Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Magic 2012 – Seeing Differently

In 2012, the population can basically be divided into three separate groups. All are going to need Magic 2012 ... rather than Magic 101.

For people in the first group, 2012 started with a bang ... and being also the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac, it's been a prosperous year.

For those in the second group, 2012 has been less peaceful and less prosperous. Instead, 2012 has presented some challenges--car breakdowns, health issues, relationship problems, and more.

And for those in the last group, 2012 has been a mixed year so far. There have been some amazing miracles occurring at the same time as some "brick wall" type resistance to achieving goals.

Most people fall into this last group ... and it has them scratching their heads, wondering how such happy miracles could happen in some areas of life at the same time that heavy resistance is cropping up in other areas of life.

Welcome to 2012! And welcome to the need for Magic 2012!

What is Going on in 2012?
So what the heck is really going on in 2012? Most of us knew that this was going to be an eventful, significant, and perhaps weird year, but even so this year has been surprising for most people.

This isn't really surprising since 2012 is a pivotal year for the human race. For those who want to evolve spiritually, 2012 is the most powerful year ever. For those who just want to be comfortable, 2012 is going to be difficult--sort of like sitting on a cactus armchair.

But regardless! This year can be a better year, no matter what your goals and aims, if you practice Magic 2012. Magic 2012 is a whole new way of interacting with your life, including how you see, feel, hear, taste, interpret, and otherwise process all the events that show up in your life.

Magic 2012 – The Art of Seeing
The first step in practicing Magic 2012 is to see your life differently. This pivotal year offers amazing opportunities to improve and change your life, but you have to be able to see the signposts.

To practice the art of seeing in Magic 2012, try any or all of these three exercises. The results may not happen directly. Instead you may see a magical signpost when you least expect it. Be ready for anything!

Magic 2012 – Art of Seeing Exercise #1
This first exercise is a really fun one from Carlos Castaneda. It involves looking around your environment and seeing only the shadows, not the areas splashed with light. Obviously this works better on a sunny day, but can also be done on a cloudy day. You may be surprised at how difficult it is to see only shadows, but the challenge is definitely fun!

Magic 2012 – Art of Seeing Exercise #2
This second exercise works on the principle of "as above, so below." As you exercise your physical eyes, your spiritual sight will also improve. To do this exercise, simply look at something in the distance, then look at something close to you, and then stare into the middle distance (not at an object, but just at the air in the middle distance). This last, looking into the middle distance, is what will really improve your spiritual sight.

Magic 2012 – Art of Seeing Exercise #3
The last Magic 2012 exercise for seeing involves asking the Universe directly for help. First thing in the morning, go out and greet the four cardinal directions, as well as the sky and the earth. As you greet each direction, ask to be shown something you need to see in 2012. As you ask, be sure and include the caveat that you be shown the magical signpost in a way that you can easily understand!

Magic 2012 – Have Fun
As you can "see," none of the exercises are difficult or take much time. It's just a matter of applying enough attention and intention to doing these exercises, and then staying open to the visual clues from the Universe.

This process is somewhat like a scavenger hunt--fun and challenging at the same time. The process can also be incredibly insightful!

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