook these signs and symbols.

To remind myself of these signs and symbols, as well as to help others who are looking for help from magic, I've compiled a list of the various ways magic has come into my life over the years.

This is just a short excerpt, and I hope this helps to open your senses to the many ways magic is speaking to you.

Some of the Ways Magic Speaks to Me
  1. A sentence in a book that I opened to a random page
  2. A check in the mail
  3. A conversation I overheard between two strangers
  4. A raven flying overhead, squawking a message to me
  5. The moral of a movie coinciding with a request for magical help
  6. A business phone call from a stranger, who turns out to be reading the same spiritual book as me
  7. Life-threatening surgery that forever changed my perspective on life
  8. Watching the amazing transformation in a child's behavior in 10 days
  9. A long-time friend leaving my life, opening a new space for ...?
  10. A dream just before awakening
  11. Runes cast at just the right time, showing me the way
  12. Meeting a group of magical practitioners at a mountain-side rest stop, who are meditating in the "cone of silence"
  13. Seeking and finding the Gurdjieff Work
  14. Taking one dose of a flower remedy made from the magical datura plant 
  15. Feeling the brush of angel wings while at a rest stop after an extremely long drive
  16. The reincarnation of my dog, Tether, who lived two lifetimes with me
  17. A nasty note from an anonymous person saying, "Learn how to park, idiot!"
  18. The planting and cultivation of my garden each year
  19. A call out of the blue from a long-lost friend
  20. Finding exactly what I want in a thrift store
  21. Getting what I want 
  22. Not getting what I want
  23. Realizing that a negative influence in my life was gone ... and that I hadn't even noticed its absence for months
  24. Rain arriving on a parched summer day
  25. A fender-bender that led to a successful business relationship
  26. Sitting with a wish for the longing to cease ... and having it cease
  27. Feeling the joy of not expressing dislike
  28. A misdirected email in my inbox, telling me just what I need to know
  29. Feeling lonely and realizing I asked for sacred space
  30. Having a conversation in which no one understood a word I said
  31. A magical ride on a huge white mule named H.B. (short for HoneyBun) through enchanting Zion National Park

Many of these magical messages have meaning only for me and probably don't make sense to you. That's the whole point of this list. Magic always speaks to us in very personal ways -- ways that only make sense to us and have no meaning for anyone else.

As this list also demonstrates, magic sometimes speaks to us through contrast -- through events that we would normally perceive as negative. Our job, as magicians, is to question events that appear negative on the surface, and see whether the event answers some request we have made for magical help. One question to ask is, "What did I get from this event? What did I give up or give away?"

A Magical Challenge
I challenge you to make your own list of events through which magic speaks to you. You may have to dig a little to find these events, but trust me, the process will definitely be educational. Look through past events and see whether you can uncover magical messages or answers to prayer requests.

In the coming days, become more aware of your environment. If a raven passes overhead and squawks, look up the magical message that the raven carries in the Medicine Cards. If you are standing behind an exceptionally rude person at the grocery store checkout, see how the event might relate to the magic you are doing in your life. If nothing is happening in your life, ask yourself the magical meaning of such silence. Most of all, enjoy. That's what magic is for!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Magic 2012: Instant Karma Really Does Exist

I have always loved that old Beatles song about instant karma ... especially the part about how instant karma is going to get ya! And the Beatles were right, especially when it comes to practicing Magic 2012 and your path in life.

When we have a magical practice, we have access to far more skills and abilities than the average person. At the same time, the Universe holds us to a higher set of standards than it holds the average Joe. The average Joe doesn't have the skill of premonition and so he can't see what's around the next bend on his path. Magically we say that he lives under the Law of Accident, which means that anything can happen at any time, any place, any way. There is no predictability in the Law of Accident, only a sea of variables.

With a magical practice, we live under the Law of Fate, in which we can use astrology, divination, spellwork, or other magical rituals to look ahead at events in our future. If we see something unwanted, we can make small adjustments in the present, which will create a larger change in the future--a detour around the unwanted event, if you will. With magic, we seek to create constants in our lives that separate us from the sea of "accidental" variables.

But what does all of this have to do with instant karma? It's simple. With magic 2012, instant karma is stronger than ever. Should you practice magic yet not keep your word, be prepared for the Universe to hand out swift and just karma in your life. There has always been karma, but the delay between straying from your path and receiving your karma used to be longer--from months to years.

In 2012, instant karma means seconds, minutes, or hours. As a practitioner, if you give your word and then don't keep it, you automatically fall from the Law of Fate to the Law of Accident. The karma will appear swiftly and will be a strong match to the way you have strayed from your path. That is why these days, if someone acts without fairness or honor, I step back and just let the Universe deal out the karma. I've known what it is like to be on the receiving end of this, and I have also seen it happen to other people. So practitioners of magic 2012, pay attention! Be careful to whom and what you give your word and stick to it, or prepare to pay the karma that is inevitably headed your way!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Magic 2012: Good Enough is Great

We get a lot of questions about Magic 2012. People want to know what kinds of magic would be appropriate for this very important year, both for the planet and for their personal lives. So here's a very simple answer that we have for all those questions about Magic 2012:

"At whatever level, personal or global or anything in between, do the best you can with what you have and then count it good."

Magic 2012: What's Up with the Opposites?
If you have a regular magic practice, then you have probably realized that things are little hinky this year. On the one hand, some magic spells and rituals are manifesting things in the blink of an eye. Amazing, right? That's the neat and fun side of Magic 2012, especially if you have had a magical practice for quite some time. You're seeing a radical "speeding up" of the results of your magical practice.

And then we have the opposite end of the spectrum. This is where magical rituals start going wonky, there are all kinds of variants of the "inconvenience factor," and magical stuff that used to be simple is running into all kinds of interference. For instance, we recently launched a fairly simple spell to correct what seemed like a very simple and straightforward problem. Days passed and not much happened, so we did a Tarot reading to check up on the progress of the spell.

Can you say Magi reversed? Not to mention a lot of other reversed pairs of cards in our 12-card spread. All of these reversed cards indicated that our spell was running into all kinds of opposition and difficulty. Progressed readings showed that the spell wasn't likely to overcome the "inconvenience factors" that are simply part of 2012.

So on the one hand, we have some great Magic 2012 that is just working amazing miracles, and then we have some Magic 2012 that is running into brick wall after brick wall.

Magic 2012: What to Do About Those Brick Walls
Obviously those daily magical rituals that are working splendidly should be left alone to do their fabulous work, but what about those spells that are hitting a lot resistance?

What we have found works best is the magical principle of "as above, so below." In other words, should your spellwork, which is "exoteric" (meaning something that you have put out or is happening outside you), not be working well as Magic 2012, then the answer is to go inside. Sometimes we are the ones blocking our spells or daily rituals from bringing us what we want. And believe us when we say that we can stand in our own way better than anyone else on the planet! In some cases, innumerable Protection and Wisdom candles won't do squat. Why? Because we live in a free-will Universe, so if we choose to stand in the way of our own launched creations in this year of super-speedy reactions, our magic is going nowhere.

So what not? If "exoteric" magic isn't working, it's time to do a little "esoteric" magic ... that is, magic that is happening inside you. Just as healthcare providers are often told, "Healer, heal thyself," so too are magicians told, "Magicians, work magic on yourself." If you look inside, you will generally find that there is some giant brick wall or resentment inside you that is blocking parts of your magical practice from working.

What kind of brick walls? It could be anything from lack of compassion for self to selfishness to resentments about being jobless ... or resentments about having a job and working too hard. Whatever it is, this IS YOUR LESSON for 2012. And if you look inside it won't take you too long to find that brick wall, that resentment, that icky place that you don't want to acknowledge. Whatever you find, simply be aware of it. Don't try to change it right now. Simply see it and name it. For instance, you might say, "Oh look, that's the part of me that really resents having to work so hard!" Or you might say, "Yup, there's that part of me that really hates being taken for granted!"

Observe that part of yourself the way that a scientist would watch a lab rat. Have that kind of curiosity and objectivity. The more you shed conscious light on these dark parts of your magical soul, you'll find that it starts to change, shift, and eventually fade away. That's that magic of "esoteric Magic 2012." You don't actually "do" anything. You just have to see ... and watch ... and NOT JUDGE. Then the magic happens!

Suddenly, one day, unexpectedly, you will find the spell that's been stuck in park is moving along at the speed of light. Wow, cool!

Magic 2012: What's Up with Good Enough
So the title of this post is about Magic 2012 being good enough, and how good enough is really great. What's that all about?

If you read the literature about 2012, some of which was published as early as the 1970s, you will find that the predictions all point to this year being both wonderful ... and tough. Some predict that as many as 20 million people are going to leave the planet during this year before the "transition" into the Aquarian Age is going to possible. That's a lot of people, and if you are like the average person, you've probably watched people dropping like flies, or transitioning into an alternate reality, as it were.

Should you feel bad about this? Nope, this is a "free will and instant karma" Universe, so everyone gets to make a choice about whether to stay or leave. Those that have left their bodies either don't want to make the transition at all, or don't want to make the transition in their current bodies. Don't worry, most will be back after the transition has been made, somewhere around December 21, 2012.

Even those people who are not leaving their bodies are, for the most part, keeping their head above water. Whether they are struggling with emotions, careers, family, relationships, health, money, or constant chaos, 2012 can be quite challenging for many of us. And that's where the idea of that "good enough is great" comes in. If you can just survive this year, with your three major centers intact (Moving, Emotional, and Intellectual), then you are rockin' awesome. Not just surviving, but thriving. Not just awesome but rockin' awesome.

We know that it feels bad and it feels like the chaos will never end, but it will. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. And rely on daily magical rituals to keep you connected to the parts of Magic 2012 that are working and moving along at the speed of light. We've got tons of resources to help:

Online Magical Article Library
Daily Rituals Ebook
10 Magical Things You Can Do Right Now Email Short Course (no cost)

Sound good? Awesome! Go forth, be magical, and enjoy all that Magic 2012 has to give us!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Do Voodoo: Moving Someone Away from You

We've all had the experience of people being in our vicinity who are less than pleasant, be it a bothersome neighbor or a criminal on the loose in the neighborhood.

With lousy neighbors, if you have tried traditional approaches--such as discussing problems with them or even bringing in law enforcement--to no avail, you still have magical options. The same is true of potentially dangerous people you cannot pinpoint, like burglars committing crimes in your neighborhood. You have no idea as to the identity of the burglars, so what can you do other than beefing up security on your property?

Magically, you do have recourse. You can learn how to do voodoo.

What can voodoo do for you in this case, you ask? Voodoo, or simulacra magic (as we like to call it), can help you move the person out of your sacred space. In fact, simulacra magic can move the person across the country if you so wish. We call this procedure "map moving."

How to Do Voodoo: Map Moving
In principle, map moving is nothing more than a set of simple steps in simulacra magic done in sequence. In case you don't know how to do voodoo (or simulacra magic), all we mean when we say simulacra magic is that we take an object that is a likeness of a person or thing, and we magically connect the object to the person or thing. Once thus magically connected, whatever is done to the object is likewise done to the person or thing.

For instance, you can key a figurine (a voodoo doll, in other words) or a picture to a person. Or you can key a map to a geographic location. To do the map moving magical procedure, you would need to key both. In principle, here is how you would achieve a successful map moving magical act:

1. Key a figurine to the person you wish to move. You can do this by simply holding the figurine in your dominant hand and flowing energy into it while you think thoughts or imagine images of the person. When the figurine feels tingly or hot, it has been keyed. Set the figurine carefully aside.
2. Key two maps to their geographic location. One map would contain the person's current location (be sure the map is large enough that you can mark the person's house). The other map would represent the location to which you will be moving the person.
3. Using a keyed plate (a magical plate that is personalized to your energies), put the person on the map on his or her current location (in a safe place). Leave the tools set up for a week. This associates a person with his or her current location.
4. Next, put the plate between the person and the map. This disassociates the person from his or her current location in preparation for moving. Leave this setup in place for a week.
5. Now replace the map under the plate with the second map, which contains the location of where you want to move the person (in one instance, we placed a map containing the location of the police station in preparation for moving a burglar to the station). Leave this setup in place for a week.
6. Finally, put the map on the plate, and the person on the exact location where you want him or her to be moved. In the case of the burglar, we put the simulacra (otherwise known as the voodoo doll) on the new desired location. With the burglar, we put the simulacra right on top of the police station. The person eventually turned himself in to the police without any further direct physical action on anyone else's part.

Learning how to do voodoo can be pretty neat, huh? You can learn specifically how to do this and other voodoo procedures in our "How To Do Voodoo" ebook.

How to Do Voodoo: Caveats
With magic, as with everything else, there are of course caveats. If you want to do a procedure like map moving, you have to be sure that you are "in the right," so to speak. That means you need to know and ensure that you are operating within the magical laws of:

1. Self Defense
2. Rules of the Road

If that be so, then you are all clear to do all kinds of simulacra magic for protection, attraction, manifestation, invisibility, and much more! All of this is covered in the Voodoo ebook.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is Obesity Actually a Taboo from a Magical Point of View?

This is a very interesting question ... One of our readers asked us to comment on a blog post written by another blogger who finds obesity to be a pagan taboo. Having read through the post, the point is well taken. That is, obesity, like many other diseases that are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, can lead to early death. This blogger's point is that it is a shame to extinguish a "bright" pagan life through an unhealthy lifestyle, thus making obesity a "pagan taboo."

So one of our readers wants to know whether obesity is really a pagan taboo.

Can We Really Comment on the Entire Pagan Community?
Nope, we can't. The Esoteric School is an online magic school teaches the basics of magic and shamanism. We can't comment on the pagan world at large, only what we "know" through our own experiences and observations. This has led to some interesting results. For instance, several Native American tribes/nations have declared "war" on us because we promote the use of the Navajo Beauty Way. So be it. We've also gotten positive comments from some Lakota tribes for spreading the use of the Beauty Way. So there you have it. How we and others practice magic and shamanism is personal, and commentary tends to come from all directions, including left field.

What We Can Say about Magical Practice
At the Esoteric School, we follow The Rules of the Road, which doesn't really say anything about obesity being taboo or not. These rules, created by our own teacher, George Dew (co-founder of the Church of Seven Arrows) have yet to fail us in our use of magic and shamanism, so we follow these rules as a workable guide until proven otherwise.

What The Rules of the Road does say is this:

'The magician judges the "goodness" or "badness" of his or her own acts, whether they are conscious or unconscious acts, on the basis of what the Universe reflects back on him or her. The same is true of judging others, entire communities, states, or nations.'

So how could we interpret that?
  • It could be said that a pagan practitioner who is obese and dies an early death may be experiencing the "goodness" or "badness" of his obese lifestyle. Whether death is a "bad" result of obesity is one interpretation. Death could also be taken as a "good" result if the person sought relief from being incarnate and found bodily existence painful.
  • One could also say that the person had already "learned" everything he wanted to learn from this Earth School and was ready to move onto a new body and a new set of lessons. 
  • Some predict that in 2012, up to 20 million people will leave the planet so that planetary shift predicted during this year can occur. Early death is one way to leave the planet.
What's the Bottom Line?
As unsatisfying as this may be, the answer to the question of whether obesity is a pagan taboo is that it is up to the observer. The second part of the above-quoted Rule is that the Universe reflects back to us the way we judge others. So this blogger is commenting on the sadness of the loss of life from obesity, calling it a pagan taboo. That's a judgment of sorts, but the good news is that we don't have to do anything about it. From our point of view, the Universe delivers instant-karma and there isn't a right answer to anything for all people.

When we read a blog post like the one about obesity being a pagan taboo, our response is something like, "Hmm, wonder how that's working out for him." It may work out great. The blogger may be sounding a "joyous note to Creator's ear" by "saving" people from obesity, and vibrating in emotional harmony with the Universe as he see it. Good for him. It may have some less-than-positive consequences as well. Only he knows what's really going on as a result of the position he's taken on obesity in pagans.

The Universe, especially during 2012, welcomes all manifestations of beingness. The results of those manifestations will also show up faster during this pivotal year than an any preceding year. So we thank the reader who asked us to comment on this. We thank the blogger who wrote the blog for being willing to stand on that square in life. And we continue to follow the Rules of the Road and watch our own manifestations as we proceed day by day. The results are definitely interesting ... sometimes more like a 2'x4' between the eyes from the Universe, and sometimes more like miraculous magic. It's all good, really!

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