Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Magic 2012: Wait For It ...

Have you noticed that we live in a time-driven culture? Ever notice how often people check their smart phones or watches to see the time? Ever wonder what this does to our lives?Well, it does offer some sense of structure and control. At the same time, from a magical perspective, our watches are often irrelevant, especially when it comes to Magic 2012.

Magic 2012 and Time
Earlier in the year, we wrote about how time acts funny in 2012. That's certainly true. When it comes to Magic 2012, there is another facet of time to which we need to pay attention: universal time.

Certain desires are manifested very quickly in 2012, while others come into creation much slower than ever. This can be confusing for those of us who are used to relying on our watches. So what should we do?

Wait. Yup, that's right, wait.

If one or more of your desires seems to be taking a long time to manifest, just wait for it. The Universe has a very good reason for its timing. Perhaps the Universe is delaying to prevent an unfortunate accident that might otherwise happen. Or sometimes the Universe is waiting for specific conditions to be right so that your desire can fully flower.

You can, of course, use divination to find out what the Universe has in store for you ... or you could just wait for it! Sometimes it's more fun to just wait, and certainly takes less effort!

In the Meantime
For some of us, waiting is very difficult. We'd rather run a marathon than wait. If that sounds like you, then go ahead and run a marathon. Do whatever it takes for you to feel good, so that you send a joyous note to Creator's ear. The happier you are, the faster time will pass, and the quicker your desires will manifest. In fact, you may be surprised when your desire finally does come into full flower ... and won't that be fun.

When it comes to Magic 2012, if you are not sure what to do then just wait. Focus on activities that keep you happy and don't worry so much about "earning" that which you desire. Just enjoy the magic ... or go shopping in our online store of magical goodies! That's definitely fun!

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