Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Magic 2012 – Interpreting the Messages

Are birds twittering at you everywhere you go? Or are you being dogged by other forms of nature ... dust devils, squirrels, or odd cloud patterns?

Don't have a clue what they are talking about?

Don't worry! There's a lot going on in this pivotal year, and sorting out messages from the Universe can be a little difficult, but you will find that if you dive right in you'll soon sort the wheat from the chaff.

Magic 2012: Messages and Their Meaning
If you have a cardinal chasing after you, hectoring you with a message, but you have no clue as to the content, what should you do? If you really want to interpret the content of the message, then you have a few options, especially during this particular year.

 1. Have a Dialog
You'll find the barriers to communicating with beings of nature to be far lower in 2012 than they have been in the past. If you don't get what that cardinal is trying to tell you, stop and just ask. Have a conversation with the cardinal, just as you would with any other being. You can say things like, "Sorry, I don't understand the message. Can you show me pictures or make the message clearer in some way?"

Then wait and listen some more. Don't be surprised if you hear the answers in your mind, even in your own voice. Nature beings are often able to project more clearly by using our own thought and speech patterns. You may find yourself having a dialog with the cardinal, but both sides of the conversation will be in your own voice.

 2. Ask for Different Signs
Cardinals don't speak your native tongue, perhaps, but communication is universal. Just ask anyone who "channels"--those people aren't getting blocks of English and spitting it out, they are getting thought forms that are automatically translated into their native English. People who channel are as much translators as any translator working for the United Nations!

If you can't understand your friendly cardinal, just ask the Universe to send you a message in English. Then look for signs. Look for anything that "pops out" at you in the conversations of others, in a book you flip open at random, or even written on the wall in a bathroom stall.

 3. Read source material
If your communicator has to do with animal beings, check in with the Medicine Cards. Need help interpreting Fairy-speak? There are tons of books on those. Ditto with other sacred beings in the Universe. Visit your local library, browse through Amazon, or just wander along your own bookshelf (or your friend's bookshelves). Let your intuition guide you and you will most definitely get the interpretation of the message you seek.

 Magic 2012 and the Good News
Let's say you apply any or all of the above methods. What happens if you interpret the wrong message? It's really no big deal. There are plenty of "do overs" in this game. The Universe will keep sending you messengers (and translators) until you get the message clearly and truly. Your only job is to remain open to the message and be willing to keep on trying until the message is clear.

And really, how hard can that be when compared to a Universal two-by-four? A two-by-four is a giant lesson from the Universe that is bound to hurt on some level, and only occurs if you truly ignore the messages being sent your way. I'm all for being open to listening for messages in 2012 ... how 'bout you?

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