Tuesday, February 28, 2012

May the Force Be With You ... No Really!

In certain esoteric circles, a lot of attention is given to the accumulation of "force." The more force a magical practitioner has, the more effective her magical rituals and intentions will be. No wonder Luke was always concerned about "the force"!

The neat thing about force is that it helps you be more effective in daily life as well. So force is a good thing all around.

Many of the daily magical rituals that we describe on our website and this blog help you accumulate force in your magical practice. One area that we have not touched upon much is that of timing. It is one thing to gather and accumulate force. The use of force – or more specifically, having access to magical force when you need it – is another matter.

This is where timing becomes important. When you feel tired, depressed, hopeless, or otherwise "down" you will not be able to access your force without taking certain steps. For instance, moving your emotional tone up from depression to anger will give you more access to your force because anger is a more "forceful" emotion than depression. Of course, anger also wastes quite a bit of force, so sometimes the use of anger negates its own energy.

One method for accessing force when you need it is to practice the art of timing. When you feel down, you won't be able to access your force. You probably know yourself well enough to know what triggers cause you to feel negative, as well as what actions or events uplift your spirits.

If you need to perform a magical ritual but have no force, don't perform the ritual now. Wait. Eventually the timing is right for everything, including your magical ritual. You may want to have everything for your ritual prepared so you can launch into action the moment you feel your force returning.

Even if you need some force at your job--in which case force could translate into inspiration, ideas, or will--the art of timing will help. If you feel dead inside, a total lack of force, then don't try to work on a project that calls for inspiration. Instead, turn your attention to something else. Go take a brisk walk to get your physical energy moving. Often the energy of physical movement transfers to your intellectual and emotional centers. If this happens, then you will feel your force returning. You will feel moved by your muses and excited by the possibilities.

The moral of this tale? When in the doldrums, just wait. Your force will return. It always does. May the force be with you!

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