Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Avoid Getting Run Over by a Beer Truck

If you haven't noticed already, 2012 is a year of STRONG contrast! Some manifestations occur with amazing ease. On the other hand, there is a lot more resistance, which pops up everywhere--from the grocery checkout line to getting a permit you really need for your business. Like we said, contrast.

<><> What This Means Magically <><>
From a magical point of view, it means that both the Law of Accident and the Law of Intention are operating with equal intensity on the planet during the year. That's good and bad news.

With the Law of Intention operating strongly, your desires will tend to manifest faster ... and more easily.

With the Law of Accident operating intensely, you are subject to weird "accidents" occurring in your life whenever your intention isn't specifically focused.

The year 2012 is like a magical catch-22.

<><> What to Do About the Magical Catch-22 <><>
To successfully navigate these two major forces operating on Earth right now, the first step is to clearly define your intentions. Dedicate as much attention as you can to these intentions, avoiding negative emotions and thoughts at all costs.

But you also have to cover yourself since you aren't likely to be a perfect angel all the time. You will have moments of negative emotion, unproductive thoughts, and full blown temper tantrums. These are the times when you are most vulnerable to the Law of Accident. That is when the beer truck comes unseen around the corner and turns your car into a road pancake. Whoops! Accident.

So magically you need to take steps to protect yourself from the Law of Accident. Here are two steps that can easily do just that.

1. Wear a Psychic Shield: The seven-pointed Faery Star pendant, hung on a silver chain around your neck makes an excellent protector. The Faery Star has circling energy that never ceases, and, once keyed to your energies, puts a psychic shield around you--repelling beer trucks and other unwanted accidents! Read more about the Psychic Shield HERE. http://www.shamanschool.com/resources/articles/faerystar.html

2. Be Curious Rather Than React: When a moment of resistance pops up in your life, stop yourself before you react negatively. Instead, become very curious about the event. Say to yourself, "I wonder that this means?" Assume a child-like sense of innocent wonder. The state of wonder makes you "invisible" to the Law of Accident ... not to mention helps you rack up karmic brownie points!

3. Practice Daily Magical Rituals: Magic rituals move us out of ordinary time and space ... and thus out of the way of unexpected beer trucks. Done daily, magic rituals help us develop strong relationships with higher beings and powers, who tend to "look out" for us. Check out the Daily Rituals ebook for ideas. http://bit.ly/xOeais

Under the Law of Accident, bad things happen to good people ... and good things happen to bad people. It's just a toss up. But under the higher Law of Intention, events happen that we choose. Much more enjoyable, don't you think?

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